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Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret is a Lifetime movie of the first-degree, a true crime story ripped from the headlines and sensationalized for your entertainment.

But is it any good? Therein lies the problem. Dirty Little Secret reveals scant few secrets, and leaves one wondering if the film was released too soon.


Just last month, an Arizona jury found Jodi Arias guilty of killing her former lover, motivational speaker Travis Alexander, in unspeakable fashion.

Arias unpersuasively argued that she killed him in self-defense, when police believed she came at him in a jealous rage, stabbing him 30 times.

Dirty Little Secret was clearly fast-tracked into production, and was filming while Arias was still on trial for the 2008 murder of Alexander this spring.

As such, Lifetime provides us with a straightforward tale of passion gone awry which, while compelling, pales in comparison to the real-life court saga.

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Lifetime's Jodi Arias movie, The Jodi Arias Story, will debut next month on the network, and thanks to last week's verdict, you now know the ending.

An Arizona jury found Jodi Arias guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Travis Alexander, bringing to a close what became a sensational trial.

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"Everyone watched it, we had a TV on set and we stopped filming," Arturio Interian, VP of Original Movies for Lifetime Entertainment Services, said.

"It was a very quiet moment. It's a very real and painful story, and we can't forget that a young man was needlessly killed and Jodi threw her life away too."

"Tania Raymonde, the actress who is playing Jodi, was stunned."

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