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Jon Gosselin pulled a gun on a photographer who followed him home in Pennsylvania on Friday and even fired a warning shot - by his own admission.

Jon Gosselin Gun Photos

The crazy incident happened in Beckersville, Pa., when a photographer followed him from his job waiting tables to the log cabin where Jon lives.

The paparazzo admits that she followed Jon off the main roads and onto dirt roads, but assumed it was still a public road and not private property.

Not the case.

According to TMZ, she started taking photos of Jon Gosselin and he came at her, pulled a gun out of the back of his pants and yelled at her for trespassing.

He then fired off a warning shot.

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Jon Gosselin confirmed a recent report that he has been waiting tables to make ends meet, and is living in a log cabin with no TV or Internet to boot.

But, he says, this is a simpler life he chose for himself.

Jon, who suffered through a messy divorce from Kate Gosselin in 2009, is serving restaurant patrons, he told Entertainment Tonight in an interview.

When the show went south, it was "next to nearly impossible to find work," has said, so he began working at Black Dog, a restaurant in Beckerville, Pa.

Jon reiterates that he is not scraping by or destitute.

"I don't know why people said that," he said. "Because I'm waiting tables ... is it really disgusting to think that because you wait tables ... that you're making ends meet."

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As the saying goes, how the mighty have fallen.

Same thing goes for Jon Gosselin, apparently.

The one-time reality star has taken a job waiting and bussing tables at Emily’s pub in Beckersville, Pa., a new celebrity gossip report indicates.

“Jon has really hit rock bottom," a source said.

Big Pimpin' Jon

“Just a few years ago, he was jetting off to France to hobnob in St. Tropez, sipping champagne on a yacht,” a source said of the former Mr. Kate Gosselin.

“Now he’s waiting tables at a pub! Working the weekday lunch shift no less, he can’t possibly be taking home more than $40 or $50.”

Seriously. He can't even get weekend dinner shifts?

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Kate Gosselin has filed a lawsuit accusing her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, of stealing her hard drive and hacking into her phone and computer ... seriously.

File this one in the overflowing folder of Kate Gosselin mistakes.

  • Big Bad Jon
  • Wicked Witch of PA

The federal lawsuit alleges that Jon Gosselin stole the material for a book authored by Robert Hoffman, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

How did she fool the world, exactly? We never got to find out.

Kate first accused Jon and tabloid writer Hoffman of stealing her hard drive for the book last October, and in turn got the thing pulled from Amazon.

Hoffman claimed he found it in a dumpster ... seriously.

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Jon Gosselin's association with Ed Hardy shirts personally torpedoed the entire once-popular brand, says none other than Ed Hardy himself.

Call it the Midas touch, only the exact opposite.

Hailey Glassman Photo

Shortly after splitting from Kate Gosselin in 2009, Jon became friends with Christian Audigier, who licensed Hardy’s art for shirts and other products.

Audigier even entertained Jon and then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman in St. Tropez on his yacht ... and that's when it all started to go downhill for Hardy.

Jon Gosselin was repeatedly spotted wearing Ed Hardy clothes, and that association was beyond toxic for the brand, Hardy told the New York Post.

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As the battle over Kate Gosselin and her online detractors rages on, Jon Gosselin is back in the middle of it and being accused of plotting to defame his ex.

Anti-bullying activist James McGiney, says he can prove Jon and anti-Kate author Robert Hoffman joined forces in a scheme to lie about Kate for profit.

  • Jonathan Gosselin Photo
  • Katie Gosselin

McGinley, who owns Bullyville, recently announced a crusade (and lawsuit) against people he says have crossed the line in attacking the mother of eight.

That has not deterred Hoffman, Kate’s most ardent critic.

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Kate Gosselin believes ex-husband Jon Gosselin is behind the tell-all book that exposes her (alleged) evil ways, and is considering suing him over it.

This could take away his right to see their children - or even land him in jail - but sources close to Jon say she has no grounds for such legal action.

  • Jon Gosselin: What a Guy
  • Kate Gosselin Facelift

“Jon was notified recently of Kate’s intentions to file a lawsuit against him, but the whole thing is ridiculous,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“Kate has been shopping her lawsuit around to various law firms, but no one is interested because she has no actual evidence to support her case!”

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Jon Gosselin may have purchased a few too many Ed Hardy shirts back in the day, because he's been hit with a tax lien by the IRS - to the tune of $39,000.

Can you get a refund on hair plugs?

J-Goss Photo

The former THG fixture owes that much from just 2009 - the year Jon and Kate Gosselin split, and the last year he likely had any sort of stable income.

Since then, he's kinda faded into obscurity.

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Jon Gosselin won't be seeing his kids on Christmas, because according to mother Kate Gosselin, the kids are now old enough to choose - and THEY CHOSE HER!

Kate Gosselin Smiling

"They're at the age now where we ask them," Kate told omg! Yahoo. "So they basically dictate it and they want to be home Christmas and the days surrounding it."

Kate, 37, has primary custody of their eight offspring, but the kids have typically spent Christmas Eve with Jon Gosselin and then Christmas Day with her.

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Jon Gosselin secretly gave the author of a new Kate Gosselin book computer hard drives containing deeply personal information, according to an explosive new report.

  • Jonathan Gosselin Photo
  • Kate Gosselin Angry

Two law firms say Robert Hoffman's tell-all about Kate Gosselin violated trade secrets and copyright laws, and it was pulled off of Amazon after only two days.

Hoffman admits obtaining Kate's computer hard drive, but maintains he pulled it out of her trash (no joke) and that Jon had nothing to do with his action.

But now a source close to the situation tells a different story.

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