Ever since Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting, fans of the beloved Big Bang Theory actress have been encouraging her to move on someone who's a bit more worthy (read: not a gold-digging, washed up tennis pro).

Specifically, they've been pushing for Kaley to get back together with Johnny Galecki, her longtime TBBT co-star and former flame. So it's safe to say the photo below resulted in some serious mixed-emotions this morning:

Ever since Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Johnny Galecki, there have been rumors about the the Big Bang Theory star hooking up with her castmate, Johnny Galecki.

This wasn't the typical "they kiss on the show, so they must be banging in real life speculation." Cuoco and Galecki dated in real life before she got married, and he seems to have no problem adding fuel to the gossip fire by posting pics like this one:

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