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Stop us if you've heard this before: Justin Bieber has posted a picture of himself shirtless on Instagram.

The singer - who showed off an incredible six pack just a few days ago - has gone ahead and focused on his torso in a selfie he snapped yesterday following a concert in Des Moines, Iowa.

Ogle it now for a close-up of Justin's tattoos and remember: Selena Gomez is now getting a very personal look at Bieber in his half-naked glory once again.

Two couple is seemingly back together.

Justin Bieber Selfie

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Looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together again.

Yeah. We can't believe it and don't know what to tell you, either.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Instagram Photo

The Biebs personally posted the above photo on Instagram earlier today.

Man. Kinda sucks for Jordan Ozuna ... and Ed Sheeran. Well, maybe.

JB captioned the pic simply, "#heartbreaker." Let your imaginations run wild! (UPDATE: a source now says Jelena is not back together). (UPDATE: Whoops! Now they are back together!)

And tell us ... do you think Justin and Selena belong together?


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Attention, Beliebers: Please remove your eyeballs from the latest round of Justin Bieber shirtless pictures and read the following exciting news:

The singer is coming out with his third perfume!

The Biebs in Concert

Hollywood Life has actually gotten its hands on the item, referring to "The Key" as Bieber's "best fragrance" of all-time.

No offense to "Someday" or the Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume, of course, but that site explains that "The Key has a sweet undertone" and a "powdery floral scent that is perfect for girls and women of any age."

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In case it wasn't obvious by singing that he will always love Justin Bieber, Scotter Braun took to Instagram Monday and made it clear:

The relationship between singer and manager is as strong as ever.

Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber

"@justinbieber is #family and I am proud of him. He is growing and pushing himself as a young man and doing it with the world watching," Braun wrote.

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According to former football great Willie McGinest, Justin Bieber is a great neighbor.

And according to our very own eyeballs, Justin Bieber has an amazing six-pack. Hot damn!

The singer posted a pair of shirtless photos on Instagram yesterday, following a stop on his Believe tour in Denver, not bothering to include a caption with either because… come on.

What is there to say about a body such as this?

  • Justin Bieber Shirtless Shot
  • Justin Bieber Twitter Picture

No wonder Bieber's fans will stick with him through thick, thin and parking in handicapped spots.

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Go ahead, Come & Get It, photographers around the world. Justin Bieber apparently doesn't mind.

Following the leaking of a "rider" that outlined a number of stipulations the singer put in place at a recent photo shoot - the most noteworthy being his requirement that NO Selena Gomez music is played on set - a rep for the artist has come out with a simple statement:

No such rider exists.

Justin Bieber Vegas Concert Photo

The leaked document is "a fake," an insider tells E! News.

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Justin Bieber may be single, but he has high hopes for his love life.

Featured in a new Us Weekly special, the singer tells the publication that he hopes to "get married and start a family" down the line, adding that his grandparents are his role models.


Because "they love each other so much, after so many years! When I'm their age, I want to be as in love with my wife as my grandfather is with his."

Justin Bieber Shirtless for Us Weekly

And while it's unlikely Selena Gomez will be that wife at this point, Justin says the pair are on good terms.

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Move over, Mariah Carey and Beyonce. There's a new diva in town.

TMZ has obtained a copy of a contract user by Justin Bieber for a photo shoot earlier this month - and it outlines a series of seemingly outlandish demands.

For example, no one on the set can speak to Bieber. At all. There can be no cell phones around. And no one can ask for an autograph.

And… oh… there can be no Selena Gomez music on set! The document clearly and matter-of-factly states this. Put on "Come and Get It" and he's OUT.

Justin Bieber Tries to Hide

Among the other requests listed on the rider:

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For the record, Justin Bieber has possibly spit on his neighbor; driven recklessly around his neighbor with kids in the street; and slept with a married woman.

But he has definitely NOT peed on the American flag; punched his grandmother in the stomach; or parked in a handicapped spot.

Still... if he had done any of these things? Beliebers would stand by their young man.

Just watch their reaction to being told of new, made-up scandals involving Bieber in this hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live segment: