Former Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay is so cool, he doesn't even spell his name with an "h." He's also got some great hair, and...

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The police decided they won't press charges, but that hasn't stopped reality star Jonny Fairplay is suing another reality star - Danny Bonaduce - for battery and infliction of emotional distress for tossing him during an awards show last week.

The Jonny Fairplay lawsuit stems, of course, from the pair's confrontation on stage during the FOX Reality Really Channel awards.

Fairplay, 33, was being jeered by the audience when Bonaduce, 48, came out and said into the mic, "They're booing because they hate you."

A moment later, Jonny Fairplay (real name Jon Dalton) jumped into the arms of Danny Bonaduce, who tossed him over his head. It kind of hurt.

Jonny Fairplay landed on his face, losing several teeth.

Police investigated but declined to press charges, calling the actions of Danny Bonaduce complicit with "self-defense."

But on Tuesday, Fairplay filed suit against the former Partridge Family star, as well as FOX reality channel, the show's producers and the club venue.

Jonny Fairplay claims that the incident has caused him "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering." He is suing for an undisclosed amount of "general damages" from Danny Bonaduce.

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An investigation concluded that Danny Bonaduce won't face charges after tossing Jonny Fairplay over his shoulders at an awards show.

Document released by the district attorney's office said there is "insufficient evidence" to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bonaduce committed battery because Fairplay, a former Survivor star, "initiated contact and acted offensively."

Jonny Fairplay, 33, said he underwent 2 1/2 hours of dental surgery after Bonaduce tossed him over his shoulders at the Fox Reality Channel's Really Awards last week.

After jumping on Danny Bonaduce, Jonny Fairplay landed on his face.

Documents say what video shows - that Fairplay jumped on Bonaduce, "wrapping his legs around the suspect and thrusting his pelvis into the suspect's body."

This is also what's being reported in a police investigation into Criss Angel and Britney Spears. Just kidding. But wouldn't that be funny?

Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Boxer wrote that Bonaduce didn't intentionally injure Fairplay and his "actions fell within the realm of self-defense."

Fairplay's police report claimed the actor walked on stage uninvited and made a "derogatory statement." Jonny Fairplay later said he was giving Bonaduce a hug, one of his "signature moves."

A video of the incident captured the sound of the audience booing.

Jonny Fairplay, a grade-A nimrod whose real name is Jon Dalton, appeared in the 2003 CBS reality show "Survivor: Pearl Islands."

Danny Bonaduce, 48, was a child star on "The Partridge Family."

He starred in the 2005 reality show "Breaking Bonaduce," and has recently co-hosted Adam Carolla's radio show. Guy has some anger issues.

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Danny Bonaduce is being investigated for battery after tossing ex-Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay over his shoulder during an award show Tuesday.

Jonny Fairplay filed a report Wednesday claiming his teeth were knocked out during the incident at the FOX Reality Really Channel awards held at the Hollywood club Boulevard3, according to the Associated Press.

Police received the battery report around 2 a.m. at a Hollywood hospital where Fairplay was being treated, Officer April Harding told the AP.

"He had one tooth broken, another tooth missing from his gum line and two other teeth that were loose," she said.

During the show, Fairplay was being jeered onstage when Danny Bonaduce came up and said into the mic, "They're booing because they hate you."

Jonny Fairplay, a wrestler who came in third Survivor: Pearl Islands in 2003, was criticized by viewers for having lied about the death of his grandmother in order to win sympathy from other competitors.

In a video clip of the incident (see below), Fairplay can be seen jumping into Bonaduce's arms, which he says was just a hug. In response, Danny Bonaduce tossed Fairplay over his head and onto the floor. Jonny Fairplay then got up and ran offstage while holding his hand over his mouth.

Later, Danny Bonaduce told TMZ that Fairplay "started to throttle me," and that he only threw him to halt the attack. He added, "I'm sorry he got hurt."

For his part, Jonny Fairplay told the site that he underwent two and a half hours of dental surgery and still needs additional work. Here's a video of the incident:


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You expect plenty of losers drama at an awards show designated specifically for reality TV stars, but Danny Bonaduce took it to another level entirely last night.

At the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, the "Breaking Bonaduce" star hopped on stage, picked up the notorious Survivor contestant, Jonny Fairplay and body slammed him on his face, leaving him bloodied and toothless.

Survivor legend Jonny Fairplay was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after getting dropped on his face in a fight with an angry, insane Danny Bonaduce.

It was a sight to behold. Here's how and why it went down. Danny Bonaduce went on Adam Carolla's radio show today, explaining that he's "always been bugged by Jonny Fairplay," who lied on Survivor to win sympathy.

Danny Bonduce, therefore, had no problem stepping on stage to inform Fairplay that the crowd was booing him. Jonny Fairplay then jumped into Bonaduce's arms, and that's about when the Bonaduce beatdown occured.

Danny should probably save his "testimony" for a judge, seeing as he's now the suspect in a "felony battery report" or something along those lines. Maybe he can ask O.J. Simpson for the number of a good team of lawyers.

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