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Do not anger the Beliebers.

It's a lesson that's inherent to those who report celebrity gossip, but one Olivia Wilde had to find out the hard way after chastising the singer on Twitter.

After Wilde told Justin Bieber to "put a f--king shirt on" earlier this month, her account was bombarded with irate messages from riled up Beliebers.

Very intelligent and totally sensible ones, obviously. Watch below as the actress reads some of the best Tweets she received on the Tonight Show ...

Wilde also offered a preface: "This started because Justin Bieber went out without his shirt on… he was in London, and it's so cold there and I was concerned."

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Justin Bieber is doing just fine, thanks.

So says the man who may know the singer best.

In light of Bieber's apparent meltdown - he passed out on stage in London, then cursed off a reporter, then canceled a concert in Portugal - Scooter Braun was asked about his client/friend by E! News and replied:

Justin Bieber in Lisbon

"There's nothing wrong with him. He's in a great place."

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Her son may be traveling the globe, getting into fights with reporters and canceling concerts in Portugal...

... but Pattie Mallette has other things to worry about than the recent actions of Justin Bieber: The Bachelor finale was on last night!

Pattie Mallette Photograph

"This is definitely, by far.. the Most Dramatic Season Finale EVER!," Mallette Tweeted at the start of the two-hour episode, initially expressing her disdain for Catherine Giudici.

But Sean Lowe eventually changed her mind.

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Jada Pinkett Smith has come to the defense of a couple young A-listers.

With Justin Bieber hearing it these days - following a pot smoking controversy, a blow up at a photographer and more - Smith penned a Facebook post that didn't mention any star by name.

But whose subject matter was obvious to any celebrity gossip follower.

  • Justin Bieber O2 Arena Photo
  • Taylor Swift Brit Awards Performance

"It is as if we have forgotten what it means to be young or even how to behave like good ol' grown folk," the actress wrote on Sunday.

"Do we feel as though we can say and do what we please without demonstrating any responsibility simply because they are famous?

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Breathing problem, scheamthing problem.

Justin Bieber took to the stage in London's O2 Arena last night, just 24 hours after passing out at the same venue.

But no issues were reported this time around, as the young superstar belted out such hits as "Never Say Never" (above) and danced around like his lungs were in tip top shape.

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Well, we guess Justin Bieber is feeling better.

The singer - released from the hospital after last night's scary collapse in London - absolutely lost it today when confronted by a photographer on the way to his vehicle.

After being bumped by one of Bieber's bodyguards, the reporter hurled insults at JB, referring to him as a "f-cking little moron" and telling him to "f-ck off back to America."

In response, Justin flipped out, threatening to "beat the f-ck" out of the guy and needing to be restrained by members of his entourage. Watch the fiery exchange take place now:

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It will take more than a little breathing problem to keep Justin Bieber down, folks.

Despite passing out during a concert in London last night, the singer is expected to return this evening to the O2 Arena stage, at least according to a spokesman for that venue.

“As far as we are concerned everything is on for Friday’s show," Jeremy King said. “He was treated by our team of medics and after further examination they didn’t find anything more serious or worrying.”

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When the owner is away, the idiotic friend will play.

While Justin Bieber passed out during a show in London last night, his good pal Lil Twist was busy getting himself into a different kind of trouble back home.

  • Lil Twist Photo
  • Justin Bieber Gas Mask Picture

Sources confirm to TMZ that the rapper got into yet ANOTHER driving mishap while driving Bieber's Fisker Karma on Tuesday, but this one was especially troublesome:

Lil Twist reportedly crashed into protective cement poles at a San Fernando Valley liquor store around 6 p.m., damaging both those structures and the vehicle.

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