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In a new interview with E! News, Jacque Rae Pyles says she's single.

So that settles all questions about whether or not she has a romantic entanglement with Justin Bieber, right? After the two were spotted in Las Vegas together last week for the big Floyd Mayweather match?

Not exactly.

Pyles tells the site she's known Bieber for five years and hesitated when asked to quantify their relationship.

"That's a hard question. Maybe mentorship," Jacque Rae said. "Just because of where his career is at, and where mine is at, he's definitely helpful and everything."

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Justin Bieber opens up about various aspect of his life in the following interview. But we're very sorry to report, ladies:

He also wears a shirt.

In a rapid-fire exchange, the singer sits down and answers a number of questions, from his favorite color... to his most enjoyable instrument... to the holiday he looks forward to more than any other.

Through what country would he love to take a road trip? Why does he adore the number-six? Is he really dating Jacque Rae Pyles? Is he really playing Robin in the Man of Steel sequel?!?

Click Play now to watch Justin respond to most of these inquiries and check out the progress of his mustache!

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Juicy J is once again bringing a pop star into the rap game.

Having teamed with Miley Cyrus on "23," the artist collaborates below with Justin Bieber and Maejor Ali on the track "Lolly," which includes a refrain about how girls love their "lolly" and "wanna make it pop," how they love their "lolly" and "wanna kiss the top."

Wait a minute... Justin and company aren't singing about candy, are they?!?

Watch the video now and then read all about Jacque Rae Pyles, who rumors say might be having a lick of Bieber's lolly right about now:

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Justin Bieber will not be playing Robin in the Man of Steel sequel. The singer himself pretty much squashed that rumor.

But now new chatter has cropped up around the singer: Is he dating Jacque Rae Pyles?!?

The young artist met Bieber on the set of the film School Gyrls in 2009. She and Justin were photographed together a number of times back then, though they never confirmed a romance.

However, with Selena Gomez now officially out of the picture, Pyles sat alongside Bieber at New York Fashion Week this month (Instagram-ing the photos above as proof) and was also spotted exiting his private plane in Las Vegas over the weekend.

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With some still in angry shock over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, Justin Bieber has given many movie fans yet another reason to grow irate over this upcoming blockbuster:

Might the singer portray Robin?!?

Bieber got the Internet buzzing yesterday when he posted the following photo to Instagram, including with it a one word caption: "#robin??"

So, has the 19-year old actually signed on as this iconic Caped Crusader sidekick?

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Justin Bieber took a break this week from smoking up inside an SUV to surprise fans with a new song.

The track, titled "Wait a Minute," features Tyga and will be included on the upcoming album by DJ Tay James, who accompanies Bieber on tour.

More R&B than most of Justin's tracks, it's a catchy tune that some are comparing with many of Usher's hits. Give it a listen now:

As for when fans might hear more new stuff from Bieber? He offered up an intriguing hint on Twitter Wednesday, writing:

"And October thru New Years is gonna get interesting. #newmusic #believemovie #believetour #more"

We wonder what the state of Justin's mustache will be by then.

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Justin Bieber and his friends got stoned out of their minds hotboxing an SUV the way to the airport, then smoked cigars on a private plane, says the pilot.

The smoke on board the aircraft was so bad that the pilot says he almost needed to deploy one of the oxygen masks during the coast-to-coast flight.

The pilot said later, "It was like Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke."

Bieber and his crew smoked so much weed in the car beforehand that when the doors opened up on the tarmac, the pilot says smoke BILLOWED out.

Sounds like something out of ... well, a Cheech & Chong film.

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Justin Bieber thinks Chris Brown is super dope.

He may be sending flirty text messages to Arianda Grande.

His friends are being kicked out of the singer's home by his manager because they pretty much suck at life.

But let's get to the important stuff: Justin Bieber is trying to grow a mustache! He announced this intention in March and has been eschewing the use of a razor above his upper lip ever since.

So... how is Justin doing? The following video is tracking the facial hair's progress as we type. Watch and judge now!

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They may soon have a reality show, but Lil Twist and Lil Za do not currently have a place to live.

According to Radar Online, the teenagers have finally been given the boot by Scooter Braun, as Justin Bieber's manager has ordered the troublemakers to "vacate Justin's home," an insider alleges.

“He wants them out by the end of the month and they’ve even already been set up with their own apartments," the source says of Bieber's pals.

Lil Twist has been especially problematic for Justin - and not just because he has a stupid name.

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