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Jimmy Kimmel is having a very good week.

First, the comedian received a promotion from ABC; his talk show moves to 11:35 in January. Then, last night, he got to sit next to Robert Pattinson, simply sitting back and absorbing the actor's good looks and charm.

Was there talk about Kristen Stewart? Nope. Not a peep. Instead, in this first segment, the duo chatted about cars and then segued into "dogging," the British term for random gay sex. Really. Give it a look/listen...

Did you know what Robert is also an avid Craigslist users? Watch the second part of his interview to learn more:

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It is about to be on between Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman and Jay Leno.

ABC has announced that Jimmy Kimmel Live will shift to 11:35 p.m. on January 8, meaning the increasingly popular talk show - it was the only late-night broadcast to increase in ratings last year - will go comedic head to comedic head against The Late Show and The Tonight Show.

Said Paul Lee, president, ABC Entertainment Group, of the decision: “The time is right for Kimmel to make this move… he’s ready, and so is his audience.”

So who will you now watch, THGers? Which of these hosts is your favorite?

And the Winner is?

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Jimmy Kimmel may make viewers laugh for a living, but the talk show host got very serious with Molly McNearney on a recent trip to South Africa's Kruger National Park, reports confirm:

He asked her to be his wife!

Kimmel's rep has confirmed the news, but has offered no further details.

Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel

McNearney, 34, serves as co-head writer on the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. She started dating the host in 2009, following his split with very long-time girlfriend Sarah Silverman.

This will be second marriage for Kimmel. He hosts the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards on September 23.

We wish these two nothing but a lifetime of happiness!


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Kate Gosselin is shopping around a new reality show about her search for fame love, and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel already has the perfect hook for it.

Think The Bachelorette meets Deadliest Catch.

What happens when you take 12 men, have Sarah Palin shoot them with tranquilizers and release them onto an island for Kate and her kids to hunt them like wild animals, with the last victim standing forced into a lifetime of wedded bliss suffering?

The promo for Escape From Gosselin Island!

The title and premise of Kimmel's parody above are pretty much 100 percent accurate, but what would you name a Kate Gosselin reality show?


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There's never a good time to engage in an affair, but Kristen Stewart's romantic interlude with Rupert Sanders has really come at an unfortunate time for the actress.

She'll soon embark on a promotional tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2; boyfriend Robert Pattinson recently gave an interview in which he wondered why people cheat; and Jimmy Kimmel Live just ran a segment in which famous people read mean Tweets directed at them by the general public.

And, yes, Stewart is among those featured.

It's hilarious stuff all around - we especially enjoy the selected message shared by Katy Perry - but we somehow doubt Stewart would agree to do it again. Fan reaction to the star these days likely isn't anything to laugh at... 

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Jimmy Kimmel has outdone himself once again.

The late night comedian and master of the next-day viral hit video likes to put people in uncomfortable situations and film it for our amusement.

Whether he's harassing old people to comment on Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, capturing kids opening terrible holiday gifts or, most recently, filming random people's reaction to Octomom porn photos, he cranks out one hit after another.

Now, as the Lie Detective, he's strapped some poor child to a fake lie detector and grilled him for five minutes. Watch the awkward hilarity below ...

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Just to recap, a mentally unbalanced woman with six children somehow got a doctor to impregnate her with octuplets, and is now filming porn to provide for them.

Jimmy Kimmel helpfully reminded us of this last night before showing unsuspecting L.A. residents a side of Nadya "Octomom" Suleman they'd never seen.

Nor would they ever, ever wish to.

Kimmel couldn’t show the Octomom porn photos on TV, but he could show passersby the images and film their reactions, which were less than glowing.

The shots from the upcoming film, titled Octomom: Home Alone, led to some strong responses. “I’m about to throw up in my mouth,” one woman said.

“Maybe Rick Santorum was on to something with that banning porn idea,” Kimmel added, later lamenting that “I think porn has jumped the shark.”

Nadya Suleman has that effect on things. Namely porn and IVF.

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Why has Kourtney Kardashian not yet married Scott Disick, despite being knocked up with his second child? Jimmy Kimmel asked that very question of the reality star last night and received the following, confounding answer:

"I have realized that I have major commitment problems during this pregnancy. I'm really claustrophobic, and all my issues - and I have a lot of them - they all stem from this thing. I can't commit to anything... but I love Scott, and he is my partner."

Translation: We're waiting for the biggest tabloid offer.

While the sisters went on to gab about Khloe's pet bird and their nail polish line, as posted above, Kimmel easily earned the line of the night by replying to Kourtney's rambling reason for remaining single by bringing up Kim and Kris Humphries and saying:

"Why don't you try it for a little while like Kim did?"

Shockingly, the siblings had no response to this spontaneous quip. One of their writers is totally getting fired.

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Didn't see this one coming. Carrie Underwood duets with Jimmy Kimmel on "Before You Freak," a follow-up of sorts to the cutie's hit "Before He Cheats."

The message: Check the plates before you smash a dude's truck. Some of them sure do look alike, especially in crowded parking lots. At night. Tipsy.

In the clip, Kimmel, proudly sporting a hot fanny pack, is seen leaving a karaoke bar and heading to his truck, only to find Carrie annihilating his ride.

"Some crazy girl I never met before is taking a bat to my 4x4," the talk show host sings. "My boyfriend's being a total schmuck," Underwood retorts.

Only problem is, "That's not his truck," clarifies JK, adding: "The next time you should think before you freak." Words to live by ... if it's not too late.

Underwood's subsequent apology isn't enough for Kimmel, who also lost a Hello Kitty toy, Al Gore bobblehead and a poster of James Van Der Beek.

Some wounds may never heal.

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Kristen Stewart is going to be okay.

But the actress limped on to the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night following an injury she suffered during re-shoots on Breaking Dawn Part 2, during her very final scene as Bella Swan, in fact.

So, what's next for the star? Another iconic role in Snow White and the Huntsman, which opens on June 1. Watch a clip from the film, along with Stewart in all her fun awkward glory, now:

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