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Negativity is surrounding Justin Bieber these days.

Granted, that is pretty much the singer's fault, considering he's been arrested twice... allegedly been abusive and high on a private plane ride... and been derided for sucking on the nipple of a stripper.

So can you blame the artist for seeking some "positive energy?"

That's what Justin said he's focused on these days when posting a few Instagram pics from a recent visit to Atlanta. It included hockey practice with a junior team there, along with recording time with T-Pain.

Check out the pictures now and, don't worry: unlike that Justin Bieber stripper photo, these are not NSWF...

Justin Bieber with Hockey Team
Justin Bieber poses here with a junior hockey team in Atlanta. He surprised them at practice.

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Another day, another round of bad publicity for Justin Bieber.

First, it has now been confirmed that Selena Gomez checked into rehab last month and one insider cites her time with Bieber as a major reason why.

Second, a new report has come in regarding Bieber's plane being detained in New Jersey last Friday... and it paints both Bieber AND his father in a very negative light.

Sources tell NBC News that Justin and his dad were among a group of about 10 on a chartered, private plane ride for Canada to New Jersey and that father and son were "extremely abusive" to a flight attendant on board.

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The stripper Justin Bieber was seen breastfeeding on in that now-infamous photo with his pal Khalil has been revealed in her blonde, plastic glory.

She definitely looks like a stripper, but is not old enough to be the singer's mom, contrary to earlier reports regarding the Justin Bieber stripper photo.

"Karolina" is only 26. Check out pics of Biebs' Vegas plaything:

Justin Bieber's Stripper Karolina
The stripper who posed for that infamous photo with Justin Bieber has been revealed. Take a look here at Karolina.

According to TMZ's story on Karolina, she recently moved from Chicago to Sin City, where Bieber quietly visited in January. Clearly they hit it off.

Also contrary to previous reports, the infamous breast-sucking photo was not taken at an L.A. recording studio, but inside Bieber's Vegas penthouse.

After a night at the strip club, Bieber and his entourage hand-picked Karolina and two other strippers to return to the hotel for a private party.

Justin paid them thousands in cash, and clearly got his money's worth.

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Selena Gomez has reportedly seen the now-infamous Justin Bieber stripper photo, and she's labeling it "disgusting," while he's offering more excuses.

Bieber, who reportedly told Gomez that his non-drag race model companion Chantel Jeffries was “just a friend,” is trying to explain away the nipple pic too.

Selena, like many others, was turned off by the photo of Justin and friend Kahlil licking huge fake stripper boobs in a photo that went viral on Saturday.

No surprise there. But what did he have to say about it when confronted?

"'It was all a joke, just a big joke," Justin told Selena, according to a friend of hers, adding that Biebs claims he lost a bet and had to do this as a result.

Unfortunately for Justin, Selena has had enough of his futile excuses.

“Selena isn’t buying it. She’s sick of him doing all these things and never taking responsibility,” the source says of Gomez's reaction to the controversy.

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On Friday, Justin Bieber's plane was detained in New Jersey because authorities smelled a "strong odor of pot."

The singer actually wasn't arrested this time around, as law enforcement officials allowed him to go free (and later flip off a party goer), but sources tell TMZ that Bieber will need to adjust to this kind of treatment.

U.S. Customs has reportedly placed the singer on its Watch List, meaning he won't be able to travel in and out of the country without being searched or questioned in some way.

This is a typical move regarding any subject of ongoing criminal cases… and Bieber has been arrested twice over the past few weeks.

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Why the long face, Justin?

It was only a mere 48 hours ago that everyone's favorite 19-year-old super star, Justin Bieber, was swimming in a sea of models at a Maxim Super Bowl bash.

Justin seemed to be enjoying himself at a recent party considering he felt it was totally necessary to get a pic of himself sucking on giant, fake stripper breasts.

That must have been have a fun night, right? One would have to imagine. But his latest social media snap shows a somber side of the Biebs. 

Justin Bieber Sad Selfie

The singer posted a photo of him looking down in the dumps while hiding his eyes in big shades. Maybe it was just a rough night out on the town?

Or maybe it's the rumor that there's a Justin Bieber sex tape out there featuring him and two stripper lady friends from his Australian tour last fall?

It's no secret that Bieber has been going through a lot lately, including a recent DUI arrest in Miami or the criminal assault charges he faces in Canada. 

Chin up, Biebs!

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A scandalous Justin Bieber sex tape is rumored to exist, and while we haven't seen any proof of this, would anyone really be surprised at this point?!

Bieber was reportedly caught on camera “spanking” the bare backside of two strippers and “pulling off their panties with his teeth” in the shocking tape.

The 19-year-old pop star was supposedly recorded on surveillance video inside a strip club in Queensland, Australia, during his 2013 tour stop.

Radar claims he is clearly seen with his baseball cap on backwards, sitting a security guard nearby and his two partners in crime, who are topless.

Given the classic Justin Bieber stripper photo from this weekend, in which he and his buddy Khalil are each getting a mouthful, we believe that much.

Kid loves his strip joints, but is there really a "sex tape" story here?

Radar says yes, citing a 12-minute “crystal clear” video of Bieber in compromising positions and "romping with two strippers," spanking them and whatnot.

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For a celebrity in the midst of an epic public meltdown, Justin Bieber at least going ALL IN, owning it and continually the bar when it comes to his wild antics.

During a recent party, the singer and his drag race buddy Khalil Sharieff were photographed with a topless stripper, each sucking on one giant fake breast.

Hey, if nothing else, you have to hand it to Justin for sharing the wealth.

  • Justin Bieber Mug Shot
  • Khalil Sharieff Mug Shot

The stripper was hired to "perform" for Justin and his posse during a party at an L.A. recording studio, and did she ever, giving them all a taste of the action.

Very literally in the case of Justin and Khalil. Talk about a mouthful.

In the image, you can see the woman's uber-classy Playboy Bunny tattoo peeking out of her underwear, which is as comically small as her boobs are huge.

Sources at the soiree say the stripper looked old enough to be Justin's mom, which may explain the two hornballs' intense urge to breastfeed in public.

Paging Pattie Mallette ... your boy may have some mommy issues.

Suffice it to say, Bieber is kissing more young female fans goodbye every day. It's one thing to flip off the camera, quite another to gobble a stripper's mammaries.

Check out the uncensored pic at TMZ ... but be warned, it's NSFW ...

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Justin Bieber flipping the bird has become so commonplace these days, it's barely worth noting ... but the pic is great in this case, so here you have it:

Justin Bieber Flips Off the Camera

The Bieb was seen making his typical, classy gesture at a Super Bowl party thrown by Maxim and thus filled with the obligatory models and other hot girls.

The star sneaked in around 2 a.m., following his nice five-hour interrogation by U.S. Customs officials at the Teterboro, N.J., airport on Friday afternoon.

Justin Bieber's plane was boarded after arriving from Canada after officials detected a strong odor of weed coming from the private aircraft upon landing.

Big shocker there, we know. Just blame Lil Za, Biebs!

The 19-year-old miscreant was red flagged by Customs because of his multiple pending criminal cases, which have been well documented here.

He was eventually cut loose, but apparently was not in the best mood later on, as his posse was shining a bright light at anyone who pulled out a phone.

For the most part, his bodyguards were successful ... just not in this one case. You go, club-goer who snapped and sent the photo to TMZ. You. Go.

No sign of Chantel Jeffries last night. Bummer.

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Lil Za, a notorious member of Justin Bieber's posse, has been charged with three felonies stemming from last month's raid on the singer's home.

Two weeks after Za was arrested for drug possession, the 19-year-old (a.k.a. Xavier Smith) faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Those would be for MDMA (a form of ecstasy) and Oxycodone. Smith also reportedly faces a felony charge for damaging a jail phone. Seriously.

Police found the drugs "in plain view" at Justin's home back on January 14, while searching for evidence implicating Bieber's egging of a neighbor's home.

Lil Za, who lives with Bieber along with Lil Twist, apparently was the owner of the illegal substances, or at least took the fall for the pop superstar.

Alleged texts to Justin from Selena Gomez (below) insinuated that he was letting Za go down for unnamed things that the singer was responsible for.

In any case, Za's day wasn't done once he was taken into custody.

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