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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, as kids at summer camp, sing the '90s hit "Only Wanna Be With You" by Hootie & The Blowfish in a hilarious new skit.

On the most recent episode of NBC's Late Night, the friends and frequent collaborators took a trip down memory lane to their sleepaway camp days.

Rocking Justin's NSYNC-style frosted hair and braces (both of them did), the BFFs BELT out some Hootie & the Blowfish live from Lake Winnipesaukee.

Someone's GOT to get these two back on SNL ...

Fallon's been on kind of a roll lately. Don't miss his:

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Ben Affleck thought he could handle it. He thought he'd be okay.

He was wrong.

The actor appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday and said he was warned about the backlash over his Batman casting, with the studio telling him "Just don’t use the Internet for a couple of days."

But "I handle sh-t!'” Affleck asserted, only to then realize just how negative that "sh-t" actually became, as he explains in this footage:

Of course, the criticism has now moved from Affleck as Batman to Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey.

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Jimmy Fallon channels Walter White in a great Breaking Bad parody entitled Joking Bad. Like the show itself, it is LONG, drawn-out and detail oriented.

Fallon does his best impression Bryan Cranston's bald, Emmy-winning character for the segment, only he slings awful jokes instead of crystal meth.

If you're into the show, and/or Fallon's spot-on impersonations, you'll love it:

Supporting character and Breaking Bad spinoff focal point Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) actually appears in the skit as Jimmy's agent, which is great.

Cranston and Aaron Paul also make cameos, further adding to the Late Night skit's luster and making us lament the fact that only three episodes remain.

Of Breaking Bad, that is. Jimmy has six months before taking over for Jay Leno.

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We have a new contender for Best Jimmy Fallon Video of All-Time.

Yes, puppies predicting the Super Bowl were very cool. And who can forget Selena Gomez teaming with the talk show host on Mario Kart Love Song?

But Justin Timberlake appeared on Fallon's late-night program yesterday and took viewers through the Evolution of the End Zone Dance with the always-game comedian.

From Tebowing to Taking a Selfie, it's fascinating to see how far these moves have come in the past few years along. Does anyone doubt we'll soon see a wide receiver Twerk after crossing the goal line?

Watch the hilarity now:

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NBC may get a lot of flack for their shows and their decision making, but one thing they do get right is fan outreach. Much like with 30 Rock's "Ask Tina" and SNL's "Ask a Castmember", Late Night with Jimmy Fallon does, obviously, "Ask Jimmy".

This "Ask Jimmy" outing was all about Jimmy Fallon's new baby, Winnie.

I knew Gary and Winnie would get along! 

Jimmy Fallon is cute to begin with but add in talking about his baby and playing with the rocking Gary? Too much!

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She may not have received the attention of George Alexander Louis, but Winnie Rose Fallon was born to Jimmy Fallon and his wife this week... and she's pretty darn cute!

Fallon announced his daughter's name in an adorable monologue on Wednesday, thanking fans for support and constantly saying how "happy" he is about the family's new addition.

And now he's given us a look at that addition... GIF style! The talk show hosted posted the following to his Tumblr last night:

Jimmy Fallon Baby Photo

Well done, Jimmy and Nancy. Very well done.

Your move, Kim Kardashian. Is this really so difficult?!?

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So, Jimmy Fallon is a dad!

How they kept it a secret, we don't know, but now that his daughter has arrived, Jimmy Fallon couldn't help but gush on last night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

How adorable is he? Almost as adorable as the name Winnie Rose Fallon. 

Something tells me Winnie Rose and Fallon's dog Gary are going to be great pals. "Winnie and Gary" sounds like a Disney channel show just waiting to happen.

First the Royal Baby and now Jimmy Fallon? There' too much "cute new dad" going around to handle. Quick, someone get me the Kanye West video game to counteract it!

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Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday.

The Late Night host's rep confirmed the news. The first-time parents are “overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter,” the rep tells People.

Jimmy Fallon, Nancy Juvonen Photo

Jimmy Fallon, 38, who will take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno next year, and his producer wife, 46, were married back in December 2007.

Juvonen, who runs Flower Films with actress Drew Barrymore, has been referred to in the past as “the coolest girl in the world” by her husband.

Only now does she have some competition! Congrats!

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Beware, television viewers and hosts: Sweeps are coming.

In his latest Late Night Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon depicts how the world of his NBC talk show is actually not all that different from Game of Thrones, as there's a fight over the Iron Desk... a Late Night's Watch... and a Mother of Peacocks.

Are you laughing from just reading those descriptions?

Sit back and enjoy this edition of Game of Desks now:

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John Krasinski is a man of many talents.

The other night on Late Night, The Office star and host Jimmy Fallon didn't just challenge each other to a sing-off. Oh no, that would have been too generic.

They had a lip-sync-off!

Watch the clip below, as they lip sync classics from Katy Perry, Boyz II Men and more. Who do you think prevailed? Jimmy? John? We'd say viewers:

Jimmy Fallon Biography

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