Joey Kovar was a cast member on The Real World. He also checked in to Celebrity Rehab. Sadly, the Chicago native passed away in the...

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The family of late Real World star Joey Kovar is adamant: drugs did NOT play a role in this 29-year old's death.

Kovar's body was found by authorities on Friday morning at a friend's house in Chicago, with blood was reportedly coming out of his mouth and nose and with the friend, Stacey Achterhof, saying Joey showed up at her residence high on cocaine.

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But David Kovar tells The Chicago Tribune that his brother has been clean for six months and, as an aspiring actor, was excited about a new project.

"Everyone is in shock right now. He seemed fine, he was happier and he was doing better," Kovar said. "Everything was going very well. The very, very last thing that our family is suspecting is drugs."

Kovar was the father of a three-year old son and two-year old daughter.

Autopsy results have proven inconclusive and toxicology reports will be back in a few weeks.


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New details surrounding the death of Joey Kovar have been released.

The corpse of this 29-year old former Real World cast member was found inside a Chicago home yesterday morning, and law enforcement officials are now telling TMZ he passed away from a dangerous mixture of Viagra, cocaine and alcohol.

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Insiders allege that Kovar went over to a friend's house around midnight on Thursday and told her he had been taking cocaine. He then asked her to help him find more of the drug.

The woman, identified by TMZ as Stacey Achterhof, turned Kovar down and asked him to crash at her place instead. He obeyed, popped some Viagra and messed around a bit with his pal.

The next morning, Stacey woke up and found Kovar's body, with blood streaming out of his mouth and nose.

Authorities - who took note of Joey's "blackened" eyes - believe Kovar technically died from an aneurysm brought on by his ingestion of these substances. We'll know more for certain when toxicology results are released in a few weeks.


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Joey Kovar, a former cast member on Real World: Hollywood who also appeared on Celebrity Rehab and struggled with substance abuse for years, was found dead inside a friend's Chicago home today.

He was 29.

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The reality star's rep tells TMZ that Kovar's body was discovered by an acquaintance early this morning, blood coming out of his ears and nose.

The woman called 911 and EMTs pronounced Kovar dead at the scene.

Kovar departed the Real World about halfway through his season in order to seek help for alcohol and drugs. He then admitted on VH1's Celebrity Rehab that he often used cocaine and ecstasy.

Due to his history and the state in which he was found, family members reportedly suspect elicit substances of some kind played a major role in Kovar's death.

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