The Internet is in a major tizzy today over photos of Justin Bieber naked that were snapped by The New York Daily News, as it clearly violated Bieber's privacy in publishing pics of the singer in a private pool.

But the sight of Bieber's penis is distracting most people from another pressing fact regarding Justin's vacation in Bora Bora.

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Justin Bieber has confirmed a new "Purpose" in life.

No, this is not a reference to Bieber making it a point these days to apologize for past mistakes and to once again serve as a role model to young fans.

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Taylor Swift has mastered the art of presenting herself as the sweet and innocent girl next door, but rumors about the singer's darker side have emerged from several different sources in the past few months.

While fans remain convinced that Taylor is the most selfless mega-star on the planet, Swift's feud with Katy Perry showed the world that she can be relentlessly brutal when when asserting her dominance over a rival.

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