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ABC taught us a very valuable lesson on Episode 2 of The Bachelor Season 18.

Or, rather, Victoria taught us the valuable lesson.

Nice and sauced during a group photo shoot for Best Friends Animal Society, the aspiring wife had a few too many and drunkenly said of the show's sizzling star:

"This is how I am sober. If Juan Pablo is mine, I'm going to straddle him everyday. 'Cause life is about straddling. People and things."

Oh, but Victoria's antics didn't end there: she locked herself in a bathroom and demanded to leave the series, forcing Juan Pablo to ask the other women to make sure she made it home safely.

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He's Juan-derful. He's Juan of a kind. And he's coming to a television screen near you.

Yes, Juan Pablo Galavis is the new Bachelor and ABC aired a special pre-season premiere special last night that gave us an inside look at this aspiring husband.

What did we learn on Countdown to Juan Pablo? A few things of note...

Juan Pablo Photo
  • Juan Pablo was born in the United States, but moved to Venezuela at the age of two.
  • He's a former professional soccer player who retired when his now-four-year old daughter, Camila, was born.
  • He's been practicing his English in anticipation of the series and also working out with a trainer. (Spoiler Alert: It shows.)

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