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The Thor: The Dark World reviews are in - and they aren't spectacular.

But Jimmy Kimmel has an idea for what would make this movie more appealing to women and likely to critics as well: market it as a love story!

Forget centering the tale on Chris Hemsworth's iconic superhero. There are plenty of those around Hollywood.

Instead, shift the focus to Natalie Portman's character and her search for love and how it overcomes all obstacles... and just watch this hilarious trailer to see what we mean:

by Hilton Hater at . Comments

The Artist won Best Motion Picture. Pretty good for a movie that's black and white and silent. Which is just the way Kim Kardashian likes her men.

So Jimmy Kimmel joked during his post-Academy Awards telecast last night, as the talk show host both honored the Oscars and also mocked the heck out of the star-studded ceremony.

Never was the latter more apparent than in Kimmel's nine minute trailer for Movie: The Movie, a movie that encapsulates every conceivable Hollywood genre and also features every actor or actress on the planet, from Tom Hanks portraying Robo Lawyer to Gary Oldman as a centaur to Samuel L. Jackson cursing at the snakes of his... soul plane.

Get excited below for the film that features a guy, a girl, a werewolf, an ancient scroll, the world's most dangerous secret agent and the President of the United States.

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