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Jon and Kate Gosselin are proud of troubled kids Alexis and Collin and hope that the duo can return to school later this year following their recent expulsion.

Kate is thrilled with the progress the pair have made while home schooled and Jon concedes that Kate has done a good job getting the two back on track.

A Kate Gosselin Bikini Photo

Recalcitrant Collin and Alexis were expelled from their private Pennsylvania school last year after they were allegedly abusive to other children ate school.

Those were the days ...

Jon and Kate are still at odds over many things - namely Kate's global adventures with the kids - but both believe the home-schooling is ready to end.

“Kate is very proud of the way the home schooling has gone – both Alexis and Collin argue less and understand what they did wrong," says a source.

“Jon is also pleased with what Kate has done to get the kids back on track academically and would love them back to school with the rest of the kids."

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Jon Gosselin is just a regular working stiff nowadays.

Surprisingly, he couldn't be happier with that setup.

His ex-wife may make $250,000 per episode of Kate Plus 8, but Jon's regular job in sales marketing for Global Green Property Services suits him fine.

Jonny G: Regular Guy

GOOFBALL GOSSELIN: Jon's all smiles these days.

Jon has been trying to stop Kate, unsuccessfully, from putting his kids on TLC. He says they have behavior problems from his ex-wife's work demands.

As for his own work? He's doing the 9-to-5 thing.

"Jon's working for Global Green Property Services, which helps properties become more environmentally friendly," an insider tells Life & Style.

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Jon Gosselin really doesn't want his kids on TV anymore.

Some have questioned his motives, but he seems intent on living a normal life these days and for his eight offspring to experience the same thing.

That said, he went to court to stop Kate Gosselin from dragging them to Australia, but was denied by a judge because the excursion is work related.

K to tha G

Once again, Jon and Kate don't see eye to eye.

The same judge allowed Kate Gosselin to film her spin-off reality TV show, Kate Plus 8, on TLC in the first place, despite vehement objections by Jon.

“This was yet another slap in the face for Jon because he did not want the kids to go to Australia," a source close to Jon Gosselin told Radar Online.

“But the judge ruled that because it was for work it was okay. Jon had plans with the kids. Now he won't see them until they return in mid-January."

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Jon Gosselin is loving his newfound "normalcy," or whatever you'd call his version of it. As we reported last week, he just got a regular job - one he loves.

"On his first day of work, he just loved it. He felt weird that everyone knew who he was. But they didn't talk about it, it's a trust issue," a source said.

Tooling Around

His gig is in his pre-TLC field: "The job is IT-based online marketing. He solves problems, teaches people to solve their problems. He really enjoys it."

JOE SCHMOE: Jon Gosselin is relishing his new role.

A source says that while Jon is often recognized by clients, most folks are now accepting him for who he is as he's "trying to start his life again."

"He lost everything. There were so many things he had to face because not a lot of people in the world who could relate to what he was facing."

"He had eight kids at 27-years-old.  He was on a reality show, he was in the tabloids and he got divorced. It was a lot to deal with all at once."

"He did a lot of stupid things."

That he did. Amazingly, it looks like those days are - dare we say it - starting to fade, with a regular life and the right priorities in their place?

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First the rage issues and now this. They're just six years old, but the Gosselin kids are accused of playing Grinch and spoiling Christmas at school.

"The kids don't believe in Santa Claus, and they're telling other kids at school that there is no Santa Claus," a close friend of the family said.

The Great Kate Gosselin

Children as young as six were told that "your parents are lying to you," causing Kate and Jon Gosselin to receive calls from stunned parents.

Just because Kate's hair is whack doesn't mean you have to out Santa.

"Jon has received angry phone calls from parents because the children actually told others that 'your parents are lying to you,'" the insider said.

Hey, at least the dude's got a job now ... cut him some slack.

Denying a report that two of her eight children were expelled from school, even though they were Kate this week admitted their anger issues.

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Talk about an early Christmas miracle!

Apparently Jon Gosselin has a job. One that does not involve being a douche. Well, at least not on TLC. We know, we're as surprised as you are here.

What a Complete Tool

An IT guy before Jon & Kate Plus 8 took off, he's back in the tech field. The balding, Ed Hardy-wearing seducer of mediocre girls has come full circle.

A GREAT CATCH: How could any employer resist this man?

"Jon is back at work at a normal job not in media or entertainment," the source says. "He's working in technology, which he did before the show."

As for the ongoing shenanigans of Kate Gosselin, including her appearance on the Today show in which she said she was still awaiting an apology?

Dude just doesn't care!

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Collin and Alexis Gosselin were expelled from private school. Despite this fact, Kate Gosselin wants to make clear they were NOT expelled.

"The school would never use that word," the grating mom with no friends said. "[Collin and Alexis] weren't expelled. [The school] didn't feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided that they should leave, for now."

So ... they were expelled.

Peace Out Kate

PEACE OUT, KATE! Seriously, take a hike. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Collin and Alexis Gosselin, 6, are both being home-schooled by a private tutor who teaches them an "identical curriculum" until they are ready to return to school. But challenges aren't just academic for the kids – they're personal.

"They've been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy," Kate says of Jon Gosselin. "I could see that they're the ones struggling the most."

Hey, dude's busy with Ellen Ross. Give him a break.

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Two of Jon and Kate Gosselin's eight kids - Collin and Alexis Gosselin, both 6 - have been expelled from a private school in Pennsylvania over "rage issues."

They are now being homeschooled, a source close to the situation says. Great, so now the wire-haired control freak gets even MORE face time with them.

Bob and Brooke

"They've fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids," a source told In Touch Weekly, which first reported their expulsion.

Simpler times.

"Collin had such bad issues that he refused to get his picture taken at school. He's tired of being on-camera," a witness says of the troubled sextuplet.

Others have come to the pair's defense, claiming that despite reports of violence and bullying, they are not behaving as badly as has been reported.

"The situation is being grossly overstated," a source says.

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It's tough being Jon Gosselin. Or the mediocre girl dating Jon Gosselin.

A trip to a Taco Bell turned into a Taco Hell of sorts for the lyin' Hawaiian and Ellen Ross after the Pennsylvania couple was recognized at the drive-thru.

Ross, his girlfriend since the spring, was so pissed at their treatment by the Lemoyne, Pa., restaurant's employees that she lodged an official complaint.

Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross

Can't Jon and Ellen grab some chalupas in peace?

She demanded that one of the employees concerned – “the one with the wrap around her head” – be fired. Like we said ... so it goes in the life of Jon.

On October 18, a server tried to gets some Jon Gosselin pictures with a cell phone, causing the increasingly publicity shy pair to become outraged.

They were apparently laughed at, openly mocked, ogled and harassed by the staff. Maybe Ellen Ross will reflect on this in her new advice column ...

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Jon Gosselin's girlfriend, Ellen Ross, has a new blog in which readers ask her for advice on everything from wedding politics to breakups to school bullying.

"I am notorious for being able to hold my own and make excellent decisions," Ross writes. "I like to think I have a pretty good head on my shoulders."

Jon Plus 4

On the website, Ellen Ross indirectly references her (in)famous boyfriend, warning readers that "this is not a site to discuss my relationship and critique it."

Ellen Ross gives out the advice, people. Keep your own to yourself!

"Only I know the truth and reality with what's going on in my life so please don't try to send me any emails or comments warning me of what could happen."

Jon and Ellen met in April on a blind date. Can you imagine being set up on a blind date, only to have it be Jon Gosselin? Hey, I know this great unemployed, overweight guy with eight kids and bad hair plugs! You should TOTALLY meet him!

To her credit, the 24-year-old Pennsylvania government worker has been dating Gosselin since this past spring, and has been a stabilizing influence on him.

He recently apologized on Twitter for all his past decisions and seems more focused, relatively speaking at least, on living a quiet life and focusing on his kids.

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