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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been caught on camera snorting cocaine.

If the latest issue of In Touch Weekly is to be believed, that is.

According to this tabloid - which also once alleged Gomez miscarried Bieber's baby - the stars were “secretly recorded” during a wild night of partying at 1Oak in Los Angeles recently, as video evidence exists of the pair "doing lines."

"The video is pretty dark and fuzzy, but someone’s trying to get paid for it," the magazine writes.

Since reuniting with Bieber two weeks ago, Selena has supposedly been smoking weed with Justin.

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Justin Bieber is gonna be okay, folks.

But the singer was involved in a car accident yesterday afternoon after the Escalade in which Bieber was a passenger sped down Canon Drive in an attempt to evade the paparazzi.

According to TMZ, the vehicle was trying to ditch the trailing photographer when it smashed into a BMW pulling out of a parking structure near a Beverly Hills restaurant.

Hi, Biebs!

Bieber immediately got into another car (presumably driven by another entourage member) and sped away from the scene.

Law enforcement officials confirm no one was injured in the crash.

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Justin Bieber has egged his neighbors' houses and drag raced down residential streets, so it was just a matter of time before he did the only reasonable thing for a guy has a hard time living near others.

That's right  - he moved into a condo, where he'll be living even closer to his neighbors. 

Yes, Bieber recently bought a condo in Beverly Hills and you probably won't believe this, but according to TMZ, his neighbors already hate him!

Bieber actually rented two units that aren't connected - one for him and one for his entourage.

Not surprisingly the Biebs and crew decided to throw a wild party to christen the new cribs and neighbors swiftly contacted the cops and homeowners association to have Bieber either arrested or booted from the premises.

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Sorry, Jelena haters.

You may be trying to ignore Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez these days, but the newly reunited couple won't let you.

Following Justin and Selena's movie date on Friday, the singers stopped by the zoo in Los Angeles yesterday, posing there with a police officer and an actor named Dave Osokow.

“Sunday! @TheLosAngelesZoo Thank You Lt. Beccera for looking after us! @selanagomez @justinbieber,” Tweeted Osokow along with the following image, adding: "#lazoo #mydayinla #sunday.”

Justin and Selena at the Zoo

Justin and Selena have been back in touch for awhile now, going public with their rekindled love at a mutual friend's party a week ago.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back together, but the former's fans are anything but united at the moment.

The hashtag “#ignorejustinproject” cropped up on Twitter last night, with a number of Bieber’s followers outraged over his reconciliation with Gomez.

A day after video surfaced of Justin and Selena on a date, one Twitter user wrote “if justin can ignore us bc of Selena we can ignore him,” while another referred to the artist as “rude.”

  • Justin Bieber in a Dark Suit
  • Selena Gomez in Purple

The beef seems to stem from Bieber spending less time interacting with fans on social media over the past week and more time hanging out with Gomez.

Because, you know, how dare the star have a real life outside his computer!

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Looking for more evidence of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez being back together?

Was the video of these two partying together earlier in the week not enough?

Or Selena's I Will Always Love You poem? Or their shared trip to Bible study?

Then consider the following: The duo was spotted last night Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills before leaving for a movie date at a local theater.

On the way, Justin and Selena ran into one very lucky fan, who bragged about the encounter on Instagram:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on a Date

Still not convinced? 

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Justin Bieber was so tired from making music and preening around the world like a d-bag that he passed out in the studio last night ... on top of Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Cuddling

A friend snapped a pic on the selfie app Shots ('cause there aren't enough apps that allow one to take selfies), documenting the late night cuddle sesh.

As previously reported, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together.

Yes, following a couple of ugly splits this year alone, the on-again, off-again, two-person train wreck known as Jelena is coupled up at present and loving life.

Together forever, and ever and ever, or at least 'til next week probably.

Selena's family is worried about the latest reconciliation, and feel it's no coincidence she just threw an all-out house party rager that got the cops called.

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It's official: Justin Bieber is in "Love."

The singer posted that one-word message to hit Twitter account this afternoon, leaving followers to wonder to whom (SELENA GOMEZ!) he's referring and why (THEY'RE BACK TOGETHER) he's writing it now.

Justin and Selena were spotted at a mutual friend's birthday party this week, looking cozy and comfortable and very smitten with each other once again.

Since then, there's been talk of Gomez and Bieber smoking a lot of pot together (in the latter's "Weed Bus," no less), while Selena threw a house party on Monday night that got busted by the cops.

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Sorry, Ashton Kutcher and Ne-Yo, you've been busted.

Same for you, Michelle Rodriguez and Keith Urban. You too, Orlando Bloom.

And, really... Tom Hanks?!? Is no one immune to the allure of famous cleavage?

Apparently not, not based on the following collection of photos, which make it clear that you don't even need to have really big boobs in order to be ogled.

And you don't need to have a penis in order to do the ogling!

Click through many examples of stars who have been caught sneaking a peek and other stars who have caught those sneaky peekers...

Zac Efron
In Zac Efron's defense here, he was at least dating Vanessa Hudgens at the time. But, still, couldn't he have waited until they got home?

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Seemingly overnight, Hannah Montana became the crotch-bearing twerk monster Miley Cyrus. Needless to say, she grew up fast. 

Still, the pop star is sympathetic to young celebs who have taken a little longer to mature. (We're not sure many people would describe Miley as "mature," but that's a different story.)

Asked about the recent bad boy antics of her lookalike peer Justin Bieber on Australian television today, Miley vehemently defended the troubled singer and blamed the media for his downfall:

"I think people should have time to grow up and figure out who they are," said Miley. "I think people need to sit and think of the times in their life when they were not proud of who they were."

She went on to imply that Bieber's constant media exposure is the main cause of his current woes:

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