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Justin Bieber thinks Chris Brown is super dope.

He may be sending flirty text messages to Arianda Grande.

His friends are being kicked out of the singer's home by his manager because they pretty much suck at life.

But let's get to the important stuff: Justin Bieber is trying to grow a mustache! He announced this intention in March and has been eschewing the use of a razor above his upper lip ever since.

So... how is Justin doing? The following video is tracking the facial hair's progress as we type. Watch and judge now!

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They may soon have a reality show, but Lil Twist and Lil Za do not currently have a place to live.

According to Radar Online, the teenagers have finally been given the boot by Scooter Braun, as Justin Bieber's manager has ordered the troublemakers to "vacate Justin's home," an insider alleges.

“He wants them out by the end of the month and they’ve even already been set up with their own apartments," the source says of Bieber's pals.

Lil Twist has been especially problematic for Justin - and not just because he has a stupid name.

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Has there been a method to their madness all along?

Over the past several months, Lil Twist and Lil Za - close friends of Justin Bieber who reside in the superstar's Calabasas mansion - have gotten into car accidents... been caught with marijuana... and even been accused of battery.

Are they just out-of-control teenagers? Or young marketers with a plan? Or both?

After all, Lil Za told TMZ yesterday that "Twist is about to pitch a TV show with MTV... it's quite entertaining."

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Justin Bieber has been sending Ariana Grande flirty texts, and that behavior dates back to when he was dating Selena Gomez, a new report indicates.

Ariana revealed in an interview that Justin has her number, has had it for some time, and that his messages to her are more than just a little friendly.

The singer, who just released her "Baby I" music video, is quickly rising to fame, and not just because her vocal talents have earned Mariah Carey comparisons.

Ariana also gets the privilege of texting with Justin Bieber, who she's toured with. Grande recently revealed the moment they first exchanged texts:

“Justin’s the most famous contact I have in my phone,” the 20-year-old recalled to M Magazine. “I felt so cool when he started texting me."

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On one hand, Chris Brown beat the heck out of Rihanna a few years ago.

On the other, he helped Justin Bieber with his skateboarding ramp, so...

"Breezy spray painted my half pipe. He's super dope," the 19-year old wrote as a caption to the following Instagram photo yesterday, continuing to build on a friendship that may not win over many fans.

Justin Bieber with Chris Brown

The Bieber and Brown bromance goes back a few months.

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Over the last several months, Justin Bieber has gotten himself into a number of scandals, allegedly smoking up on his tour bus... speeding around his gated community... and spitting at a neighbor.

But there's one line the singer and his team swear Justin has never crossed - and that's pulling a Paula Deen!

Justin Bieber, All in White

Earlier this week, a handful of outlets reported on a track titled "What She Wants (Official) 2013," allegedly recorded by Bieber and filled with N word references.

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Justin Bieber was involved in another nightclub altercation early this morning.

But this time the singer appears to have been the victim.

Justin Bieber Nightclub Attack

Per TMZ, the 19-year and his entourage were partying at an establishment in Toronto around 3 a.m. when Justin exited the VIP section to hang out with other patrons.

But he didn't get very far behind some dude ran up to him, grabbed his shirt and attempted to take Bieber down.

The artist defended himself with a few kicks and security rushed him to apprehend the assailant, escorting him out of the club before any damage was done. Police were never called in, no injuries were reported and it doesn't appear as if any charges were filed.

A few weeks ago, Bieber's team got into it with someone at a club in The Hamptons, with Justin possibly inciting a major brawl.

In June, meanwhile, The Biebs was kicked out after trying to sneak in to a Los Angeles bar.

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Might this be the week we finally get to hear Justin Bieber's highly anticipated new single "Heartbreaker"? Maybe. Biebs is in full hype mode for ... something.

The singer has written a series of tweets and released a video on Facebook that makes it seem as if the release of "Heartbreaker" may, in fact, be imminent.

Last night, he cryptically tweeted "#UNLOCKTHEDREAM #THEKEY tomorrow u get it." It remains unclear exactly what u get, but sounds awesome.

Then, he posted this short video on Facebook:

Titled "Macarons," the 10-second clip shows a VERY happy Justin Bieber, looking stoned out of his mind, juggling colorful macarons as a random girl looks on.

Again, we are told to #UNLOCKTHEDREAM.

Do as he instructs, people.

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Like Twerking, it's spreading.

At first, Justin Bieber was only shirltess on Instagram. Then, he got shirtless at most concerts. Now, he's shirtless at home - and he's not alone!

Justin's awful friend, Lil Twist, has posted a photo online in which he, Bieber and two unidentified pals get their upper half birthday suits on. Isn't it nice to know Biebs forgave Twist for allegedly assaulting a young woman inside the singer's house?

Sigh. Come on, JB. You are better than this. Rarely hotter, but better...

Justin Bieber and Lil Twist: Shirtless!

For more chances to ogle Justin Bieber shirtless, bookmark the preceding link now.

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This Twerking thing may be getting out of control.

The Oxford Dictionary has added the word as a verb and Miley Cyrus brought the dance move to a whole new level at the MTV Video Music Awards, causing some to refer to her as racist.

And now? Well... Lil Twist has teamed with his BFF Justin Bieber and Miley on a track titled "Twerk." Seriously. For real. This thing exists.

Dare to listen to the song here:

What's next?! Will Lil Twist change his name to Lil Twerk?!

Oh no. We're gonna regret making that joke, aren't we?

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