British pop singer is making it big in the States. Slowly, Joss Stone is gaining mainstream attention and popularity.

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Two men, Keith Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, have been found guilty of conspiring to rob and murder British pop singer Joss Stone in 2011.

Liverpool was sentenced to at least 10 years and eight months.

The sentencing of co-defendant Bradshaw was adjourned.

Joss Stone Pic

The pair harbored a deep hatred for the soul artist, the three-week trial at Exeter Crown Court heard, though it is far from clear why (as it often is).

They were convicted of conspiring to rob and kill Joss Stone last summer, they were then planning to dump her body in a river in her native England.

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Yes, two men allegedly plotted to kidnap Joss Stone this month, but the British pop star won't let that get her down!

"I'm fine, thank you though," she told Pop Eater. "They didn't manage it so it's all good."

It's hard to argue with that logic, isn't it? On July 26, Stone will release a new album, titled "LP1," and fans can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at it now:

Stone worked with producer Dave Stewart on the CD and said it only took six days to record.

"I had lots of fun making it," she said. "We went to Nashville for like six days and at that end of that jam we found an album in there which is quite cool... the band was so tight and the studio was so brilliant."

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The two men who allegedly plotted to rob and harm British pop star Joss Stone appeared in court today.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were arrested on Monday when police found them near Stone's property, in possession of weapons and a map. They only spoke to an Exeter judge this morning to confirm their names. They were denied bail and a trial date has been set for July 1.

Joss Stone Pic

Stone, meanwhile, released a statement yesterday responding to the incident:

"I'd like to thank everyone for their concern but I'm absolutely fine and getting on with life as normal while the police continue with their inquiries."


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Joss Stone might need to hire extra security.

British authorities confirm that two men were arrested this week for allegedly plotting to rob and murder the pop star. They were apprehended near Stone's residence with swords, rope and a body bag in their possession.

Joss Stone on Stage

"Police attended an address in Cullompton yesterday morning after alert residents notified officers about a suspicious-looking vehicle," a spokesperson for the Devon and Cornwall Police said. "Officers attended the area at around 10 a.m. and subsequently arrested the occupants of a red Fiat Punto."

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What is a prince to do after his beautiful ex, Kate Middleton, takes up with some schlub named Henry Ropner?

Start hanging out with pop stars, of course.

Future King and Queen

On Saturday, the U.K.'s Daily Mirror reported that Prince William, who is celebrating his 25th birthday today, has been frequently calling Joss Stone, 20.

Reportedly, the discussions revolve around the upcoming concert for his late mother, Princess Diana. The paper says the two are becoming pals.

But a rep for Joss Stone (pictured below, before her pink hair phase) is denying these recent reports that she's becoming super close friends with William.

"They talked about songs she is going to sing at the concert and that is translated into a story about how William has been bombarding her with calls," says her rep, Dave Woolf.

According to Woolf, Joss Stone will sing her song "You Had Me" as well as a cover of Queen's "Under Pressure" and a Tina Turner song that the prince's late mother particularly liked.

"Princess Diana was always a fan of Tina Turner," Woolf says.

Joss Stone, having been born in 1987 - making her a senior citizen compared to Hayden Panettiere, but still a youngan compared to most of us - was only 10 at the time Diana died, so she learned of the princess' musical tastes from Prince William.

"She is really pleased to be involved in the event and was anxious that she do something that would have meant something to the princess as opposed to singing any old three songs. She wanted to get direct input about what they wanted her to do," Woolf said.

William and his brother, Prince Harry, have been taking a big role in organizing the concert, according to a palace source, who says:

"They have had a great time, almost taking the role of promoters. Both William and Harry have had conversations with some of the acts when they thought it was right to do so."

Hopefully Prince Harry's love interest, Chelsey Davy, was also involved in the planning. Otherwise, she might start feeling left out and all.

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All four of the stars below have something in common: they're attracted to men. Which is all good by us. They also have the pink hair thing goin' on!

We're not sure why, but some do it better than others. Who, in your opinion can pull off the pink 'do and whose locks are more like pink don'ts?

First, we have the newly-transformed T.R. Knight, star of the hit medical drama-comedy Greys Anatomy. He said he was looking forward to time away from the show this summer, and made good on that promise with dyed pink locks.

To his right, we have the lovely Rachel McAdams. She's been rocking the pinkness for some time now. The Notebook and Wedding Crashers star sure is hot, and her fiance, Ryan Gosling, seems to dig it, so we'll give her two thumbs up.

Now it's time for a couple of singers. At left, British cutie Joss Stone, who is in the process of introducing herself on her newest album with great vocal skillz and a radical new look. Somehow she pulls it off. As does a crazy chick who needs no introduction: Pink.

Who's your favorite pink-haired hottie? Let us know.

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Joss Stone is trying very hard to attract attention lately.

She's got the Rachel McAdams thing going with the pink hair. She's on the radio non-stop. Her newest album is even called Introducing Joss Stone.

Joss Stone Image

Apparently this photo plays right into her recent marketing blitz, which is to introduce people to all parts of her. We're talking about this recent near crotch shot:

Fortunately, we've shielded anything inappropriate from public view here. But it's clear that the 19-year-old British songstress isn't holding back when it comes to channeling her inner Janice Dickinson.

Or any of the trashy, American crotch shot queens (Paris, Britney, Lindsay Lohan) who are closer to her age. Really, whose business haven't we seen at this point?

Going commando style in public really is all the rage these days, especially if you have young kids at home. So is going braless, Victoria Beckham believes.

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Joss Stone split with her boyfriend Beau Dozier more than a year ago, but the British beauty hasn't dated much since.

"I'm really pissed off with men right now," she tells the UK edition of Harpers Bazaar in its April issue.

Joss Stone Image

"I don't think they can love me right. I'm going through a phase where I'm so depressed about blokes. It's horrible being a young girl looking for love in all the wrong places. It's a waste of time."

Sounds like the star needs to chat with Tameka Foster. Usher's fiancee can assure her that true love really is out there.

The 19-year-old singer spent much of last year working on a new album in Barbados, where she found a new love â€" and it's not Perez Hilton.

"I had a realization in Barbados that I'm in love with music, and that it loves me back. No matter what mood I'm in, it'll make me feel better. For any guy, they're up against some tough opposition."

Last month, Stone shocked people with her pink hair â€" but the style has worked out well for Rachel McAdams. We just hope Joss doesn't give up on love entirely.

Then again, she is 19. It may be too late.

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