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June Shannon has been making the media rounds this week in an attempt to rebuild her shattered image.

Unfortunately, what should be an apology tour has instead become an occasion for Shannon to lie through her teeth and raise further concerns about the safety and welfare of her children.

In an interview that's set to air Thursday on Entertainment Tonight, Shannon opened up about her relationship with Mark McDaniel - the man who served ten years in prison for molesting her eldest daughter.

Shannon claims that she's encountered McDaniel only twice since he was released from prison, both times in group settings.

The problem is, there's a mountain of evidence that indicates Shannon recently carried on a romantic relationship with McDaniel and may even still be dating him:

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It's been three weeks since the world learned that former TLC reality star June Shannon is dating convicted child molester mark McDaniel.

It was later revealed that Shannon continues to have contact with McDaniel despite the fact that her eldest daughter, Anna Shannon, was a victim of McDaniel's abuse when she was just 8 years old.

June has spoken only briefly about the allegations that she's allowed McDaniel to be around her children despite his deeply troubling past, and her answers thus far have made it seem as though the mother of four doesn't grasp the severity of the situation.

June recently sat down for an in-depth interview that will air this evening on Entertainment Tonight, and her flip, defiant responses to questions about her relationship with McDaniel and her children's safety are unlikely to win her any new fans. 

"I just want to tell my side of the story and let's move on," Shannon says at the start of the interview.

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It's been nearly three weeks since the world learned that June Shannon is dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, yet somehow, sad and stunning details about the situation continue to emerge every day.

Yesterday, we learned that McDaniel may be the father of Lauryn Shannon - June's 15-year-old daughter.

Today, a source has surfaced claiming that June has a long history of mental illness, and that the reality star attempted to kill herself while she was pregnant with daughter Alana, better known as Honey Boo Boo.

This is June Shannon

The claim comes from a woman named Patricia East, who is the first wife of Alana's father Michael Thompson, better known to fans as "Sugar Bear."

"Michael told me, 'Please come over! June is trying to kill herself!" East told Star magazine in a recent interview. "I wanted to do the right thing, so I went over."

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Ever since news broke that June Shannon is dating Mark McDaniel, many have wondered why any mother would expose her children to a convicted child molester.

Now we have new insight as to why "Mama June" continues to associate with McDaniel.

In an interview with Dr. Drew Pinksy last night, June's daughter Anna Shannon dropped the bombshell revelation that June believes McDaniel is the father of her 15-year-old daughter, Lauryn, who is better known to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fans as "Pumpkin."

  • Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon Photo
  • Mark McDaniel Mug Shot

"[Mark] was supposed to be [Lauryn's] so-called father or whatever it is," Anna said in the interview.  "Mama does not know who Pumpkin's dad is and Pumpkin believes it's Mark."

Anna previously revealed that June doesn't believe McDaniel had abused her. Now it seems that June has also convinced Lauryn that the allegations are untrue:

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It's been over two weeks since Anna Shannon came forward as Mark McDaniel's abuse victim.

The 20-year-old mother of one and former reality star went public with horrific memories from her childhood amidst rumors that her mother, June Shannon, was dating McDaniel.

Anna Cardwell Photo

There was immediate fallout from June's baffling decision to allow McDaniel into her life and grant him access to the home she shares with her children after he spent ten years in prison for molesting her eldest daughter.

The Shannon household is now carefully monitored to ensure that no harm comes to June's three youngest daughters, and Anna has been universally praised for having the courage to speak out and help protect her sisters.

Last night, Anna sat down for an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky and revealed more details about McDaniel's abuse, including her mother's astonishing refusal to believe that she'd been assaulted:

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In her ongoing effort to win mother of the year, June Shannon allegedly stole money from her daughter Anna in order to buy a car for Mark McDaniel. 

McDaniel molested Anna when she was eight and subsequently served ten years in prison. Now, June has bafflingly welcomed him back into her life and she's helped him get back on his feet with nearly $30,000 of Anna's money.

Anna Cardwell Photo

Needless to say, fans were outraged when Anna revealed her mother's theft in a recent interview with E! News.

Now, one woman has taken it upon herself to right this terrible wrong by raising enough money to replace the sum pilfered from Anna's trust fund.

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Earlier today, Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson revealed that he has photographs of Mark McDaniel in bed with Honey Boo Boo.

Thompson was understandably upset at the idea of his 9-year-old niece in such close proximity to a convicted child molester, and his actions spurred his brother Sugar Bear Thompson to fight for custody of Honey Boo Boo.

Now, Lee has opened up about his reason for going public with the photos and we don't think anyone will be surprised by his outrage:

“He should [have] never been near or around the kids,” Uncle Poodle wrote online today.

  • This is June Shannon
  • Mark McDaniel Mug Shot

“What June does behind closed doors is HER business unless it involves the kids and that is why I spoke out! I did not nor will I ever support her wanting or being around McDaniel nor do I agree with the whole situation.”

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Last week, sources claimed that Sugar Bear Thompson would not fight for custody of Honey Boo Boo on the condition that June Shannon cut ties with Mark McDaniel.

McDaniel molested Anna Shannon - June's eldest daughter - when she was just 4 years old, and Thompson was reportedly very concerned for the safety of his youngest child.

Even so, he planned to give Shannon time to provide a safer environment for 9-year-old Alana (better known as Honey Boo Boo), in part because he didn't have a place of his own in which to raise her.

  • Sugar Bear Photograph
  • Honey Boo Boo Pic

Now, Thompson has reportedly changed his mind and has begun contacting lawyers about having Alana removed from June's home ASAP.

The cause of the sudden urgency is unknown, but it may have something to do with a revelation made by Sugar Bear's brother earlier today.

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There's been a new development in the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel child molestation scandal that might lead to more demands that June's daughters be removed from her home.

Lee Thompson - better known as Uncle Poodle - has reportedly told The National Enquirer that he witnessed McDaniel lying in bed with June's 8-year-old daughter Alana during a family vacation to a North Carolina casino in September.

  • Honey Boo Boo Photo
  • Mark McDaniel Mug Shot

We learned last week that Shannon had exposed McDaniel to Alana (aka, Honey Boo Boo), but June and others claimed they had had no physical contact and that all of their time together was supervised by June.

Last week, there were rumors that Uncle Poodle would fight for custody of Honey Boo Boo unless Shannon broke off all contact with McDaniel. 

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Two weeks ago, the world learned that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star June Shannon is dating a convicted child molester named Mark McDaniel.

The situation soon got even uglier, as it was revealed that McDaniel molested Anna Shannon - June's daughter who was only 8 years old at the time. 

Anna Shannon and Michael Cardwell

You might think it couldn't get any worse than that, but somehow the awful revelations just keep on coming for the former TLC stars (the show has been axed).

Yesterday, for example, we learned that June stole from Anna to buy a car for McDaniel

So perhaps it's not surprising that Anna Shannon's husband, Michael Cardwell.might be inclined to react violently if he ever crosses paths with McDaniel.

"Michael would probably kill him, I know Michael," Anna said when asked about McDaniel in a recent interview. "He always has a gun on him, because you never know what might happen."

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