Johnathan Schaech is the former husband of Christina Applegate has been rumored to be dating Heather Locklear. Not bad for a relatively...

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Johnathon Schaech and Julie Solomon are married!

And expecting their first child any day now, to boot!

Johnathon Schaech and Julie Solomon

"It was just a small group of family and friends on the beach at sunset," the Ray Donovan star says of ceremony in Ocean City, Md., which took place in July.

The wedding took place after he finished shooting Hercules 3D for months in Bulgaria. The actor, a Maryland native, says the baby boy will be named Camden.

Subtle link to his hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles?

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All we know for sure is that it's not David Spade she's k-i-s-s-i-n-g anymore.

Fresh off one of the oddest celebrity pairings we've seen, Heather Locklear was recently spotted sharing an intimate dinner with Christina Applegate's ex-husband. The man is also known as Johnathan Schaech, an actor probably best known for his role in That Thing You Do!

Heather Locklear Picture

"She really likes him," says a Locklear pal of the actor. "It's still in that fun, getting-to-know-each-other stage."

Of course, Locklear was married to Richie Sambora.

Who is now dating Denise Richards.

Who was once wed to Charlie Sheen.

Who has a soft spot for drag queens.

There may be a quiz on this later.

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