Joanie Laurer was known as "Chyna" during her days of wrestling for WWE. The company trademarked that name, however, so she now sometimes...

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She won't be putting on a cape - in fact, she'll be taking everything off - but former WWE grappler Chyna is about to make like a superhero.

The Vivid Entertainment star has signed on for AvengersXXX: A Porn Parody, in which she'll portray She-Hulk, a character that has actually inspired Chyna (real name: Joanie Laurer) to pursue the possibility of opening up her own security agency.

Chyna in the Ring

According to a Vivid press release, Chyna has left for Hawaii to discuss the idea with investors, believing there will be interest in rich folks hiring strong women with terrific bodies over the typical strong man as a security guard.

AvengersXXX, meanwhile, is due out online at today and in stores across the country on May 8.

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Joanie Laurer wants to make one thing clear: she is porn to be wild!

The former wrestler, best known as "Chyna," has embarked on a new career in the adult film industry (Backdoor to Chyna comes out on June 27) and, as she told THG last week, couldn't be happier with her decision.

The New Chyna

But the same can't be said for Daisi Pollard Sepulveda, who works at the PR firm Model House Talent and has been representing Chyna for months.

Earlier this month, the publicist referred to Chyna's move into porn as a "negative life choice," a critique that has officially severed her professional relationship with Laurer.

Listen to Sepulveda's comments HERE and then read Chyna's letter in response to them, provided exclusively to The Hollywood Gossip, in which she cuts ties with the PR agency.

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Goodbye wrestling world, hello adult film world.

In an exclusive interview with THG today, Chyna made it very clear that her wrestling days are like her new co-stars: behind her.

"I'm definitely crossing over," the burgeoning, excited porn star said. "I'm thrilled with the decision, thrilled with the movie. It was a wonderful experience."

Backdoor to Chyna Promo Art

Indeed, Chyna is officially a Vivid girl now, having joined the biggest name in the pornography business for her first feature film, Backdoor to Chyna. It hits stores on June 27.

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Joanie Laurer is serious about her adult film career.

The woman who was known as Chyna during her WWE days no longer wants to make a living inside the squared circle. Instead, she has her eyes - and other body parts - on the rectangular bed.

New Porn Star?

With a new threesome-based film on the way, Laurer has reportedly asked Vivid Entertainment chariman Steven Hirsch to make her a full-time player in the industry. This is how she wants to make a living.

"I would definitely like to do more, " Joanie tells TMZ "It gives me motivation again. I want to be better and happier than ever... that's the point, right?"

It definitely is. And, hey, at least Laurer is up front about her intentions. You won't see her shedding any fake tears over any career-boosting sex tape "accidentally" getting leaked. Are you listening, Paris?


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It really is about time, isn't it?

Vivid Entertainment confirms to TMZ that it has greenlighted a return to the hardcore porn business for Joanie Laurer, the ex-WWE star best known as "Chyna."

  • Joanie Laurer Pic
  • 1 Night in Chyna DVD

The former grappler went all Kim Kardashian on us in 2004, releasing the obviously-named "1 Night in Chyna" and taking it from behind from Sean Waltman, her boyfriend at the time.

More recently, she approached Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch and asked to work with the biggest (pun... intended!) names in his business. The result?

A film titled "Backdoor to Chyna," filmed with stars Evan and Lee Stone, that will be released on DVD over the summer. Consider yourself warned.

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The United States might owe billions of dollars in debt to China, but the celebrity gossip world owes even more to Chyna.

The former professional wrestler, whose real name is Joanie Laurer, made news in the past for multiple sex tapes and steroid allegations. She's been a boon to tabloids around the country.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Now, Laurer is making headlines again... for yet another scandalous incident: Gabriela Targos, a (former?) friend of Laurer's, claims that Joanie beat her up Saturday night at the Sherman Oaks motel.

According to Targos, she simply invited Laurer over for the evening - only to watch in horror as the troubled Z-lister snapped, allegedly punching Targos in the face, dragging her by the hair and beating her with a wire hanger.

Targos escaped the room and immediately reported the incident to police. They are looking into it.

They might also wanna look into the photo above. That ain't right.

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Shield your eyes, celebrity gossip lovers: it's almost time for Another Night in Chyna.

Adult video distributor Red Light District has announced that a second Joanie Laurer sex tape is on the way. This sequel strikes us as a worse idea than The Pink Panther 2.

"Joanie is a huge celebrity that crosses many markets," said David Joseph, president of Red Light District. "The first movie continues to sell extremely well and the prospect of selling another one was a no-brainer."

Seriously, who wants to spend Another Night in Chyna with Joanie Laurer nude?!?

The original sex tape, One Night in China, somehow broke sales records for the studio; we can only surmise that fans of the steroid-laden former WWE star known as "Chyna" purchased it in order to see if Laurer had male genitals or not.

Red Light District is also responsible for distributing the Paris Hilton, Dustin Diamond and Amy Fisher sex tapes.

If you wish to contact the company, it's located in Hell.

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