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The verdict is in, and Jodi Arias has been found guilty of murder.

A jury found that she killed ex Travis Alexander in cold blood.

Jodi Arias: Guilty!

Jordi Arias showed little emotion as the decision was read by a court clerk. As the jurors were polled, each affirming the guilty verdict, she fought back tears.

Outside the Arizona courtroom, the gathered crowd cheered.

Alexander's family hugged each other after the verdict was read, a measure of closure at last after a grisly death and a sensational criminal proceeding.

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Jodi Arias is offering a vigorous defense, but Nancy Grace says there's "no way around" a conviction on murder charges for the accused Arizona killer.

Arias is being tried for the brutal slaying of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, and to hear HLN's Grace tell it, she’s fighting a losing battle and the jury won't buy it.

“There is no way around a murder conviction for Jodi,” she says.

Jodi Ann Arias Photo

“In my opinion the facts have proven Murder 1. BUT, if they feel pity for her they may give her Murder 2. I think that they will give her murder 1 though, with no death penalty.”

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In a trial that may one day rival Casey Anthony's in terms of sensationalist media coverage, Jodi Ann Arias is finally face trial on murder charges.

Nearly five years after she allegedly killed boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Jodi Ann Arias, Travis Alexander

Arias, now 32, is accused of shooting the 30-year-old motivational speaker and legal insurance salesman in the face and then stabbing him 27 times.

To finish him off, she then is accused of slitting his throat, ear to ear.

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