Jonah Hill is a young, portly actor known for his hilarious roles in Accepted, Evan Almighty, Knocked Up and Superbad. And, if his resume...

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You may find this hard to believe, but not everyone cares about Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In fact, some very famous names have no interest at all in what this family does on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Incredible, we know!

Over the past couple years, stars from the world of movies, music and politics have come out against Kim Kardashian and company, slamming them as "bitches," "idiots" and saying these reality stars should get run over by a car.

Really, someone you've definitely heard of said that.

What other celebrities aren't fans of the Kardashians? Who hearkens back to the day when one would be ashamed of a sex tape and/or naked photos? Who believe Kim and Kanye West set a terrible example for our youth?

Find out now:

Cher has Tweeted that the Kardashians are "bitches" who should be "drop kicked down the freeway." She made a point of saying she is NOT kidding.

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Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine got married over the weekend, and while some of the emerging wedding details are exactly what you'd expect (it was a lavish affair with plenty of models), some of the specifics are down right baffling.

Take, for example, the ceremony: according to guests, Jonah Hill was the first to walk down the aisle and stood between the couple as they exchanged vows.

Sources say Hill played the role of "conductor" for the ceremony, cracking jokes and sharing fond memories of the newlyweds.

"Jonah was hysterical," says one attendee. "He was telling so many jokes, but then in the middle, he would be so sweet and sincere. He talked about how sweet Behati is and how perfect they are for one another."

Yes, Jonah and Adam are an unlikely pair for a bromance, but Jonah reportedly mentioned some even more surprising friendships during his speech:

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When you're a kid, a shared love of Ninja Turtles is all it takes to forge a lifelong friendship.

Sometimes it seems like it's the same way with celebrities. Stars who have nothing in common other than wealth and fame often form bonds that baffle us plebeians.

Sure, money and power tend to break down a lot of social barriers (Mick Jagger has been knighted by the Queen of England. 'Nuff said.), but even that explanation can't help us wrap our heads around some of the stranger sets of celeb-besties:

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Z
Gwyneth claims she's tight with Jay. Right. We're sure they do the most gangsta yoga together.

Some of these pairings aren't so shocking when you consider their backstories (Jonah Hill has a history of stalking his A-list co-stars, so it's no surprise he latched on to Brad Pitt).

Others, we're not sure we totally believe. (Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Z? Right, keep trying to sell us on that one, Gwinnie.)

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Ice Cube and the directors of 22 Jump Street are making the media rounds this week, which means he's being asked a lot about Jonah Hill's anti-gay slur.

Not that the rap legend seems concerned by the incident. At all.

"I give people a little room to say stupid stuff," Ice Cube noted.

"We all say something stupid every now and then."

Cube says it's the paparazzi who should be taking the heat for this.

"What we really need to do is kick paparazzi in the ass," he said.

"It's extremely annoying to be sitting somewhere, and somebody's 20 feet away with a camera pointing on you and you don't know how long that camera's been on you."

Jonah Hill's apology, twice over, certainly helped him in the court of public opinion, as the actor confronted his failure head on and very sincerely.

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An emotional Jonah Hill went on the The Tonight Show Tuesday night to offer a second, sincere apology for his homophobic outburst at a photographer.

Hill lost his cool after being followed by several photographers while walking with a friend in Los Angeles' Larchmont district over the weekend.

When one paparazzo tried to elicit a response by teasing him about his outfit, Hill, who admits he "sucks at being a famous person," took the bait.

Jonah's gay slur - “suck my d--k, you f----t" - went viral immediately.

He won praise for his prompt and sincere apology on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday, and offered an encore of sorts to Jimmy Fallon.

Acknowledging the gravity of his anti-gay language, Hill asked The Tonight Show host if he could talk to the audience on his program as well.

The actor looked mortified as he tried to explain that he was upset and just wanted to use “the most hurtful word I could think of at that moment.”

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To paraphrase Jonah Hill, whose gay slur at a photographer went viral today, being good at making movies does not make one good at being a famous person.

Celebrity status and paparazzi attention go hand-in-hand. Sometimes to the point of hand-to-hand combat if you're Kanye West. It's a very weird dichotomy.

Some celebs have dealing with paps down to a science and even use it to their advantage (Kim Kardashian). Others rarely keep their cool (Justin Bieber).

Others still, like Jonah, aren't famous enough to get used to being hounded, but are still famous enough to get harassed occassionally and make a bad decision.

Then there's Alec Baldwin, who's in his own league.

Take a look at all of the above, and many more stars who have had memorable paparazzi clashes they wish they could take back (or not) below:

Bald Britney Spears Attacks Paparazzi
A bald Britney Spears rages against the paparazzi in early 2007. Glad to see she's gotten her life back under control.

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A couple A-listers demonstrated the art of the apology this week.

First, Justin Bieber was caught on tape telling a racist joke (when he was 15 years old) - but the singer quickly released a lengthy, heartfelt apology, dismissing his latest scandal far more easily than other recent slip-ups.

Jonah Hill then used an anti-gay insult to slam a cameraman, yet he also jumped on the issue and admitted his word choice was disgusting.

How do these mea culpas compare to past instances of regret exhibited by actors, artists and athletes?

Click through some of the more memorable ones from recent history now:

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant immediately addressed sexual assault charges in 2003. Seated alongside wife Vanessa, he tearfully said he was guilty of adultery, not rape.

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Jonah Hill isn't ducking the controversy behind his gay slur whatsoever, speaking to Howard Stern on his radio show today about the mistake he made.

Fully admitting he made the hurtful quote - Hill said "Suck my d--k, you f----t" to a photographer - Jonah was both sincere and remorseful about it:

While explaining the Jonah Hill gay slur in context, he was steadfast in saying: "What I said in that moment was disgusting. I shouldn't have said that."

Hill took the blame for his remark before noting that the paparazzo had been following him around all day, saying hurtful things about his family.

Jonah noted that he's been an outspoken gay rights supporter, has gay family members and will be in the wedding party at his gay friend's wedding.

The 30-year-old actor sounded upset - at himself - and said he's happy to be the poster boy for what not to say and how words can hurt people.

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Actor Jonah Hill got fed up with a photographer who was following him around this past weekend and lashed out with a gay slur, as seen in a new video.

Jonah Hill Smiles

Not what you'd expect from him, but 100 percent true.

Hill was in the Larchmont area of L.A. when members of the paparazzi started asking questions. As shown in a TMZ video, he initially tried to move on.

Jonah kept silent even when one of the guys mocked the star's floral print board shorts, saying, "I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy."

The photographers followed Hill for another 40 seconds or so before wishing him a good day, at which point Hill lost it and dropped the gay slur:

"S--k my d--k, you f----t!"

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There once was a time when future heart throbs were a little dorky, would-be supermodels a tad awkward, and even the Kardashians were just regular kids.

Heck, even Justin Bieber was a kid once ... instead of a punk a$$ kid.

Ever wonder what your favorite stars (and Kim Kardashian for that matter) looked like long before they became the people that dominated your Facebook feed?

Wonder no longer, THGers. We've got you covered and then some!

Some aged better than others, and some certainly looked more like their adult selves from a very early stage, but all were pretty darn adorable.

Scroll through 47 cute pics of celebrities from their childhood ...

Jonah Hill as a Kid
We can totally see Jonah Hill as a kid looking like Jonah Hill actually looked as a kid.

Jonah Hill Biography

Cheering on LA Jonah Hill is a young, portly actor known for his hilarious roles in Accepted, Evan Almighty, Knocked Up and Superbad. And, if his resume... More »
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