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The U.S. government has been shutdown, as Congress could not reach a funding agreement last night and over 800,000 workers stayed home today as a result, forced into furloughs by the maneuver.

Moreover, countless parks and tourist attractions around the nation have been closed, costing states millions of dollars and citizens hours of enjoyment.

We're not saying we're in favor of the situation, which is sadly symbolic of the utter gridlock in Washington these days, but due to the following video… let's just say we mind it a lot less.

With many blaming House Speaker John Boehner and his refusal to budge on measures that would hamper Obamacare for the shutdown, a genius Internet user has super-imposed the politician's face on Miley Cyrus' body in the latest, greatest Wrecking Ball parody.

Get it? Because Boehner came in like a wrecking ball, clawed and chained and just wanted to break the walls of the administration? Watch and try not to burst out laughing now:

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The cause of the Michelle Obama eye roll may forever be a mystery.

House Speaker John Boehner says he has no idea why the First Lady looked visibly annoyed and rolled her eyes at him during an inaugural lunch Monday.

During a meeting of House Republicans on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Boehner addressed the caught-on-tape interaction, saying he has "no clue" what he said.

"He said, 'I have no clue what that was about," Louisiana Republican Rep. John Fleming told reporters. "He said they were just having a casual conversation."

"He said he doesn't know why she rolled her eyes."

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President Barack Obama's Inauguration featured classic photo bombs, Beyonce lip-syncing, a big Sasha Obama yawn and an epic eye roll from Michelle Obama.

Michelle's rolling of eyes was directed at Speaker of the House John Boehner, who tapped her on the back during lunch. Umm, dude, I'm trying to eat here!

At the inaugural luncheon, Barack Obama seems like he was being cordial toward Boehner, though Michelle looked less than thrilled - at least in this viral clip.

It's one thing to block her man's agenda in Congress and battle over the debt ceiling like a boss. Another to interrupt FLOTUS in the middle of lunch.

Tell us: Was Michelle Obama's eye roll rude?

UPDATE: Boehner was reportedly clueless after the fact, telling Republican House members the next day that they casually conversed and that was it.

Expert lip reader Larry Wenig tells Inside Edition that - he believes - Boehner was asking President Obama if he wanted to join him for a cigarette before lunch.

Wenig believes Boehner - a known smoker - then tapped the FLOTUS on the arm before joking to the president that “somebody won’t let you do it,” referring to Michelle Obama.

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