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Justin Bieber was involved in some kind of night club altercation late last week.

Initially, reports claimed the singer actually attacked a DJ in South Korea because he wasn't a fan of the music that man was spinning, but now it appears as if only heated words were exchanged between the pair.

Soon after hearing that something went down, though, Deadmau5 took to Twitter and made his take on the young artist very clear.

“Dear @justinbieber, would you please grow the f*ck up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs,” Deadmau5 wrote.

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#MusicMonday has come a few hours early.

For the second consecutive week, Justin Bieber has released a new track for fans, this time unveiling "All That Matters" via VEVO along with the Twitter message:

“Are you counting down with me to Midnight for the new #MusicMonday – #AllThatMatters ?”

Listen to the single now:

”You make me complete/You’re all that matters to me,” Bieber sings on the new song, perhaps with Selena Gomez in mind. “I’m grateful for your existence/Faithful no matter the distance."

Last Sunday, JB dropped "Heartbreaker" on the public.

Which track do you like better?

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Justin Bieber has been involved in another nightclub altercation.

A few months after the singer was accused of orchestrating a beatdown outside an establishment in The Hamptons, a DJ named Michael Woods claims the singer "muscled" his way into his booth on Thursday night.

Justin Bieber  in Shanghai

According to Woods, there was a disagreement over the music being played and he responded by telling Justin to "f-ck off and put some clothes on."

He then alleges that Bieber punched the DJ's manager.

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Justin Bieber may have been caught smoking weed again in a recent photo, but the singer is too busy with another task to give that scandal much thought right now:

He's trying to win back Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber Loves Selena Gomez

According to anonymous Hollywood Life sources, the artist is dead set on rekindling the romantic flame with his ex and is "going hard to get her back.

"They weren’t talking but he wore her down again and she’s taking his calls again," claims an insider. "She wants to keep it strictly friends, but it’s a slippery slope on that because they have such intense chemistry, she’s just built up walls to protect herself."

And it's hard to blame Selena, especially is rumors of Bieber cheating on her are accurate.

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It is on between mentor and protege.

According to the latest issue of Men's Health, Usher has "the best abs in the entertainment industry," a ranking that may very not sit very well with fans of the singer he discovered.

Seriously, have you see this video of Justin Bieber shirtless?!?

Usher will star in an upcoming film as Sugar Ray Leonard and says he's been training "like an athlete everyday" in preparation - and the guy does look good.

But better than Bieber with his shirt off?!? We'll leave this to the readers. Compare, contrast, drool and vote now:

And the Winner is?

It's an ab-off! Compare Usher with Justin Bieber now and decide who has the best abdominal muscles. View Poll »

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This is likely not what Justin Bieber needs right now.

With a photo of the singer seemingly smoking weed making its way around the Internet, Miley Cyrus posted a picture to Twitter this morning of... Justin Bieber smoking weed!

Miley Cyrus Reefer Fever Shirt

It's a selfie of Cyrus wearing a tanktop with the words "Reefer Fever" around Bieber's head, and the artist accompanied the shot with simple two-word caption: "FO LIFE."

Cyrus, of course, talked down to Bieber in a recent Rolling Stone interview, basically calling the guy immature and saying he's in danger of become as irrelevant as Vanilla Ice.

It's unclear if Miley intended this Twit pic to be something funny or jovial, but she has since deleted the image and it's hard to imagine Justin or anyone in his camp reacting very positively to the shirt.

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It was rumored back in February of this year: More Justin Bieber weed photos were on the way.

And one may now be making its way around the Internet.

An Instagram shot of Bieber with what appears to be a lit joint has gone viral - and, equally scandalous to some, Justin also looks to be sitting alongside Ariana Grande in the picture. See for yourself:

Justin Bieber Weed Pic

Sources close to the artists deny this is actually Grande - with whom Bieber has reportedly flirted - but it's seems impossible to deny this is an image of marijuana.

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Welcome to #MusicMondays, Beliebers.

As announced late last week, Justin Bieber will release a new single at midnight every Monday for 10 consecutive weeks, giving fans a reason to actually be excited at the conclusion of each weekend.

And the first track up? "Heartbreaker," which the artist described via Twitter as follows:

"It's a song for people going through heartbreak - like I was when I wrote it. It means so much to me to be able to share what I was, and still am, going through, with my fans. I'm very proud of this song and I hope it gives my fans some insight into my heart."

Hmm... might Bieber be referencing his split with Selena Gomez here? It seems rather obvious, no?

"You will know my words, my heart. #journals," Bieber added of this single and the ones on the way.

So give it a listen now and get insider Justin Bieber.

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We don't know whether or not Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez, as Taylor Swift seemed to hint at in a recent interview.

But we do know this much: the singer loves to take his shirt off!

And Bieber has done it again, posting an especially muscular portrait of himself to Instagram this morning along with the caption: "I love Asia."

Justin has been touring that continent over the past several days, though he made headlines earlier this week for an event that took place very far away from the stage:

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Justin Bieber would like you to forget that he was carried up The Great Wall of China this week.

And also that an attorney believes him to be immature.

The artist instead would like fans to focus on one thing and one thing only: his music.

His upcoming NEW music, that is, as Bieber announced yesterday the creation of #MusicMondays: he will release a new track online every Sunday at midnight for 10 consecutive weeks.

Bieber in China

And the excitement will begin next week with "Heartbreaker," as teased in the following Tweet:

"Sunday Midnight #heartbreaker #MusicMondays #10weeks."

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