Justin Bieber's affection for Jesus Christ has made him public enemy number-one in the Middle East.

Okay, maybe not number-one. They have many enemies in that region of the world. But Bieber won't exactly be breaking any sales records over there this fall.

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It's been a couple days since a photo of Justin Bieber naked leaked online - and the Internet is still coming to terms with what it's seen.

As documented at the bottom of this post, most Twitters users are wildly impressed by what Bieber is packing down below, though the response of one user in particular now has the rest of the Web totally creeped out.

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The Internet is in a major tizzy today over photos of Justin Bieber naked that were snapped by The New York Daily News, as it clearly violated Bieber's privacy in publishing pics of the singer in a private pool.

But the sight of Bieber's penis is distracting most people from another pressing fact regarding Justin's vacation in Bora Bora.

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