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Ladies, Justin Bieber is here for you. Right here for you, in fact.

The artist teams up with fellow Canadian Drake for the lyrics video to "Right Here," teasing it just a few hours before it went live online with the following Tweet:

“U all ready? #RightHere with @drake in less than #12HOURS. U know what to do. #beliebers = best fans on earth. Watch. #RightHere tomorrow.”

And of course watch these Beliebers will.

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Justin Bieber has inked himself in the name of his lord and savior once again.

With a Jesus Christ tattoo already covering his calf muscle, the singer was spotted this week in London with an unusual symbol on his left arm.

But sources confirm it is the Greek letter Chi, which translate to "Christ." Here is a close up:

jb ink

The fresh ink comes on the heels of a strange appearance by Bieber in London. He was spotted shopping this week while donning a gas mask.

Of even more interest? JB may be dating Ella-Paige!

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This is one Justin Bieber fashion trend we doubt will catch on.

The singer was spotted with members of his entourage this week, shopping in London while going incognito. By wearing a gas mask?!?

As you can see, the disguise didn't exactly fool members of the paparazzi. But it did leave fans wondering: Really, Justin?!?

Bieber mask

Fans are also curious just why Bieber is in England.

His tour doesn't make a stop there until next month, causing some to speculate: might he be visiting rumored new gal pal Ella-Paige Clarke?!?

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Her name is a mouthful, but the real question is this:

Is Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke been getting a mouthful of Justin Bieber?!?

  • Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke Picture
  • Justin Bieber with Security

The singer was spotted at the pop star's side Wednesday night at a Brit Awards after party hosted by Justin Timberlake.

We know she's friends with Florido Basallo, the stylist currently on tour with Justin and… well, that's all we know.

But that's all it takes to get the blogosphere buzzing, of course, a single sighting.

And single is exactly what Bieber is following his split from Selena Gomez. We'll keep fans apprised of the status of this relationship as information becomes available.

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Patrick Carney is certainly making the most of his time as Justin Bieber's foil.

The Black Keys drummer started a feud with the young star last week when he implied Bieber makes bad music, but should be happy because he's rich.

Justin, in turn, said Carney should be slapped. And Carney, in turn, changed his Twitter profile to make it look like he actually is Justin Bieber.

  • Patrick Carney Picture
  • Tired Justin Bieber

As you might expect, a few (million) Beliebers took issue with this move and Carney has reacted to their taunts by doing a parody of their pop star idol.

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Remember that crazy story about a convict hiring a hitman to kill and castrate Justin Bieber?

KOAT 7 News in Albuquerque has actually obtained the phone call placed in November by Dana Martin - who is serving consecutive life sentences for raping/murdering a 15-year old girl - to Tanner Ruane.

In it ,Martin orders Ruance and an accomplice named Mark Staake to carry out this horrendous deed, telling him: "[Mark's] going to kill the pitbulls and you're going to castrate them."


The "pitbulls" is code for Bieber and his bodyguards.

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THGers, prepare to swoon in 3... 2... 1...

Justin Bieber has made public a pair of especially adorable photos, both of which feature him being extra cute with his little brother and sister.

  • Justin Bieber and Brother
  • Justin Bieber and Siblings

"Put my bro to sleep (with a chokehold) last night," Bieber joked as a caption to the first. "JK he fell asleep in my arms but sometimes big bros gotta put their Lil bros in headlocks."

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Online shots have been fired in the feud between Justin Bieber and Patrick Carney.

It all started last weekend, when The Black Keys drummer said Bieber should not worry about his lack of Grammy nominations because the event is based around music, not money.

"And he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

Translation: Bieber makes crappy music.

Patrick Carney Profile

Justin then replied that Carney should be slapped for the comment, which has led Carney to make the above change to his Twitter profile.

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It's apparently on between Justin Bieber and Patrick Carney.

On Sunday evening, the Black Keys drummer sort of mocked Bieber's Grammy snub, telling TMZ:

"He's rich, right? Grammys are for music, not for money... and he's making a lot of money."

Justin Bieber SNL Still

The implication, of course? Bieber does not make solid music. He just brings home the bucks because young women buy his albums.

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Last night started out on a down note for Justin Bieber.

First, the Grammy Awards aired, as the singer and his supporters were once again reminded that Justin was not nominated in a single category.

Then, Bieber attempted to hold a LiveStream chat (shirtless!), only for the service to fail him and for JB to say he has ""never been so frustrated" on Instagram.

But as a special treat, he then released part of a track that he admitted via Twitter is "not finished," yet is still rather catchy.

It's titled "You Want Me" and you should check it out now: