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Ariana Grande experienced the highs and lows of life as a friend of Justin Bieber this week.

First, the young singer received a peck on the cheek from her fellow star, posting a photo of the cute incident on Twitter and giving her grandmother a shout-out in the caption:

"You're crazy and nonna says thank you, she loves you," Ariana wrote to Justin.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

But then Grande was forced to delete the image, seemingly because she faced the sort of harassment to which Selena Gomez can likely relate.

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Justin Bieber is not out of the legal clear just yet.

While most accounts of the fight that took place this weekend outside a club in Southampton agree that Bieber himself did not throw any punches, Police Sergeant Todd Spencer tells The New York Post that the singer may still face charges from the incident.

"Part of the investigation," Spencer said to the newspaper, "[is] whether Bieber directed [his security team] or not.”

Justin Bieber in Red Gloves

According to Page Six, the victim at the center of the brawl was a 22-year old named Wayne Rennalls.

He got into an argument with Bieber inside the club and it "escalated" outside, says an onlooker.

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Mark Wahlberg has been where Justin Bieber is at now.

The Oscar nominee was once a teenage star and, in light of Bieber's impressive run of scandals and moronic behavior (peeing in a bucket? Really?!?), Wahlberg has some advice for the young celebrity.

  • Mark Wahlberg Up Close
  • Justin Bieber with a Shirt

"Justin, are you listening? Don't be so naughty, yeah?" Wahlberg joked in a Webchat with Great Britain's The Sun. "Be a nice boy, pull your trousers up, make your mum proud, yeah? Stop smoking all that weed, you little bastard."

The actor was mostly kidding, however, though he did then get serious and jump to Justin's defense.

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We have an update on the nightclub brawl that broke out this weekend in which Justin Bieber is believed to have torn his shirt off and instigated a melee in the parking lot of a Hamptons hotspot.

New sources now say Bieber was NOT involved in the fracas, but security team members are under investigation for their role in the ugly incident.

Justin Bieber in Canada

It took place at South Pointe and a rep for that club tells The New York Post that Bieber was swarmed by fans when his entourage tried to load him into a car.

“Security was pushing people away… and that’s when the altercation happened,” says this insider, adding that a patron threw a rock at the singer's SUV and that's when "Justin’s security stopped the car and beat him up. Justin stayed in the car and wasn’t involved.”

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Justin Bieber may be in trouble with the law once again.

According to The New York Daily News, the singer and his team were partying late Saturday night at Southe Pointe nightclub in Southhampton.

Multiple witnesses tell the newspaper that Justin's bodyguards were especially "intimidating" and "overbearing," shining flashlights into the faces of anyone that tried to take photos of the star.

Dancing Justin Bieber

After a male patron and Bieber exchanged a few fiery words, the artist "ripped his shirt off and went nuts," an insider says, emphasizing that the resulting shot of Justin Bieber shirtless was anything but calm and relaxed.

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We're very sorry, Kat Dennings. But Justin Bieber is at it again.

Despite the objections of this 2 Broke Girls star, the singer posted a pair of shirtless selfies over the weekend to his Instagram account.

The first was captioned "sun and relaxation" and deleted for some reason, but fortunately it was soon replace with the image on the right, which depicts the Biebs in all his ray-soaked glory.

  • Justin Bieber Shirtless Selfie
  • Justin Bieber Shirtless Image

Notice the ink on his left arm?

Earlier in the week, Bieber unveiled his latest tattoo, a large rose which now sits above an owl and below a tiger. What do you think of the new ink?

We'll give you a few moments to untie your tongue and wipe the saliva off your chin after starting at the picture above. Take your time. We understand.

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Justin Bieber is an artist at heart.

And we're not talking about his music for a change.

The 19-year old has etched a new piece of ink along his left arm, showing off a large rose this week via Instagram and the simple caption: "Art."

Check out the giant rose now and sound off with your take on the new Justin Bieber tattoo:

Justin Bieber Rose Tattoo

Bieber got the tattoo at his go-to shop in New York City, Bang Bang, adding to a collection that also includes drawings on his ribs, legs and chest.

What do you think of the flowery addition? And should Justin axe Lil Twist from his life?

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Lil Twist is causing a big problem for Justin Bieber.

A day after the teenage rapper was accused of assault against a woman inside Bieber's house, manager Scooter Braun reportedly confronted his client with a seemingly simple request:

Axe this loser from your life.

  • Justin Bieber Lacks a Shirt
  • Lil Twist Image

But, as Bieber has done in the past, TMZ sources say he refused Braun's order and the friends/colleagues got into a big fight.

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Justin Bieber took a break from singing on Tuesday night in Newark and tried his hand at teaching.

Clearly perturbed that fans were tossing items on to the stage, Bieber stopped the show and asked that attendees refrain from such actions. When they continued to do so?

He asked if everyone knew the meaning of the word "refrain."

One individual apparently did not. And when she threw her iPhone at the star, he stuck it down his pants!

Earlier in the week, Bieber made like Eminem during a show in Detroit.

And then yesterday he received a special award for making music history.

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So, Justin Bieber, will you still stand by Lil Twist?

The teenage rapper, who was caught with marijuana inside Bieber's car last month, has now been accused of assaulting a woman... inside Justin Bieber's house!

A Small Twist

According to TMZ sources, a woman filed a police report this morning that alleged she tried to leave the singer's Calabasas mansion around 3:30 a.m.

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