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A decently sized Los Angeles earthquake shook up residents of California this week.

Did you catch how these anchors reacted when it hit? Pretty funny stuff.

But not nearly as funny as Jimmy Kimmel Live taking to the streets and asking folks if they are prepared for the really BIG earthquake that is scheduled to hit the next morning.

You know, the one they made up. 

But watch pedestrians react as if they're totally familiar with this fake natural disaster, highlighted by one guy saying he read about it on Facebook:

Lie Witness News has become one of Kimmel's most hilarious bits.

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Ready to a new edition of Lie Witness News?

For the second in a few months, Jimmy Kimmel Live has visited a music festival and exposed obnoxious music snobs at total and complete liars.

In October, Kimmel pranked attendees at the Rock the Bells 2013 festival, asking fans for their opinions on made up artists and bands.

And now he's done it again, this time sending a reporter to SXSW in Austin and asking for peopl's takes on such stars as Contact Dermatitis, Neil Patrick Harassment and female rappers Heavy Flow.

Watch now to see people answer as if they know all about these fictitious individuals:

Jimmy Kimmel Live has been making us crack up for months.

Here are a handful of our favorite recent bits:

Lie Witness News: Barack Obama Birthday Edition!
Jimmy Kimmel Live makes up stories about Barack Obama for this edition of Lie Witness News. And everyone believes the lies!

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Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? They are so yesterday's news.

These two actors and real-life friends received an abundance of well-deserved accolades for their performances on True Detective Season 1.

But the opening eight episodes of this HBO drama wrapped on Sunday and now we're looking ahead.

Who should anchor True Detective Season 2? Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen, of course!

The stars made their case in a hilarious spoof last night, driving around, crushing cans of beer and singing Cher lyrics. Watch the skit now and come on... don't pretend you wouldn't watch True Detective Season 2 with this pair at the center of it:

Where does this rank among all-time Jimmy Kimmel Live sketches?

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Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

And the host held little back when it came to Ford's history of crack smoking, drinking and acting in general like a character on Saturday Night Live.

Kimmel kicked off the interview by saying many Canadians were upset Ford was even appearing, referring to him on Twitter as a "drunk, racist, homophobe" on that social network.

The comedian also compared Ford to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcett... wondered if the giant turkey ever exercised... and suggested to the red and sweaty politician that there’s no shame in getting help for drinking/drug problems.

It was quite the appearance all around. Relive all four segments of it now:

Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Part 1)
Rob Ford appears here on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It's as entertaining as you'd imagine it to be.

Kimmel is on fire these days, as his post-Academy Awards special earned the talk show emcee record ratings.

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Segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live often leave us teary-eyed from laughter.

But the following footage is guaranteed to give you waterworks of a different kind. It did for the host himself.

On Wednesday night, Kimmel played a tape sent to him from students at Arroyo Elementary School in Tustin, California. It urged the comedian to meet a seven-year old named Max, who has tragically been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Kimmel heeded their advice, brought Max on stage, promoted a charity in his name and then introduced Max to Iron Man.

Watch the moving piece now and see Kimmel get choked up toward the end of it:

Pretty great stuff, huh?

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Jimmy Kimmel has a lot of fun with The Bachelor on his very own ABC network. His latest spoof of the hit show? A faux cure for the Bachelor-related blues.

He aired a fake ad for “Rozac,” a medication for “Bachelor-related depression" last night, and after The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 8, Renee could use it ...

Kimmel, who is expecting a baby with Molly McNearney, accurately notes that the show features a lot of bawling, especially in Juan Pablo's season.

The clip shows each of the the show’s remaining contestants breaking down while a voiceover asks, “Are you crying in front of millions of strangers?"

"Is it because you’re boyfriend is dating a half dozen other women? Does your self-esteem depend on whether or not he gives you a flower on TV?”

The commercial then introduces “Rozac ... for when you don’t get the rose.”

Who'll be crying after the Fantasy Suite nightmares on tonight's episode: Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman, Clare Crawley ... or even Juan Pablo Galavis himself?!

The Bachelor spoilers shed some light on that ... if you dare to read on! Also, you can peep the promo for Tuesday's train wreck episode, starting in just a few hours ...

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On the same day new talk show rival Seth Meyers debuted as host of Late Night, Jimmy Kimmel made some headlines of his own.

He announced on Ellen yesterday that he and wife Molly McNearney are expecting!

The father of two young adults from a previous relationship, Kimmel said "I decided to have the first one with my wife. We got married in July and, you know, it's interesting. It's disgusting the way babies are made."

Meaning what, exactly?

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With Game of Thrones Season 4 just a few weeks away, Kit Harington made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

He was actually on hand to promote the film Pompeii, but a couple REALLY enthusiastic fans of his HBO drama just had to ask the actor a couple questions about... well... getting naked on screen.

Why did Harington's Jon Snow not just stay inside with his red-headed hottie of a girlfriend after they first consummated their relationship?

It's a good question, but it's one Harington has some difficulty answering. View the funny clip now:

Go watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic and check out a few of our favorite Jimmy Kimmel Live clips below:

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Jimmy Kimmel dropped some bad news on Los Angeles residents in honor of Presidents Day yesterday:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed away.

Granted, this happened in 1945, but an intrepid reporter for Lie Witness News hit Hollywood Boulevard and told people the ex-President died that morning.

Did they believe her? Of course. Did they also believe that FDR Tweeted jokes about Barack Obama and made a cameo in the film Pearl Harbor? Yes.

It's sad, but true... and also hilarious! Watch the skit here and then toggle through a number of other winning moments from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Lie Witness News: Barack Obama Birthday Edition!
Jimmy Kimmel Live makes up stories about Barack Obama for this edition of Lie Witness News. And everyone believes the lies!

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This just in: People apparently hate George Clooney. And Tom Hanks. And even Matt Damon.

Indeed, some of the biggest stars on the planet were featured on the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

It's a grand television tradition and it's one the the explains thusly:

"We like to shine a light on those who post cruel and horrible comments on Twitter. People can be vicious, and it hurts. To raise awareness and to maybe make people think twice before they post something awful, once again we've assembled a group of famous faces..."

Are these hate-filled Internet users the same folks who posted racist Tweets in response to the controversial Super Bowl Coke commercial? Probably.

Watch the newest edition of this feature now and then check out a few past installments as well:

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves
Celebrities, such as George Clooney, read mean Tweets about themselves in this video, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The footage is hilarious.

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