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Justin Bieber may have been arrested for DUI yesterday, but can we please take a moment to acknowledge the real victims here.

That's what Jimmy Kimmel last night, reading a few Tweets from Beliebers on air and taking note of one that didn't wish to "disrespect" the situation, but, well...

"Now even criminals in jail get to meet Justin, while we're still here," one heartbroken wrote.

To which Kimmel hilariously replied: "No one's talking about the real victims here: the people who aren't in jail meeting Justin Bieber."

Oh yes, as you might expect, Bieber's arrest, Bieber's court hearing and Bieber's mug shot were all prime material for late-night talk show hosts across the dial. Check out their quips, barbs and general mockery now:

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Justin Bieber Arrest, Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel goes to town here on the Justin Bieber scandal. Watch him make fun of a few choices fan Tweets now.

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Kim Kardashian is back in American after her whirlwind trip to France, and that was one of many topics she touched on last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While showing off some ridonkulous kleavage and kurves, obviously.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Kanye West got a VIP tour of Palace of Versailles grounds, sparking rumors that they will exchange vows there.

Not the case, says Kim ... although Paris will be the destination!

"We took a private tour and of course everyone thought we were picking that as our wedding place," she revealed. "We're not, we were just taking a tour!"

The 32-year-old did confirm the two will say "I do" this summer in the City of Light, that she considers it a second home, and that she'll become Kim West.

Kim Kardashian didn't become Kim Thomas or Kim Humphries, so she must be feeling confident that this third marriage will actually take. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of rocky marriages, she touched on a few of them ...

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What happens when Benedict Cumberbatch and R. Kelly appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the same night?

The late night host had the classically trained British actor read R. Kelly's sexy lyrics, of course. What else would he do? 

Benedict Cumberbatch recited R. Kelly's song "Genius," from his forthcoming Black Panties album. The result is, well, actually sexy. And hilarious. 

You had us at the second line, Benedict. 

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This week, Jimmy Kimmel aired the fifth edition of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" on his late night show. If you haven't seen it, well, the name says it all.

People love to throw shade on Twitter. It's kind of unreal. Which may explain why many of the celebrities reading Tweets about themselves can't deal.

From John Krasinski, Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler to Sharon Stone, Kevin James, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus ... everyone gets hated on!

Watch all those stars and others react to the Tweets in the hilarious segment below, then ponder the future of a society where people write this stuff to them:

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Jimmy Kimmel has struck again.

The talk show host - who totally fooled up with his epic Twerking prank and who inspired countless parents to fool their kids with this great Halloween prank - set his sights this week on neighbor John Krasinski.

As revenge for a Christmas-themed prank the Office star and wife Emily Blunt pulled on him a few years ago, Kimmel teamed with HP to send eight trucks filled with decorations to the actor's house.

When Krasinsky was away at work, a 15-person crew filled the the property with bows… and lights… and toy soldier statues… and snowflakes… and ornaments. They also covered every inch of the house in wrapping paper.

And we haven't even mentioned the Christmas carolers yet! Watch Krasinski's reaction to this impressive effort now:

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Sarah Silverman was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, appearing to promote her new stand-up special… and also to give back a bunch of Kimmel's stuff, seeing as these two dated for five years until breaking up in 2008.

It was a tad awkward ("It's like I never left, only you're married!" Silverman quipped upon sitting down), but mostly just plain awesome.

Silverman brought along with her a box that contained Kimmel's old toothbrush, his Palm Treo charger, some very large jeans and a a collage out of all the heads she cut out of their pictures together.

Oh, and the former couple's son. Silverman brought along the former couple's son as well. See what we mean here:

Nothing will ever top I'm F-cking Matt Damon, but this was pretty funny stuff.

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Jimmy Kimmel loves kids. Specifically posting them doing and saying absurd things. Occasionally, this gets him in hot water, as we saw with Kanye West.

Or worse, in this case. Saturday, hundreds of protesters targeted ABC Studios in Burbank, Houston, and Phoenix to protest a segment of his show.

On October 16, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired an unscripted segment called "Kids' Table," in which he hosted a round table Q&A session among youths.

The topic? How the United States should repay its $1.3 trillion debt to China. One of the kids' response? That we should just "kill everyone in China."

Both ABC and Kimmel have apologized, and are no longer airing "Kids' Table." However, Chinese-American groups and protesters are far from pleased.

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The Thor: The Dark World reviews are in - and they aren't spectacular.

But Jimmy Kimmel has an idea for what would make this movie more appealing to women and likely to critics as well: market it as a love story!

Forget centering the tale on Chris Hemsworth's iconic superhero. There are plenty of those around Hollywood.

Instead, shift the focus to Natalie Portman's character and her search for love and how it overcomes all obstacles... and just watch this hilarious trailer to see what we mean:

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Halloween. It's a time for parties, people to apparently dress like a Boston Marathon bombing victim and for Jimmy Kimmel to ask parents to prank their children.

Yes, for the third year in a row, the ABC talk show host had viewers submit home videos of themselves telling their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. Oops! Sorry!

The reactions are as priceless and as tear-filled as you'd expect. Especially when the kids are still in costume.

Watch now and take note of the young responses when filled in on the joke. Well, that's not very kind! No, kid, it's not. But it's pretty darn funny!

Kimmel, of course, loves his pranks. We still haven't forgiven the guy for fooling us into believing this epic Twerking fail was real.

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The Ke$ha Desperate-for-Attention Tour made a stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Following posted Twit pics of her butt and the guzzling of some urine on her tour bus, the eccentric singer and the talk show host touched on a subject Ke$ha has actually mentioned before:

Ghost sex.

Ke$ha and Jimmy Kimmel

Clearly intrigued, Kimmel asked about the artist's "haunted place," to which she casually replied:

"Oh, when the ghost haunts my vagina," the pop star said.

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