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Yup, it's safe to say all is well between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Indeed, while Justin spent Christmas Day with his family in Canada - check out this Twit pic of Bieber and his sister! - Gomez was never far from his thoughts.

His sexy thoughts, that is, based on the photo Bieber posted to Instagram yesterday:

Sexy Selena G.

The image is taken from Selena's smokin hot Elle shoot in July, and it really says it all, doesn't it?

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It was a Twit pic-filled Christmas for many of the nation's top celebrities.

First, Jessica Simpson confirmed her second pregnancy via an adorable shot of her daughter Maxwell in front a sand-scrawled message that reads "Big Sis."

Then, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale posed as a pair of sexy Santa helpers and wished fans a merry holiday.

Now, Justin Bieber has made followers melt with an Instragram image of himself and his self-labeled "luv." No, not Selena Gomez. Justin's little sister!

Justin Bieber, Sister

The Biebs spent the holiday with family in Canada.

And by being the best big brother that nation has ever seen, of course. Just another reason Justin Bieber is considered Celebrity of the Year #5!

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From supermodels to singers, actors to politicians, it's that time of the year again.

THG is counting down the top 10 stars of 2012, starting with Adam Levine, moving to Honey Boo Boo at #9... Kim Kardashian at #8... President Barack Obama at #7 and, most recently, Kate Upton at #6.

So pick that jaw up off the floor, fellas, and read on to learn about Celebrity of the Year #5: JUSTIN BIEBER!

Justin Bieber, Chillin

Bieber has grown so huge that backlash against the artist is starting to kick in, with a new report claiming Justin is a pot-smoking diva.

But such negativity should not put a stain on the incredible 12 months we've just witnessed.

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He comes across like a kind-hearted role model. But might it all be an act?

Might Justin Bieber actually have a drug and attitude problem?

YES, according to a report in The New York Daily News, which cites an anonymous source as claiming Bieber "smokes weeds all day" and "orders everybody around."

"Justin doesn’t seem to care and does whatever he wants," the insider says of Bieber.

Justin Bieber for Z100

The articles refers to a pair of recent Justin Bieber scandals as evidence of his bratty behavior:

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Justin Bieber is facing a couple odd controversies at the moment.

First, the singer has been accused of animal cruelty because he gave his pet hamster to a fan.

Now, he may be facing a ban in the Philippines because he made a couple disparaging remarks about boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Bieber is a fan of Floyd Mayweather. And after Pacquiao was knocked out on December 8 by Juan Manuel Marquez, Justin mocked the fallen champion by posting the following Instagram photo, which is a play on The Lion King's Simba nudging his dead father:

Lion king photo

Sort of funny, right?

Not to politicians in the Philippines, where Pacquiao was elected to the House of Representatives earlier this year.

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If Justin Bieber really is seeing Barbara Palvin again, he's guilty of girlfriend cruelty against Selena Gomez.

But the California Hamster Association is less concerned with the singer's human actions and more focused on his supposedly dangerous animal actions, as it's come out against a gift Bieber bestowed upon a fan last week.

Justin Bieber Backstage

Outside of a concert earlier this month, Bieber actually gave a screaming fan named Tori his hamster PAC to care for.

As far as we know, he's being treated very well by the Belieber.

But a rep for the CHA tells TMZ that hamsters "often succumb quickly to illness when faced with "sudden environmental change" and Justin should have handed PAC over to an animal shelter if he didn't want the little guy any longer.

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We're very sorry, Selena Gomez. But you might wanna turn away.

According to Life & Style insiders, Justin Bieber met up with Barbara Palvin on December 8, just a few weeks after he allegedly hung out with her at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which led to discord between him and Gomez.

  • Goofy Justin Bieber
  • Barbara Palvin Photo

"Justin and Barbara were together in Miami," a friend of Bieber's tells the tabloid. "They aren't being bashful about hanging out and getting closer."

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Justin Bieber has many things in life: an adoring fan base, an amazing head of hair, a beautiful girlfriend in Selena Gomez.

But not a 2013 Grammy Award nomination, which is something his manager has already lamented to the press.

During an appearance on Ellen that will air today, the singer admits that no recognition for "Believe" is a pretty big "bummer."

Justin Bieber High-Five

"I was looking forward to [possible Grammy noms], but I know it will happen one day," says Bieber, who was up for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album two years ago.

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