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Wow. And we thought President Bush was being phony this afternoon when he pretended to approve of John McCain as the Republican nominee for president.

Take a look at what Bush was thinking when last year's American Idol champion, Jordin Sparks, performed at the White House earlier this year...

Michael Lynche Pic

Do you agree? Do you think Blake Lewis should have won?

We wonder how Bush will feel about David Archuleta ... we mean, whoever ends up being crowed this year's American Idol champion.

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She came in first on American Idol this season.

But the first man that will ever see Jordin Sparks nude will be her husband.

Nothing But Sparks

That's because the 17-year old won't be havig sex until marriage. And while Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears shake their heads in confusion and disgust over this stance, we applaud the singer for it.

Back when she was 13, Sparks said she promised her parents she'd keep her virginity until her wedding night.

"My parents gave me a purity ring and talked to me about waiting until I'm married to have sex," Jordin said. "It wasn't forced; it just made perfect sense."

Hear that, Shannon Funk? Jamie Kennedy just isn't worth it.

"It's going to be awesome to say to my husband that I waited my whole life for him," Sparks added.

We admire the American Idol winner's parents for instilling such virtues in her. Way to be, Phillippi Sparks.

Call us crazy, but we believe Jordin's virginal claims more than we ever did those of Jessica Simpson.

Jordin Sparks responds to a reporter's question about the number of men she plans to have sex with.

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Jordin Sparks has a new song out, Tattoo.

She also has a message for anyone that thinks her and Blake Lewis are an item: They are not.

"It makes me laugh. We went through this whole experience and it's like I can't even look at him that way," she recently said.

But it's all part of being in the celebrity gossip spotlight. Sparks now has to put up with dating rumors... and difficulty at the mall.

"I can't really go to the mall anymore," Sparks said. Even though she's tried everything to be able to go out in public and not get recognized â€" including wearing hats and hoods â€" she sticks out "like a sore thumb."

That's typically due to the hair, which may as least give Britney Spears some excuse for shaving all hers off. But not really.

"Everything is coming so fast. My life is just turned upside down. But I love it and I want to do it for as long as I can," Jordin said.

As far as "Tattoo" goes, Sparks fell in love upon first listen. The track describes the scar left when a relationship ends and was one of the first songs she considered for her debut album after winning American Idol in May.

"I didn't even get through the first chorus before I was like, 'I need to have this song!'"

That's how we felt the first time we saw Jessica Alba nude photos.

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The differences between Jordin Sparks and Britney Spears are almost too numerous to list.

  • One is saving herself for marriage; one has welcomed men into her bed that range from Kevin Federline to Matt Encinias to Criss Angel.
  • One has a full head of curls; one is still growing back her hair after an impulsive, late-night shave.
  • One is close with her parents and draws inspiration from them; the other has gotten into a slap fight with her mother and told her to stay away from grandsons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Nevertheless, Jordin and Britney do have one thing in common: a new song.

Britney Spears, Twister

As reported earlier on The Hollywood Gossip, Britney's awful, ear drum-shattering ballad has been released online. It makes Heidi Montag sound like Celine Dion.

Listen to it NOW.

The first-ever single from this year's American Idol winner is also now available for your enjoyment. It's called "Tattoo" and is a fine initial effort from this cute 17-year old.

Listen to that tune NOW.

And then let us know: Whose song do you prefer: Jordin Sparks or Britney Spears?

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Wanna become the next Carrie Underwood? The latest Kelly Clarkson?

The chance to do so begins this Monday, as auditions for American Idol Season Seven kick off in San Diego. Before the latest batch of hopeful give their pipes a run-through, USA Today asked seven of last year's finalists to offer a few tips...

Jordin Sparks: Know that they're watching to see if you'll crack under pressure. Sing something nobody else is doing, because by the 10th time they've heard it, they're going to cut you off early, and you need all the time they give you. Smile. Dress nice, but not so nice. Maybe smart casual.

Blake Lewis: People have to realize it's a show, and producers want what's best for television. You're trying to get a job. You've got to be yourself and be confident. I didn't view it as television, so it was easy. You're not even singing a whole song. Just be true to yourself. There will always be other auditions.

Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis and other American Idols have advice for newcomers.

Melinda Doolittle: One of my friends did the whole audition with her eyes closed. She can sing beautifully, but she didn't connect with the judges. Even if you're nervous, look them in the eye. Sing a song you believe in, one that you can really sell. Capture their attention. They're looking for more than singing.

Phil Stacey: You've got to be real. The truth is, I would have left a better impression if I had done the music I wanted to do from the start rather than wait until I was comfortable. Blake went a long way because he was crystal clear about who he is.

Gina Glocksen: Don't get overwhelmed. It's going to be a long day. Don't sing Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Etta James. Make yourself be noticed without overdoing it. I remember this girl at the L.A. auditions who looked as if she didn't have a care in the world. She made it through.

Chris Sligh: Be comfortable. Have fun with it, and show some personality. Maybe tell a joke. I mean, three jokes got me to the top 10. Be original, be funny.

Haley Scarnato: Stay true to who you are, which is hard to do when you're on a TV show. Focus on the song and get caught up in that moment so you won't let everything else overwhelm you.

What, nothing from Antonella Barba? She must be too busy planning a major photo shoot with Amy Polumbo or something.

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Blake Lewis who?

After being linked with her American Idol runner-up romantically, Jordin Sparks appears to be moving on... to his best friend from the show!

The celebrity gossip mill is working overtime on this one, as word is spreading that Sparks has a serious crush on Chris Richardson.

Yes, the same Chris Richardson that almost definitely tanged Lauren Conrad a couple months ago after a night at Les Deux.

TMZ says Jordin and Blake are just friends, but Sparks' family members are trying to keep a handle on her feelings for C-Rich.

After all, girlfriend has a burgeoning career ahead of her, who has time for love?

Just ask the original American Idol about that, as Kelly Clarkson has done less than stellar in the dating department.

Of course, it's hard to say which, if any, of this Idol talk is legitimate.

Blake Lewis was supposedly dating Antonella Barba for a bit, but that was never verified. How cute that former finalist is, however, cannot be denied.

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Rumors that Blake Lewis has seen Antonella Barba nude were never confirmed.

Neither is the following story regarding the second place finisher's love life, but it's our duty to report it anyway: Blake may be dating Jordin Sparks.

Park, John

TMZ says these American Idol finalists have denied hooking up, but they were spotted "holding hands" while shopping at a Fry's Electronics store near L.A., a source reports.

They wandered around the store, seemed "happy" together and then Blake was overheard saying Jordin: "We should call your mom." And why would that be the case unless these two were more than friends, right?

Blake Lewis may be beat boxing in bed with Jordin Sparks these days. Call it celebrity gossip, but call it an exciting possibility, as well.

Lewis and Sparks will join other contestants from this season, such as Melinda Doolittle, during the American Idol summer tour. It appears, however, that these two have formed their own, naked duet.

But be careful, Blake: Jordin is only 17. We're talking about Hayden Panettiere territory here.

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While most high school juniors are rejoicing over the start of summer vacation, Jordin Sparks has bigger reasons to celebrate.

Since Ryan Seacrest announced her as the newest champion of American Idol, her life has become a whirlwind of excitement - and the Idol nationwide concert tour is still to come.

Just days after her victory over beatboxer Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks chatted with Us about her newfound fame, dish about what really went on during "girls' night" and more. Here are a few excerpts from the chat.

Us: Has the fact that you are the American Idol hit you yet?
Jordin Sparks: It hasn't really set in yet. It's been really crazy. People keep saying, ‘Hey, we're on the air with the new American Idol, Jordin Sparks' and I'm like, ‘What!?!?! Can you repeat that?' It's just crazy, because I've always wanted to do it and now that I have, I can't believe that I did and I couldn't ask for anything more. It's so much fun.

Us: You have frequently said how when you turned 16, it wasn't the opportunity to drive a car that excited you, but rather the chance to audition for the show.
Jordin Sparks: It was. It's been really amazing because having watched the show for so long, I've just been like, ‘I want to do that,' but I was too young. So I just watched the show and I saw what songs really got people going and what songs didn't. Being on that stage was one of the most amazing things ever.

Us: And not only did you take the American Idol crown, but you were also gifted with a new Mustang on the show's season finale.
Jordin Sparks: I woke up on my 16th birthday and I was more concerned about auditioning for American Idol than driving a car.

I did get my driver's license eventually, but now I can drive and I am the American Idol and I have a new car! This is so weird. I haven't driven it yet. I know [driving will] be kind of scary because there's paparazzi now that will follow me - crazy!

Us: Your dad, Philippi Sparks, once played in the NFL, so you must remember the media during his football fame. What advice did he offer about your celebrity?
Jordin Sparks: Since my dad has been famous-ish and has gone through having paparazzi and stuff like that, he just told me "It's fun, but at the same time you've got to be careful. People will try and use you. It's scary, it's hard, but if you just handle yourself well and trust the people around you, you'll be fine.' So far, so good.

Us: On the show you were very close with Melinda Doolittle, who finished in third place. Since you two were roommates, what types of things did you discuss during your "girls' nights?"
Jordin Sparks: It stays in girls' night! We did talk about boys and stuff like that. [smiles brightly] We talked about life in general and about each others' lives. We were living under the same roof for I don't know how many weeks. I asked her how she grew up and what advice she can give me, because she's so much more experienced than I am. I just love her so much â€" she's so amazing! So yeah, we talked about boys, the competition, and crazy fan things that happened.

Us: Lastly, did runner-up Blake Lewis happen to teach you how to beatbox?
Jordin Sparks: He tried really hard to teach me. He goes "Okay, do this [starts beatboxing].' And that's how I beatbox. That's all I can do.

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Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks get along very well.

But the American Idol champ had always named her favorite male artists as John Mayer and Justin Timberlake. In an interview with The Associated Press this week, though, she pointed to a former contestant from this season of the FOX reality show.

Jordin Sparks at the Grammys

Sorry, Blake. It was Sanjaya Malakar.

"He had so much guts," Sparks said. "He had so much strength. He got a lot of criticism, but for him to go out on that stage and hold his head high ... I really look up to him for that. He's just an amazing kid."

Seems like somewhat strong praise for Sanjaya. Although his sister, Shyamali Malakar, ain't too shabby.

Sparks said "the point of the show ... is to keep who you like, who you want to see the next week. Sanjaya gave that to the people."

We can't argue with that. Most men, however, would prefer it Antonella Barba nude had given a little somethin somethin to them.

Sparks and Malakar will sing with other finalists on the American Idol concert tour, which kicks off July 6 in Sunrise, Fla., and wraps up Sept. 23 in Manchester, N.H.

After that, Sparks says she intends to "hit the studio very hard" to finish work on her upcoming solo album, which "has to be out before Thanksgiving." Her main goal, she says, is to record "encouraging" tracks.

"I want people to roll down the windows and blast the music loud. ... It will be just a Jordin album and, hopefully, people will like it."

Jordin Sparks Biography

Sparks Smiles Congrats to Jordin Sparks, the sixth-ever American Idol! This young, adorable singer has a very bright future ahead of her. We can't wait... More »
Glendale, Arizona
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Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks Quotes

Sleep as much as you can because you don't get any sleep. It's a year later and I still haven't gotten a whole eight hours of sleep yet ... I'm still reeling from winning last year. But, I guess I would say just try and enjoy every moment you have.

Jordin Sparks [to David Cook]

It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody - guy or girl - wants to be a slut.

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