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We hope you are sitting down, Beliebers. Take a deep breath, Miley Maniacs. And consider this:

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus may totally be getting it on.

Photos and witnesses both confirm to TMZ that the young star spent very late hours together at Beacher's Madhouse in Los Angeles on Saturday night/Sunday morning, clearly talking a lot, likely flirting - and leaving together around 2 a.m.

TMZ Photo

According to site insiders, Bieber showed up after Cyrus and immediately headed for a table.

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The 911 call made by a photographer last week - following an alleged encounter with Justin Bieber and his bodyguards - has been released.

In the call, the man describes what he says happened outside The Hit Factory in Miami on Wednesday:

That members of Bieber's team assaulted him, threatening to destroy his camera and eventually stealing its memory card.

The photographer has since filed a lawsuit in which he names Bieber as a defendant for orchestrating the attack and also says a security guard flashed a gun at him.

Listen now:

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Justin Bieber is not old enough to hang out in certain nightclubs, but the singer still considers himself to be a grown-up.

Because a fan recently toss an undergarment on stage.

The incident took place during a recent stop on his global tour, with Bieber posting a photo to Instagram of a long bra lying before him, including with it the caption:

"I guess everyone grows up."

Bra Photo

Of course, many would take issue these days with just how mature Justin Bieber actually is.

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Another week day hour, another scandal for Justin Bieber.

With news breaking this morning that the singer and his bodyguard were being sued for an alleged gun-based assault on a photographer last week, E! News now confirms Bieber was escorted out of a nightclub last night after trying to sneak in.

Justin Bieber in Sweden

The incident took place at Lure in Hollywood around 7 p.m. during that establishment's Toxic Luau Beach Day shindig.

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You know what they say: it's all fun and games until someone pulls a gun on a photographer.

As previously reported, a journalist named Jeffrey Binion accused Justin Bieber's bodyguards of assault last week, stemming from an incident outside The Hit Factory in Miami.

Justin Bieber in Great Britain

Now Binion has filed a lawsuit against Justin and one of his employees.

He alleges that Justin was behind the attack, ordering a bodyguard named Hugo Hesny to throw the reporter against a wall and grab him by the throat.

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Seriously, Justin Bieber, if you do not want your picture snapped, stop going out in public.

For the FOURTH time in a week, someone associated with the singer has been accused of battery because others have tried to take photos of Bieber.

Justin Bieber, The Tease

Last week, a couple security team members allegedly went after a paparazzo because he wanted to get Bieber on camera at a skateboard park.

Then, Justin himself was actually caught on camera cursing off a camerman and swiping his SIM card.

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Justin Bieber just can't get anything right these days.

The singer announced a slew of new international tour dates yesterday - with reckless driving and paparazzi cursing charges against him, can you blame the guy for wanting to get away? - but he left Venezuela off the list.

Biebs, The

Feeling snubbed by the inclusion of nearby Latin American countries such as Colombia and Brazil, fans in that nation expressed outrage over Twitter.

By mid-afternoon, the hashtag #Venezuelawantsbelievetour was trending worldwide.

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It's gonna be hard for Justin Bieber to Tweet his way out of this one.

With assault allegations already looming over his security team from an incident in Miami on Wednesday... TMZ has obtained the audio of ANOTHER altercation between Bieber and a different photographer outside a recording studio around 4 a.m. yesterday.

And it paints Bieber in a terribly negative light, cursing off a reporter; stealing his SIM card; and laughing at his pleas to have the property returned.

Listen now:

In March, Bieber went off on a paparazzo in London, needing to be restrained and positively flipping out at the shutterbug.

Forget driving lessons. Might Justin Bieber be in need of anger management? Sheesh!

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Well, this is one way to avoid Keyshawn Johnson...

According to Sir Richard Branson, Justin Bieber and manager/BFF Scooter Braun are the latest big names to sign on for the Virgin Galactic that will soon take pedestrians into space.

Justin Bieber Netherlands Concert Photo

"Great to hear @justinbieber & @scooterbraun are latest @virgingalactic future astronauts. Congrats, see you up there!" Branson Tweeted this morning.

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More trouble this week for Justin Bieber. Or for Justin Bieber's camp, at least.

TMZ reports that two of Bieber's security guards were accused of assault a couple days ago in Miami when a photographer tried taking a picture of Justin skateboarding.

Justin Bieber Courtside

The alleged incident when down in The Hit Factory parking lot.

When the reporter starting to snap away at the artist, Bieber's entourage members supposedly choked him, snatched his camera and removed its memory card. Police eventually arrived at the scene and filed a battery report.

It will now to go the State's Attorney for review.

Bieber, of course, was accused of battery in March, with a neighbor telling cops Justin spit on him. That case it also being reviewed and the star may face serious charges.

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