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Justin Bieber is facing a new lawsuit.

But here's the good news, Beliebers: it's not from any new scandal!

Justin Bieber Crotch Grab Pic

In his legal filing, Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran alleges that he was trying to snap pictures of Bieber and Selena Gomez last year in Calabasas when Justin jumped out of his Mercedes and "delivered a martial arts-type kick ... in the lower rib cage on the left side of his abdomen."

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On June 16, Justin Bieber and a few friends attended an indoor skydiving facility in Las Vegas and left without paying.

But that's only the second most scandalous incident that went down that day, according to a new report.

Jordan Ozuna and Justin Bieber

Bieber was spotted getting mighty close to Jordan Ozuna in the lobby of that facility, resting his head on her lap while being petted, as you can see in the photograph above.

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Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are collaborating on new music again - and "Actin' Up" - with rapper Asher Roth on his latest, appropriately-titled single.

Biebs and Breezy, both of whom are making headlines constantly for "Actin' Up," rap on the new tune, which features a few telling lyrics in the chorus:

"I don't really give a f--k, they said I ain't old enough, but I be young and acting up," Roth, who was signed in '08 by JB's manager Scooter Braun, sings.

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Let's focus on some Justin Bieber music, shall we?

Forget this singer allegedly stiffing a skydiving company. Ignore that talk about him order condoms and jelly beans from a hotel. And look past those reckless driving allegations.

For about three minutes, at least.

And feast your eyes on Bieber in concert last night in Los Angeles, belting out a version of "Boyfriend" at Staples Center... without his shirt on! Sit back and enjoy, readers. You are very welcome...

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We all know Justin Bieber is a risk taker.

He drives very quickly. He skydives inside (and refuses to pay). He thinks he can find someone better than Selena Gomez.

But a new report in Life & Style claims Bieber takes precautions in at least one aspect of his life: SEX!

Justin Bieber Driving

An insider tells the tabloid that every time Bieber stays in a certain New York City hotel, he calls the front desk and asks for "intimacy kits with condoms."

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Justin Bieber may have lost his monkey over the weekend, but he has made it clear in a new video:

He has not lost his very best friend.

Amidst rumors of Bieber and Scooter Braun being on the outs, the artist has released footage of the pair sharing an embrace while someone off-camera destroys Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

Watch now and grow very jealous of Braun for wrapping his arms around Justin:

In related Bieber news, while the star may still be tight with Braun, it's clearly timed he dumped two other friends.

We're looking at you, Lil Twist and Lil Za.

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Justin Bieber kept a private jet grounded in South Florida for eight hours yesterday while he searched for his pet monkey, according to reports.

Justin Bieber, Monkey

The singer, who was in Miami for Game 7 of the NBA Finals, chartered a private jet to take him home to L.A. It was supposed to take off at 11 a.m. EDT.

Bieber did not show until 3 p.m., and then said he wasn't ready to leave because he needed to retrieve his monkey from nearby West Palm Beach.

Four more hours passed, and JB actually chartered a helicopter to bypass street traffic and retrieve the primate. Finally, just before 8 p.m., the plane left.

It is not confirmed that the monkey made it on board with Justin.

Meanwhile, back home in his Calabasas gated community, Biebs' loser friends Lil Twist and Lil Za were terrorizing his neighborhood as usual.

And we thought Paula Deen had the worst PR people ever.

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Justin Bieber's douchelord housemates Lil Twist and Lil Za were caught on video driving recklessly and harassing Calabasas neighbors in his cars.

The latest incident went down yesterday inside Bieber's gated community, The Oaks, where the pop star's obnoxious antics have led to intense criticism.

After one of Biebs' neighbors witnessed Lil Za and Lil Twist flying through the neighborhood at breakneck speeds, she decided to confront the pair.

Behind the wheel of JB's cars - a black Range Rover and the infamous white Ferrari - Za and Twist blew past the woman at dangerously unsafe speeds.

She gave them an earful at one of the gates in the community, where Za got out of his car and proclaimed himself a resident, demanding she let him in.

When she accused him of not being a resident, Za stated, "I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do." His parting shot? "F--k you. Get the f--k out of here."

Bieber was thousands of miles away getting baked out of his mind and watching the Heat win the NBA Finals, but these tools don't reflect well on him.

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So, yeah, Instagram is offering video now. Awesome!

Justin Bieber is shirtless in his first effort. Awesome?

Looking and sounding baked out of his mind, the Biebs took to the social media platform today to post literally the first video ever from his account.

The 19-year-old star captioned the unforgettable clip "Hahaha."

"So crazy news, guys, there's video on Instagram!" a shirtless Justin Bieber says, appearing to lose focus before the clip ends with absolutely no fanfare.

Given how stoned he appears, that's likely all he could muster.

With Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran hitting it, a guy has to self-medicate somehow ... but seriously, JB. May want to lay off the weed a bit, bud.

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