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Jimmy Kimmel loves kids. Specifically posting them doing and saying absurd things. Occasionally, this gets him in hot water, as we saw with Kanye West.

Or worse, in this case. Saturday, hundreds of protesters targeted ABC Studios in Burbank, Houston, and Phoenix to protest a segment of his show.

On October 16, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired an unscripted segment called "Kids' Table," in which he hosted a round table Q&A session among youths.

The topic? How the United States should repay its $1.3 trillion debt to China. One of the kids' response? That we should just "kill everyone in China."

Both ABC and Kimmel have apologized, and are no longer airing "Kids' Table." However, Chinese-American groups and protesters are far from pleased.

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The Thor: The Dark World reviews are in - and they aren't spectacular.

But Jimmy Kimmel has an idea for what would make this movie more appealing to women and likely to critics as well: market it as a love story!

Forget centering the tale on Chris Hemsworth's iconic superhero. There are plenty of those around Hollywood.

Instead, shift the focus to Natalie Portman's character and her search for love and how it overcomes all obstacles... and just watch this hilarious trailer to see what we mean:

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Halloween. It's a time for parties, people to apparently dress like a Boston Marathon bombing victim and for Jimmy Kimmel to ask parents to prank their children.

Yes, for the third year in a row, the ABC talk show host had viewers submit home videos of themselves telling their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. Oops! Sorry!

The reactions are as priceless and as tear-filled as you'd expect. Especially when the kids are still in costume.

Watch now and take note of the young responses when filled in on the joke. Well, that's not very kind! No, kid, it's not. But it's pretty darn funny!

Kimmel, of course, loves his pranks. We still haven't forgiven the guy for fooling us into believing this epic Twerking fail was real.

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The Ke$ha Desperate-for-Attention Tour made a stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Following posted Twit pics of her butt and the guzzling of some urine on her tour bus, the eccentric singer and the talk show host touched on a subject Ke$ha has actually mentioned before:

Ghost sex.

Ke$ha and Jimmy Kimmel

Clearly intrigued, Kimmel asked about the artist's "haunted place," to which she casually replied:

"Oh, when the ghost haunts my vagina," the pop star said.

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Christopher Columbus discovered America. Or so we were told in school.

Some of us anyway. These people on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Maybe not.

In honor of yesterday's holiday, commemorating the 1492 discovery of the New World by the explorer, the late night host decided to quiz the public a bit.

The results? Laughable, and not in an encouraging way for society:

Kimmel has been on a tear lately. Some of his other recent gems:

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Jimmy Kimmel revived his always-funny "Lie Witness News" segment last night, asking concert-goers about all the bands at the Rock the Bells 2013 festival.

Bands that don't exist, that is.

Like the viral video gold he mined with the same bit at Coachella, Kimmel had a reporter would ask if they were excited to see a particular, bogus group.

In typical hipster music-head fashion, the fans proclaimed their love or their distaste for some of the fake acts they were asked about ... and even elaborated.

Check out the priceless interviews below:

The Rock the Bells 2013 festival is headlined by Wu-Tang Clan and Kid Cudi. Voldemore, Weasley, DJ Froyo should totally perform on one of the side stages, though.

In other news ... did you see Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live the night before? That dude has a higher opinion of himself than any hipster music fan.

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If you watched Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the primary takeaway was that he buried the hatchet with the host and ended their rap feud.

The subtexts? 1) Kanye has a high opinion of himself and loves to hear himself talk; 2) He has no intention of extending an olive branch to the paparazzi.

Seriously. Check out this epic rant to close out the interview:

'Ye made it clear he will continue to defend his family and fight photographers with force if they cross him - pretty brazen for a guy facing criminal battery charges.

He claims he acts in self-defense. The D.A. sees it differently.

Prosecutors want to use video of West's greatest "hits" against the paps as proof that his inclination is to attack first, ask questions later ... or not at all.

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The beef is squashed. But the legend of Kanye West remains.

The rapper appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, just a couple weeks after going off on an epic rant against the talk show host.

And after Kimmel tried to diffuse the tension via a bit of small talk (asking about West's  outfit and grill), he actually showed a clip of the skit that started the feud… and then it was all classic Kanye.

As best we can gather, here's a rundown of the rambling thoughts offered up by Kanye West during a lengthy interview:

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Set your DVRs, THGers: Kanye West is on his way to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In late September, the rapper WENT OFF on the talk show host after Kimmel mocked an interview Kanye conducted with BBC, portraying the artist as immature and insecure.

Kanye's Tweets were so extreme and seemingly so uncalled for that many wondered whether the feud was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

However, West continued the tirade for days, referring to Kimmel as evil and making his beef look rather legitimate.

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Jimmy Kimmel took to the public for another classic segment in which he asked people for their views on Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act.

It turns out, at least based on this small sample size, that plenty of people in America absolutely hate Obamacare, but love the Affordable Care Act.

Which is interesting, considering they are the exact. Same. Thing.

Obamacare, of course, is just a nickname - originally used pejoratively by opponents but later embraced by Obama himself - for the landmark legislation.

What Kimmel found is that many provisions of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (its full name) are viewed positively by the public.

Obamacare, though? Don't even get them started on that debacle.

It may even be worth shutting down the federal government over.

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