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American Idol revealed its top 24 contestants last night.

Looking ahead, the remaining 12 men will compete Tuesday night, the remaining 12 women will do the same Wednesday - and the first live results episode of the season will take place on Thursday.

American Idol Top Eight

But let's look even farther ahead: two of the dozen males to have made it this far are Casey Abrams and Jovany Barreto. The pair couldn't be much different, with Casey looking and acting a bit like Seth Rogen and Barreto rocking a set of abs that would make The Situation jealous.

Compare what you know about each of these hopefuls now and decide: Which has the best chance of winning?

And the Winner is?

Casey Abrams or Jovany Barreto? It's early, but take a guess as to which of these males will advance farther on American Idol season 10. View Poll »

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Hollywood treated Stefano Langone, Jovany Barreto and Jacee Badeaux very well last night.

This trio of American Idol hopefuls were featured in the same segment, each impressing the judges with versions of singles such as "You Can Feel It All Over" and "Time of My Life."

As a result, all are a part of the final 60 and all will take to the stage in Las Vegas next week. Check out snippets from each of their performances below, with a warning/apology to our female readers: Barreto keeps his shirt on...

Jovany Barreto Biography

Jovany Barreto Promo Pic Jovany Barreto is an American Idol hopeful on season 10 of this competition. He tried out for the show in New Orleans and is a student at... More »
Full Name
Jovany Barreto
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