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In "Back to December," Taylor Swift pretty clearly apologizes to Taylor Lautner.

In "Dear John," - another single off Swift's upcoming album, "Speak Now" - the singer even more clearly raises a giant middle finger to John Mayer.

A Swift Profile

A few months ago, the douchebag of an artist appeared to brag about hooking up with Swift. A witness even described the pair looking cozy during a night out together.

We have no idea what went down between these two, but consider that Taylor said of her new album "every single song is like a roadmap to what [a] relationship stood for;" consider the title in question; and consider the following lyrics and then decide for yourself if this is meant for John Mayer...

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Lovers? Friends with benefits? Just friends? Acquaintances?

Call Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer what you will - and OK! Magazine will take many creative liberties - but the actress' rep is shooting down romance rumors for the 4,923rd time, calling recent romance reports a pure "work of fiction."

"Jennifer is not romantically involved with John Mayer," the rep says.

  • Jen Back With John!
  • Mayer is Pissed

Mayer's rep has also called the reunion rumor false.

Jen and John, who did date, but a long ass time ago, went their separate ways, yet have been periodically rumored to be hitting it on the side ever since.

When she's not stealing Brad Pitt back, of course.

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Jennifer Aniston is back with John Mayer ... according to a magazine that just plain invents all its celebrity gossip news. But hey, we'll run with it if you will!

This rumor will not die. Exactly a month ago, we reported that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were back together under similarly made-up circumstances.

The douchebag denied it, and told the Huffington Post they can eff off. But why let that stop you if you're OK! Magazine and it's a slow news week? Exactly.

Jen Back With John!

I'M BACK WITH JOHN ... said an unpaid intern.

The magazine says that after more than a year and a half apart, America’s sweetheart and music’s bad boy are giving their love another try! What a surprise!

Jen’s friends hate her old squeeze, OK! says, but she can’t live without him! There was a fake secret rendezvous at The Ritz that reignited their romance, too.

We eagerly await John's self-righteous rebuttal.

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John Mayer is a douchebag. But in a surprisingly non-douchebag move, he's going to stop Tweeting every five seconds. Dude actually deleted his account.

The 32-year-old singer had more than 3.7 million followers.

Mayer discontinued his account as he prepares to head back to the studio, his rep said, although fear not, he plans to communicate with fans via his blog.

John Mayer has Twittered his last.

With his inflated sense of self-worth, Mayer used Twitter to talk to fans about a variety of issues ... or everything on his mind. Most notably, he's used it to deny being a douchebag, or a racist, or to explain comments about sexual napalm.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are among other stars to quit the social media site. If you need to fill the void, please follow THG on Twitter! We're not leaving!

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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are rumored to be back on.

Not only is this false, according to the singer, but the Huffington Post, which reported it, is the journalistic equivalent of “a stripper wearing reading glasses.”

He also suggested a title for any piece the Huffington Post might run on his response to their story: JOHN MAYER SLAMS HUFFPOST: “GO F**K YOURSELF!”

  • Raising Her Hand
  • Mayer is Pissed

John Mayer is not pleased with Jennifer Aniston dating rumors.

The douchebag provoked by an item which described how Mayer he that he “believed in second chances” during his Hollywood Bowl concert on Sunday.

The article also noted that “a woman who resembled Aniston was rumored to be in the wings,” which Mayer took issue with. That's not iron clad proof?!

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Friday's edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest tasked our readers with writing the best caption for this picture of John Mayer balling.

Our winner is Ted Binion. Congratulations!

The selected caption, particularly topical in light of the Spencer Pratt sex tape scandal, appears below. Thanks to everyone, as always, who sent in caption(s) and best of luck again next time in The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest!

John Mayer Balls

This must be what Heidi Montag's breasts feel like.

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Jennifer Aniston’s controversial comments about single parenting and use of the word retard on live TV have both raised eyebrows in recent weeks.

She's been criticized by Bill O'Reilly and countless others over the two incidents. Well, it's time to focus on more important matters - her love life!

Despite claims earlier this week the actress is dating a wealthy European banker, Britain’s Daily Mirror says Aniston has hooked back up with ...

... wait for it ...

... that douchebag John Mayer! Again!

MANISTON: Reloaded and hotter than ever!?

“John invited Jen to come out and meet him while he was in Manhattan,” a source told the tabloid. “He told her he wanted to see her and even paid for a private jet to fly her from LA. They spent hours in his suite at the Four Seasons."

We know what that means. No one goes to John Mayer's suite for conversation. But will Jen fall for his tricks, only to be burned by him again? “Jen’s been hurt by him before and isn’t prepared to go public with the relationship just yet.”

This news comes amid reports of Jen meeting with a surrogate.

“Jennifer has spent the last few months discreetly looking into the technicalities,” a source said. "She has been holding private meetings with prospective women."

"We think she’s narrowed it down to her final two."

Bet you Octomom would do it for the right price ...

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest!

It's easy and fun to play: Just come up with the best caption(s) for the photo below! Our subject this week: John Mayer ballin' ... on the b-ball court that is.

What could he be saying or thinking? You tell us. Give it your best shot by leaving a comment or 10. We'll announce the winner Monday. Good luck ...

John Mayer Balls
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For all his douchebag tendencies, John Mayer deserves credit for the creative way he just announced his upcoming tour dates, spoofing LeBron James in the process.

Proving LeBron isn't the only narcissistic star who can self-importantly declare where he'll be playing, John posted a video announcing he is taking his talents to Ohio.

Here's one performer who will never betray you, Cleveland!

So as not to disappoint fans in other cities, of course, he will also be heating up South Beach. And New York. And New Jersey. And Seattle. Gotta share the love!

The singer-songwriter notes that while his high school career may not have equaled that of LeBron James, he did once score rather impressively in a movie theater ...


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One is a Grammy-winning singer and certifiable douchebag who gets lots of girls and brags about it with absurd comments regarding sexual napalm.

The other is an MTV reality star who talks about himself in the third person, fake tans, also gets a lot of (far less attractive) girls and is proud of it.

  • John Mayer Hair
  • We Gots a Situation

One has chiseled abs because he works at a gym. The other last visited in gym in approximately 1998. One has earrings, the other lots of hair.

If it came down to John Mayer or The Situation, and your life depended on it and/or you were really drunk, who would you rather ... you know?

It's a difficult call, we sympathize with you. But vote below.

Who would you rather ...


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