Josh Bowman is the English chap who has apparently been sucked in by the passionate allure of Amy Winehouse while on a never-ending trip...

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The dating scene is tough to break into when your job demands wonky hours and call times at 2 a.m. Maybe that's why so many TV stars date their coworkers.

Hey, it's not like they don't have anything in common, right? 

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
The running joke during That 70s Show was that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis should date in real life. Now they're engaged with a baby on the way.

But things get a little weird when a real life couple doubles as a on-screen couple. To insanely dedicated fandoms, it's hard to tell where art is imitating life and vice versa.

At least for those 'shippers who border on a little too dedicated (you know who you are, The Vampire Diaries fans ... don't even try to look the other way)!

Take a look above at 21 famous couples on TV and in life and make note of which ones you knew of, which you didn't, and which stood the test of time.

While some of these real life relationships were as short as the seasons in which the on-camera romances took place, others were slightly more successful.

Which are your favorites? Discuss in the comments!

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Sources say Miley Cyrus got cozy with Josh Bowman on the set of So Undercover.

And, yes, as depicted in the video below, the two were clearly cuddling up to each other in Griffith Park on Sunday.

But, no, Cyrus and her co-star are NOT an item, she insists. Asked about Bowman at last night's Justin Bieber movie premiere. Cyrus told E! News:

"I'm dating nobody! We were at the park sitting together. We're really good friends and he takes really good care of my dog, so that was rad."

Bowman does have a lot of experience with dogs, it's true. Just look at who he previously boinked.

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New reports indicate that Miley Cyrus recently got her fifth tattoo, a dream catcher inked on her torso that represents her siblings.

But that's not all that's new in Miley's life, according to an E! News report. A witness that hung around Cyrus during filming of the movie So Undercover reveals that the actress and co-star Joshua Bowman were "definitely an item" while shooting.

Miley Shot

The two had fun on set, but "who knows what will happen now that she's back in L.A.?" the insider asks, making it clear this may have just been a fling.

So, who is Joshua Bowman? He's a British actor that once dated Amy Winehouse (yech!), as the pair were snapped together in St. Lucia in 2009.

The 22-year old spent a year studying the Strasberg Method in New York City years ago, prior to returning to Great Britain to continue his career. This movie will mark his first big screen roles in the States.

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Amy Winehouse may be galavanting around the Caribbean with Josh Bowman, but she vowed that she will not allow husband Blake Fielder-Civil to go ahead with his plan to divorce her, according to a report in the UK newspaper The Sun.

Blake – currently in jail for assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice (after violating the terms of his early release) – has recently instructed a lawyer to file for divorce signaling the end of the couple's tumultuous union.

But Wino tells The Sun she plans to fight a divorce.

"I still love my Blake. I won't let him divorce me," she said.

Winehouse made her comments during her extended St. Lucia vacation. In a short break from her non-stop partying, the Grammy-winner is pictured here playing Scrabble with a reporter from The Sun as she chats about her life.

Explaining her recent behavior that has seen her hanging out with a young, hunky rugby player-turned-actor Josh Bowman, Amy Winehouse, 25, says that doesn't mean she is not going to have "some fun" and a "good time."

Of Bowman, she added, "Josh was lovely. But it was a holiday thing. I've got my Blake. Blake is the male version of me. We're perfect for each other. I don't want to go back home to England. I want to wait for Blake here."

The two have not seen each other since he escaped rehab and she gave him a farewell bonk on December 3. Here are some classic pics of Amy and Blake:

  • Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil Pic
  • Blake Boinks the Wino
  • Amy Winehouse Beats Blake Fielder-Civil
  • Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse
  • Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse Kiss
  • Amy and Blake: Just Hangin' Out
  • A Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse Photo

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va⋅ca⋅tion (noun)

  1. A period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday.
  2. Freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.

Not sure what Amy Winehouse is enjoying a break from, exactly, but her St. Lucia love-fest is never-ending and looking more fun with each passing day.

When she's not hanging out with new boy toy Josh Bowman, Wino is partaking in a variety of water sports... and we don't mean that euphemistically.

We mean this hilarity:

Flying Amy Winehouse!

Somewhere, Blake Fielder-Civil is sad and wishing he were there. And trying to fend off getting stabbed with a filed-down toothbrush in the shower.

Click to enlarge more pictures of Amy Winehouse on her Caribeean vacation. Girl hasn't contorted herself like this since ... any night spent with Blake!

  • Up to Her Ankles
  • Amy Winehouse Bikini Shot
  • A Beacon of Health
  • Everybody Throw Your Hands Up!
  • Wet Wino
  • Amy Winehouse Bikini Photo
  • Josh Bowman, Amy Winehouse Picture
  • Weeeeee!
  • Upside Down Winehouse
  • Amy Winehouse, Josh Bowman Photo

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Who knows if any of it is true - but she did say these things!

Blake Fielder-Civil has instructed a lawyer to begin divorce proceedings against Amy Winehouse after seeing pictures of the singer cavorting with another man (who's now identified as former rugby player Josh Bowman) in the Caribbean.

It is thought that Blake will go for half of Amy's £10 million fortune. But Amy Winehouse isn't shedding any tears over this new development.

The move comes as loved-up Amy told the UK's Daily Mirror that she finally kicked her drug habit. The star also admitted that she had "forgotten I'm even married" to Blake, claiming "our whole marriage was based on doing drugs."

Josh Bowman and Amy Winehouse

The singer is enjoying an extended Caribbean break on the island of St. Lucia and has been photographed kissing and cuddling Josh Bowman, 21.

She says she off drugs for good - and that public schoolboy Josh was her new drug. Contrary to earlier reports that she was waiting for Blake to join her on the island, the singer said: "I love it here and have never felt so happy."

"In fact, I don't think I'm ever going home. Especially as I met [Josh Bowman] here. He couldn't be more different from my husband, which isn't a bad thing."

She also branded Blake Fielder-Civil "rubbish in bed," ripping her spouse's skills by saying, "Almost every time I slept with him it was like I was dead."

Now that's high praise, likening one's self to a corpse in the sack. Here are some more pics of Amy Winehouse in St. Lucia (some are a little risque) ...

  • Wet Winehouse
  • Amy Winehouse Nipple Slip
  • Amy Winehouse in a Bikini
  • Amy Winehouse Bikini Pic
  • Toweling Off
  • Amy Winehouse Nipple Slip II

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Amy Winehouse continued her seemingly endless "vacation" in St. Lucia with new love interest Josh Bowman Wednesday, frolicking on the beach and whatnot.

The troubled singer, 25, was first pictured on the arm of a handsome mystery man a few days ago, before he was ID'd as a former rugby player from England.

Some reports are calling Winehouse's friendship with Josh Bowman, who has supposedly quit rugby to pursue a career in acting, as a "holiday romance."

Call it what you want, here they are again yesterday ...

Josh Bowman Prepares

As Josh Bowman waits, Amy Winehouse prepares to rid herself of her pesky shorts.

What does he see in her? How long will this romance last? Will Blake Fielder-Civil fashion a crude shank in prison and stab Josh Bowman upon his release? Stay tuned.

Click to enlarge more pictures of Amy and Josh on the beach below. These are kinda weak compared to some of the topless pics from the other day, but the bonus shot of A-Dubs writhing around on a bar and showing off her cleavage is great...

  • Mounting Josh Bowman
  • Josh Bowman Shirtless
  • Josh Bowman, Amy Winehouse Photo
  • Wino and Josh Bowman
  • Amy Winehouse with Josh Bowman
  • Amy Winehouse Cleavage

[Photo Credit: Splash News Online]

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Apparently, Josh Bowman is the name of the hunky mystery man Amy Winehouse has been cozying up to (and getting topless with) on her endless St. Lucia vacation.

NOTE: Doesn't "vacation" imply you have some sort of job or work to do normally? We often wondered this during Britney Spears' "vacations" from 2004-2007.

The UK's Sun says Josh Bowman is some sort of rugby player and met the drug-addled singer while on vacation in the Caribbean with his mother and sister.

Bowman, a.k.a. "Posh Josh" said of Amy yesterday: "She’s a cool girl, very nice, and we’re just very friendly. She’s a good laugh. It’s not been all party-party. I don’t drink much at all. I’m not a typical public schoolboy."

Well, that clears it up.

Amy Winehouse, Josh Bowman

Of the odd couple, a friend of his added, with more than a hint of irony: "Josh is the sort of guy most girls would love to take home to their parents, whereas not many men would be brave enough to do the same with Amy."

Interestingly, Josh Bowman hardly drinks, will not go near drugs and is a fitness fanatic - making him the perfect match for Amy Winehouse, naturally.

Say what you will, the two are having a blast. Click to enlarge more pics ...

  • Josh Bowman Picture
  • Amy Winehouse and Josh Bowman
  • Josh Bowman and Amy Winehouse
  • Arm-in-Arm
  • Amy Winehouse Love
  • Josh Bowman, Amy Winehouse
  • Manhandling Amy Winehouse
  • A-Dubs, J-Bow

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Demented, drug-addled singer Amy Winehouse was seen topless in the sea - and in a bikini whilst in the arms of an unidentified man while on holiday in St. Lucia.

Who is this new man with Amy Winehouse below? Does anyone know? Or care? We imagine Alex Haines and/or Blake Fielder-Civil might have something to say...

Amy Winehouse, New Man

SMOKIN': Is Amy Winehouse burning with love for a new, shirtless hunk?

Whoever he is, he's no Blaaaaake ... which may be a good thing. Click to enlarge more photos and let us know if you can ID this mystery man ...

  • Amy Winehouse, Boyfriend
  • Wino in St. Lucia
  • Amy Winehouse, New Boyfriend

Oh, and for those of you who can stomach it, follow the jump for a quintet of photos of Amy Winehouse topless and frolicking in the surf ...

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