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Joel Madden says there is no need to worry - his marriage to Nicole Richie is totally all part of the master plan.

Which is a good thing, because we were really starting to freak.

"Obviously, marriage is in our future," Madden told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Tuesday. "I don't know when or where or how, but right now our priority is our family and is the baby."

"That's all we've been thinking about. We are in love and are really happy."

Richie and Madden first announced on Good Morning America in late July that she was pregnant and they are to become parents.

"Yes I am. We are. I'm almost four months," Richie told Diane Sawyer.

The couple has been dating since earlier this year, and the Good Charlotte frontman is not shy about his enthusiasm for impending fatherhood.

"I'm excited. We are all really excited about it," Madden told Seacrest. "Its the best thing that has ever happened to us. It's awesome."

Do they know if it is a boy or a girl?

"No, we are still waiting. We don't even know. So right now, it's an it. Which sounds wrong. We call it the baby. When we talk to it, it's a you," Madden said.

We recommend either Jayden James or Suri for names.

Madden revealed that the baby has started kicking, and the couple is getting everything ready, including a nursery. "We've started it'," he said.

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Are congratulations in order for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden?

After a Friday night performance with his band, Good Charlotte, at the Hot 99.5 Lil' Black Dress Party - hosted by Perez Hilton - in Arlington, Va., Madden was walking offstage when Hot 99.5 morning show deejay Kane said to the crowd:

"He got engaged yesterday. Congratulations, Joel!"

To that, Joel Madden quickly glanced back over his shoulder, but was otherwise unresponsive as he made an exit from the stage behind his brother, Benji.

"We heard this morning," Kane told People following Good Charlotte's 40-minute set. Crediting he got the word from "good sources," Kane said he hadn't seen Richie since hearing the news, but added he had offered congratulations to Madden earlier in the night.

"He said, 'Thank you so much,'" recalled Kane. "They're very excited about the baby and the wedding. They want to keep their personal life personal."

Right. Nicole Richie has always sought privacy, not attention.

On Thursday, during a visit to Live! With Regis and Kelly, Madden was asked by cohost Philbin about "a little ring, or something."

"I was hoping it would be a surprise, but now..." Madden responded.

While there were no sightings of Richie at the party, she and Madden, expecting their first child together, were spotted in Washington, D.C., earlier that day.

The pair, with entourage in tow, popped into Nathans of Georgetown restaurant for a late lunch before making their way to the upscale baby boutique Dawn Price Baby.

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Spencer Pratt is the most hated man in the world of The Hollywood Gossip.

Joel Madden is inching up the rankings, however, especially when he impregnates an underweight alien Nicole Richie.

So who do celebrity gossip fans root for when these two morons tussle? It's no longer a hypothetical question after a recent argument at a Beverly Hills hotel.

According to TMZ, Mr. Nicole Richie allegedly stormed over to Pratt's table, where he was lunching with Heidi Montag and screamed, "you've been talking s**t about my girl!" before Madden - who was there Richie - had to be forcibly separated and removed.

Spencer Pratt and Joel Madden recently got into a fight. And Heidi Montag probably called celebrity news outlets to guarantee coverage of the event.

The one and only Spencer Pratt himself said: "It all stems from an interview in Details ages ago where I was misquoted, calling Nicole a skinny bitch. It's all a misunderstanding. I've always thought she's a really nice girl and I wouldn't call her that."

Hey, Joel: we've called Nicole far worse names than that. What are you gonna about it, huh? Get in a fight with another pathetic loser from The Hills? We're sure Jason Wahler is up for some fisticuffs.

Pratt, meanwhile, needs to not throw stones (i.e. skinny bitch taunts) when he lives in a glass house (i.e. dates a skinny bitch named Heidi Montag).

We'd like to stick a drunk Sean Stewart on each of these spoiled punks.

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Nicole Richie is definitely possibly pregnant.

But is she also about ready to walk down the aisle?

Sources tell that Richie may wed Joel Madden - her rocker beau - as early as next month. Yes, Joel is reportedly making an honest anorexic out of her.

"[Nicole Richie] has been shopping around for a wedding dress," a loose-lipped informant reveals. "She's calling around looking for a dress, and asking stylists for help."

She doesn't have a dress yet? What the hell else does Nicole Richie have to do with her time? Certainly not eat or work. This story smells worse than K-Fed.

When would the wedding be, were there to be a wedding? Today and tomorrow, Joel Madden and Good Charlotte are performing in Quebec, then they have another date in Canada July 10.

But the tour doesn't pick up again until early August, when Good Charlotte tours with Justin Timberlake. July wedding, anyone? Count us in!

As long as they serve weed and Vicodin as wedding favors, of course.

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Watching Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol is awkward.

Running into your ex on national TV? That's downright excruciating. Unfortunately, such a fate recently fell upon Hilary Duff.

The Duffster

"I just did TRL today and [Joel Madden] was there, and it was the first time we'd seen each other and it was so, like, nerve-racking," Duff, 19, told People magazine Monday at the 18th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City. "I knew that he was going to be there and he knew. It is what it is."

Showing maturity for her age, Duff said "it's life" when asked more about the encounter. She then said "it's slutty" when asked about her current wardrobe.

Since their breakup, Madden has been dating Nicole Richie, whule Duff has been single (something she's called "kind of exciting").

Nevertheless, Duff told the non-gay Ryan Seacrest in January that she and her ex keep in touch and have "a great relationship."

But was their run-in awkward? "It was a little strange at first, but I wish nothing but good for him and I know that he wishes the same for me," Duff said. "I'm happy and he's happy and I think that's all that counts."

Well, that and whatever the next round at Hyde will be.

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The investigative staff of TMZ has learned that the Beverly Hills Police Department is investigating Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden after a female photographer filed a report claiming he attacked her.

The incident took place during a violent confrontation Sunday night, in which the wannabe bad boy and his anemic girlfriend, Nicole Richie, went out to dinner at a Beverly Hills hot spot.

Welcome, 2010!

According to police sources, the woman claimed Madden struck her on the left breast "with the heel of his hand" as the rocker tried to escort his anorexic waif, Richie, out of the back door of Mr. Chow restaurant.

Is this complete crap, or did Madden go Jason Wahler on the gal? The photographer tells TMZ that she has a welt to prove it, and had to see a doctor for treatment.

In video taken of the incident (which you can view here), Madden can be seen giving the Heisman - throwing a forceful, open-handed stiff-arm into the chest of another paparazzo - moments after the alleged breast slapping.

Police say they take every claim seriously (unless they involve Pete Doherty), and a crime report was taken on this incident. A rep for Madden had no comment.

Tisk, tisk, Joel. You can't go doing things like this. No doubt Nicole's previous beau, the great Brody Jenner, wouldn't hurt a fly. Heck, he tried to make Nicole eat!

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Paris Hilton's 26th birthday bash wasn't all fun and games.

There was the small matter of Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, acting like a complete d!ck and offending pretty much everyone in attendance, ultimately forcing his slutty, heiress BFF to kick his oily ass out.

Harlow and Mom

But it was still a rowdy occasion marked by good times and good friends. In the picture below, Paris is joined by lunatic rock goddess Courtney Love, along with the jail-bound Nicole Richie and her new beau, Joel Madden.

It's a fun gang. While posing for this picture, the fearsome foursome couldn't help but let their minds wander a bit, however...

Paris can't get over the fact that people are talking about Kim Kardashian getting busy with Ray J on film when Hilton is the one that wrote the book on riding sex tapes to stardom.

Nicole can't shake thoughts of her impending court date, while Madden is starting to realize how much cuter his ex, Hilary Duff, is than Richie - even if Hilary wasn't exactly Antonella Barba, if you know what we're saying.

Courtney Love? She has no clue where she is, ever. Not shocking.

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Nicole Richie isn't letting her legal woes put a strain on her romance.

The anorexic waif's love affair with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden is heating up, Us Weekly reports. A source says they "have exchanged their ‘I love yous.'" OMG!

What a Cute Baby

Moreover, the couple of three months are taking the next big step. No, they're not popping Vicodin and hitting the bong together. Well, they probably are. But here, we're talking about L.A. house hunting!

Nicole Richie lives in a West Hollywood condo. Joel has a house in suburban Glendale. They have talked about shacking up. Plans are in the works.

"Nicole hasn't moved in with him yet… but they are looking at places," says the insider.

Of course, the only house Nicole might be moving into soon is the Big House. We're talking about her going to prison. Richie faces up to a year in jail if convicted of a second DUI.

Her most recent legal problems stem from her arrest last year for driving the wrong way down an L.A. highway. Check out her hottt mug shot!

Prior to dating Madden, Nicole was engaged to DJ AM and briefly dated Brody Jenner, though apparently he was just doing that to get famous.

Joel was the longtime boyfriend of sexy virgin Hilary Duff.

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Quote-unquote rocker Joel Madden and his new girlfriend, Nicole Richie, spent the weekend in Mexico, staying in Cabo San Lucas, which we reported yesterday.

We know, we know. We have no idea why he would drop that sweetheart Hilary Duff for this anorexic waste. But we've gone over that many times already. Just look at these additional pics of their trip we came across: 

Nicole and Harlow

Looks like they had fun, and were certainly enjoying each other's company south of the border. Often times, Nicole, who's listed as just over five feet tall and who weighs a paltry 85 pounds, according to the police report filed after her recent DUI arrest, laid on top of Joel, who may or may not have felt it.

Seriously, look at those pics of her in a bikini (if you can even call it that). Forget about the hot beef injection - Nicole Richie needs some actual beef. As in meat. Protein is good for you.

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Desperate to escape prosecution for her latest DUI arrest, and hungry for some dank fish tacos, Nicole Richie made a run for the border this weekend.

Okay, just kidding. She wasn't on the run from the 5.0 and there's no way in hell she goes anywhere for the cuisine. But Nicole did head to Mexico for a little vacationing with new boyfriend Joel Madden.

Harlow Madden Pic

Although Halloween is nine months away, the duo arrived in Puerto Vallarta dressed in costume. Nicole dressed as a gypsy, fortune-telling vagrant and the 27-year-old Joel sported his standard, upper-middle-class poser / high school rebel wannabe gear.

Come on, Joel. We know Hilary Duff doesn't put out, and you've probably been going at it like a madman since dumping her, but it can't be worth downgrading this far.

Later, Radden took in the tropical views at a beachside bar. No word as to whether Vicodin and chronic were on the menu, but we're positive there wasn't any food consumed by her.

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