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Justin Bieber gave CBS viewers something typically reserved for Selena Gomez last night:

His nearly naked body!

The singer took part in the “Fashion Rocks” special that aired on network television, walking out on stage alongside model Lara Stone to introduce a performance by Rita Ora.

But the artist said he needed to feel more "comfortable" while standing with the scantily-clad beauty, leading him to remove all his clothing except a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

For reals! See for yourself:

Bieber has been a busy young man of late, both personally and professionally.

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It's sort of official: there's serious bad blood brewing between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

It all started when Swift told Rolling Stone that she penned a song on hew new album about an enemy in the world of music, someone who did “something so horrible” when she tried to “sabotage an entire arena tour."

Then, not long after these comments went public, Perry Tweeted a reference to Mean Girls and a "Regina George in sheep's clothing," who we're rather positive is Taylor Swift.

So the claws are pretty much out between two of the top-selling artists in pop music history.

Will things get uglier from here? Who will fire the next shot? And where does this feud rank among recent famous rivalries, which include Drake Bell HATING on Justin Bieber and Jimmy Kimmel trading barbs with Kanye West?

Flip around and decide now:

Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift wrote a song titled "Bad Blood" about an enemy in the music business. We're pretty sure the subject was Katy Perry.

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With all of the many criminal charges against him, it's amazing that Justin Bieber can remember all of his court dates.

Bieber was arrested for assault after attacking a photographer in Canada last week, and this morning he showed up in a Toronto court to stand trial for an incident in which he allegedly attacked a limo driver back in December.

Justin Bieber Arrest Photo
Justin Bieber doesn't look thrilled in this close-up. No wonder. He had just been arrested for DUI.

The Biebs received some unexpected good news, as prosecutors announced that the charges against him had been dropped.

It was apparently determined that there was no way to prove who had actually made contact with the driver, as there were five other people in the limo besides Justin, and no reliable testimony from eye witnesses.

Bieber was charged with criminal assault in January of this year, shortly after being arrested for a DUI incident.

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Justin Bieber once again spent time with Selena Gomez this weekend, but good news for fans of the singer:

He didn't get arrested this time!

A week after riding ATVs with Selena in Ontario and then getting into an altercation with a photographer, Bieber posted the following photo to Shots yesterday.

He didn't include a caption with it, although he did later write:

"I’m calling out the first fool to copy me with the baseball jersey swag.”

Jelena Selfie

Seriously, folks. Only Justin Bieber can wear a baseball jersey!

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We know that Justin Bieber was arrested for assault in Canada over the weekend, but due to the fact both sides of the altercation are protecting themselves legally, little is known about what actually went down during the fight.

Whatever took place, however, it seems that at some point in the past few days Justin sprained his wrist, as the singer visited an Ontario hospital to have the injury checked out today.

Justin Bieber, Peace Sign

Of course it's possible that the visit had nothing to do with his assault on a paparazzo. Justin could've injured himself when he crashed his ATV into the pap's minivan, or he might have just spent too much time practicing throwing gang signs in the mirror.

In any event, the fight could end up causing a lot of headaches for Justin:

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It's incredible but true:

We have actual music news on Justin Bieber!

The singer, who has made headlines over the past few weeks for getting back together with Selena Gomez and getting arrested in Canada for assault, will soon be releasing a new album with Cody Simpson.

  • Tough Justin Bieber
  • Cody Simpson at Teen Choice Awards

"It is a smack bang duets [album]," Simpson told the Sydney Daily Telegraph over the weekend. "Justin has been a good mate of mine for a while. It's just us writing."

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In the wake of Justin Bieber getting arrested for dangerous driving and assault in Canada last Friday, two lawyers for this singer have released statements on behalf of their client.

As previously detailed, Bieber was driving an ATV (with Selena Gomez as his passenger) when he collided with a minivan and then got into a physical altercation with the driver, who was a member of the paparazzi.

Police took Justin in to custody and he's due in an Ontario court later this month.

Attorney Brian H. Greenspan doesn't specifically dispute these details, but he does point the finger of blame squarely away from Bieber.

"Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s peaceful retreat in Stratford this weekend was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of paparazzi,” said Greenspan in a statement, adding:

"This has regrettably resulted in charges of dangerous driving and assault. Mr. Bieber and Ms. Gomez have fully cooperated in the police investigation. We are hopeful that this matter will be quickly resolved."

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Stop us if you've heard this one before:

Justin Bieber is in serious trouble with the law.

The singer was arrested Friday in Canada after getting into an accident with another vehicle while riding his ATV, with the police investigation revealing "that after colliding, the driver of the ATV and an occupant of the minivan engaged in a physical altercation."

The driver of the ATV, of course, was Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber, Peace Sign

We can also confirm that the minivan driver was a photographer and that Bieber is due in Canadian court later this month.

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Justin Bieber spent a portion of last week in Ontario, hanging with Selena Gomez and fueling rumors about his personal life.

Oh, he also got arrested.

According to TMZ insiders, the singer was booked Friday on charges of dangerous driving and assault after a crash took place between Bieber’s ATV and a minivan.

Bieber in Canada

Bieber was taken into custody in Perth County, with authorities saying there was a physical altercation between the artist and the other driver after they collided.

SIGH. We wish we could say we were surprised.

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may or may not be destined to be together in life, but they are together right now and enjoying every second of it.

On vacation in Canada, Justin shared a picture of Selena cuddling him and nuzzling his neck, her dark hair cascading all over him in romantic bliss.

Selena and Justin Cuddle

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber jetted off to his native country for the holiday weekend, having recently rekindled their relationship for the 193rd time.

Bieber, who is said to be treating her like a princess when he's not off getting in trouble with the cops, must be smitten, given the public pic sharing.

He's not even taking some of these recent ones down moments after they go live on his social media pages! That's when you know it's love, people.

The pop singer is wearing the same outfit as the one he donned in his recent selfie with Selena, who recently debuted her new weave on Instagram.

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