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Poor Justin Bieber.

The singer is once again at the center of a viral video parody.

Following Jimmy Kimmel making fun of his nude photo scandal, and Chelsea Handler imagining a very dark future for the artist, the following footage has surfaced.

It features senior citizens watching various Bieber clips - such as when he was booed at the Billboard Music Awards - and shaking their heads over the star's antics and ego.

He's only 19 years old and trying to do the best he can? HA, "when I was 19, I was up to here in rice patty water looking for people to shoot," says one older observer.

Watch now and try to find the humor, Beliebers:

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Justin Bieber is single.

No, he is not dating Selena Gomez and we've heard nothing about Ashley Moore since initial chatter over the model having lunch with the singer.

But Justin tells the latest issue of Life & Style that, although he isn't currently sharing his bed with anyone, he's excited for the day when he's sharing his house with… everyone!

"I can’t wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around," Bieber tells the tabloid, though he can't pinpoint exactly when this might happen, adding: “Those things are in God’s hands, not mine.”

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Ariana Grande could see the drama coming.

Earlier this month, the young singer hung out for a bit with Justin Bieber backstage at the superstar's concert, posing for a photo with the Biebs and even receiving a peck on the cheek when the image was snapped.

"I didn't know what to do," after the sweet gesture, Grande tells E! News. "I just walked out of the room. I got shy."

  • Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande
  • Ariana Grande Tour Pic

Bieber's fans, of course, were not shy on social media, blasting poor Ariana and forcing her to delete the harmless image from Twitter.

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Pattie Mallette may be afraid to say too much to her son, lest she come across like an overprotective mother.

But Leif Garrett has no such concerns.

The 1970s teen heartthrob offered up some free advice for Bieber in an interview with Fox News this week, telling the network that young stars should not "believe [their own publicity]."

"Sussing out who your real friends are is full-time work. Every scum bag, every drug dealer, every chicken hawk wants a piece of you," Garrett said, unintentionally warning Justin about Lil Twist.

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Pattie Mallette is not oblivious to the ongoing actions of her son.

She's knows Justin Bieber nude photos are out there. She's aware the singer is under investigation for his role in a Hamptons nightclub brawl. She sees all the headlines, she understands the issues at stake.

But Bieber is now 19 years old and Mallette knows she has to back off.

"When your kids hit a certain age, your parenting style changes and it is hard letting go," Mallette tells People. "His life was my life and now I've had to let him go a little bit and let him be independent. It is hard to not be able to control everything that your adult child does."

  • Pattie Mallette, Book
  • Justin Bieber, Gloves

Mallette admits that she "worries" about her famous son and that she texts and calls him everyday.

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Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Handler may not be huge fans of Justin Bieber these days, but the singer does still have a couple famous friends at least.

Following Kimmel referring to The Biebs as a douche pouch, and Handler imagining a very sad future for the star, Bieber has posted a photo of himself with Jay-Z and Kevin Hart, along with the simple caption:

"Chilling with the boys @kevinhart4real and J."

Justin Bieber and Friends

Bieber and his well-known pals hung out in Miami, in between "Believe" tour stops for the former.

Earlier in the week, Bieber also hung out - video style! - with a different, very famous famous. Did you catch his collaboration with Michael Jackson?

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A new collaboration from two music icons of different generations, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson, called “Slave to the Rhythm,” has hit the Internet.

Listen to the mysterious new song from JB & MJ below:

Minds? Officially blown. So what's the deal here?

“Slave to the Rhythm” was a little-known Michael Jackson song that made its way online after his death. Michael’s vocals and lyrics remain intact here.

A heavier dance beat and Justin Bieber's contributions have been added, of course, making for a monster collaboration of unknown origin and authenticity.

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When did Justin Bieber become the new Lindsay Lohan?

The singer has suddenly become a late-night talk show punching bag, first with Jimmy Kimmel Live mocking his nude photo scandal and now with Chelsea Lately slamming the star in general.

In a hilarious skit from last night's episode, the host peers ahead 30 years. What will Bieber's life be like at that point?

On a positive note, he'll be with Selena Gomez. On the negative side, he won't exactly be making money by touring any longer. And he'll be overweight. And desperate for money.

It may not be the brightest future for The Biebs. See what we mean now:

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There's nothing controversial about these Justin Bieber naked pictures. They are sexiness personified.

But there is reportedly a great deal of controversy surrounding Bieber, his roller coaster relationship with Selena Gomez and that singer's friendship with Taylor Swift.

"Taylor hates [Bieber]," an insider tells Us Weekly. "She thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him... Bieber has really come between the girls."

  • Taylor Swift on Tour
  • Justin Bieber Pointing
  • Selena Gomez in Sleek dress

Swift, of course, made her feelings about Justin well known at the Billboard Music Awards in May when cameras caught her sticking out her tongue when her pal laid a kiss on her estranged boyfriend.

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Jimmy Kimmel isn't the only one having fun at the expense of those Justin Bieber naked pics that hit the Internet this week.

A day after that late-night talk show host poked fun at Bieber's junk-based scandal and referred to him as "douche pouch," the men of Emblem3 have done their best Justin Bieber impressions over Twitter.

Yes, X Factor alums Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg and Drew Chadwick are nude in the following picture. Thank goodness for those guitars and that keyboard, huh?

Emblem3 Nude

"Hey @justinbieber, we're in Canada ready for the jam sesh!" the group captioned the image, which even the most ardent Beliebers must admit is pretty darn funny.

Emblem3 was eliminated from The X Factor in December and will release its debut album (titled "Nothing to Lose") on July 30. We may now need to pick up a copy.

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