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So... did Justin Bieber get you?!?

The singer claimed earlier this week that footage from his camera and his computer was stolen.

He then engaged in what appeared to be a Twitter war with the culprit, who threatened to release an especially damaging piece of evidence against Bieber at noon today.

And what happened at noon today? Bieber unveiled the official music video for "Beauty and a Beat." That's right, America: you've been punked!

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Justin Bieber is engaged in a Twitter war with the individual who stole his camera and computer earlier this week.

As previously reported, the artist Tweeted his anger yesterday over what he described as personal footage being swiped from his manager's office while he performed on stage in Tacoma, Washington.

Since then, a Justin Bieber nude photo - purported to be included in his computer files - has circulated around the Internet, although few believe it's real.

HOWEVER, now a Twitter user who goes by the handle "@gexwy" has posted a pair of Bieber videos (above and below) on YouTube, taunting Justin with the message:

"Good job with the password protected @justinbieber. weak"

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This much we know: someone stole a computer and a camera from Justin Bieber this week, both of which contained "personal footage," as described by the singer himself.

This much someone tried to claim today: included in that footage is a picture of Justin Bieber naked.

Justin Bieber in Glendale

Indeed, a photo - since taken down  - was circulated around the Internet this morning that purported of Bieber, bare torso and lower body parts and all. There was even a bird tattoo along the subject's hip, similar to the one that graces Justin's skin.

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Justin Bieber is a distant cousin of several other celebs you are quite familiar with. Call it a Canadian dynasty of music (and a little acting) stardom.

According to Ancestry (dot) com, Biebs is related to ...

Justin Bieber in Australia

... Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne! Wow!

We're talking 10th, 11th and 12th cousins, but still.

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Justin Bieber took to Twitter yesterday and lamented the loss of his computer and camera, writing that someone swiped some very "personal footage" while he was on stage in Washington.

Look out, Internet: if there's a Bieber and Selena Gomez sex tape out there, you may just explode.

Justin Bieber on Stage on Vegas

“Sucks when u take personal footage and people don’t respect your privacy," Bieber wrote following a show in Tacoma. “Yesterday during the show me and my tour manager Josh had some stuff stolen. Really sucks. People should respect other’s property.”

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Justin Bieber is currently on tour. Not all fans can snag tickets to the singer's sold-out shows, however.

But THG is making it possible to feel like you're inside an arena, as we've uncovered a high-quality video of Bieber's soaring concert introduction.

Watch now to see a clock tick down... Justin spread some wings and descend on to the stage... and then make the fans go truly wild with a rendition of "All Around the World."

NOTE: Bookmark our Justin Bieber videos section to keep up to date on the latest from this young mega star!

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The BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards aired in London last night, with a couple of acts rather big in America stealing the British show.

First, in a special performance, Justin Bieber the smash "As Long As You Love Me," breaking it down acoustic style. Watch for yourself here and now:

One Direction, meanwhile, which recently knocked Bieber out of the record book, was the evening's big winner.

The boy band took home a trio of trophies, as we've listed the winner below:

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Forget the millions of Twitter followers or the number of albums sold. Here is how Justin Bieber knows he really made his big:

The singer's vomit has been immortalized.

As previously detailed, Bieber threw up on stage during the first stop on his "Believe" tour - and the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation, who have famously mocked such events as the Tiger Woods scandal, have recreated the event for all to enjoy.

With a few liberties taken, that is. Watch for yourself:

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Justin Bieber made it through an entire concert last night without vomiting. That's progress for the superstar!

We kid because we care, but Bieber did throw up during the opening of his "Believe" tour in Arizona on Saturday.

Fortunately, he made up for the incident by reciting one of the funniest Anchorman quotes soon afterward via Twitter, writing of the incident: "Milk was a bad choice."

HA! He then took to the stage on Las Vegas yesterday for an incredible set. Click through images from this tour stop now:

  • King of the World!!!
  • Justin Bieber Vegas Concert Pic
  • Justin Bieber in Sin City
  • Justin Bieber Las Vegas Concert
  • Taking a Water Break
  • Passionate Justin Bieber

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On the first stop of his "Believe" tour in Glendale, Arizona, Justin Bieber gave fans a show to remember.

By vomiting on stage!

The teenage sensation grew sick on two different occasions, leaving the stage each time and apologizing to the crowd. But they still cheered Justin non-stop, even when he was forced to bend over and recycle his lunch.

Watch the unfortunate incident take place below and Selena Gomez, please get some chicken soup ready:

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