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John Krasinski is a man of many talents.

The other night on Late Night, The Office star and host Jimmy Fallon didn't just challenge each other to a sing-off. Oh no, that would have been too generic.

They had a lip-sync-off!

Watch the clip below, as they lip sync classics from Katy Perry, Boyz II Men and more. Who do you think prevailed? Jimmy? John? We'd say viewers:

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Heeeere's Jimmy!

After weeks of speculating and awkward, unfunny duets, NBC finally make it official today: Jimmy Fallon will take over The Tonight Show in 2014.

Jay vs. Jimmy

“Jay Leno is an entertainment icon, making millions of people laugh every weeknight for more than 20 years,” said Steve Burke, Chief Executive Officer of NBCUniversal, adding:

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The rumors are now an awkward reality for NBC:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jimmy Fallon has signed a deal to replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon with Makeup

Of course, NBC itself is yet to publicly comment on this shake-up, even though Leno continually slams executives in his monologue and even though he and sang a duet with Fallon on Monday that acknowledged the chatter.

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Jay Leno took a break from slamming NBC last night to try and make light of the controversy swirling around The Tonight Show.

With the network reportedly trying to force Leno out, bring in Jimmy Fallon and move the program to New York, the hosts jumped on the phone with each other yesterday and belted out a paraphrased version of "Tonight" from West Side Story.

Give it a look and listen now:

Funny? Lame? Too little and too late?

Sound off now with your take on the latest rumors: Who do you want to host The Tonight Show in 2014?


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Well, this at least explains why Jay Leno is hating on NBC so much these days.

For the second time in a couple weeks, a report states that the network will not resign The Tonight Show host when his contract expires next year, setting the stage for Jimmy Fallon to take over the iconic program.

Moreover, according to The New York Times, Fallon will move The Tonight Show to New York.

  • Jimmy Fallonin a Tux
  • Jay Leno Close Up

The show has not aired in Big Apple since it debuted with Steve Allen in 1954.

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Sorry, Justin Bieber. But Selena Gomez has totally moved on.

She's now in love with a video game.

The Spring Breakers star continued her talk show run yesterday by appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon… and wearing a fake mustache… and singing a duet with the host titled "Mario Kart Love Song."

It's a cover of Sam Hart's original track - and it's pretty awesome. Listen/watch now:

On Monday, of course, Selena sat across from David Letterman and said she made Bieber cry. The young star earned a fist bump for making the reveal.

She also earned the wrath of Beliebers around the world.

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Justin Timberlake is a bona fide megastar in the music business and a successful actor to boot, but he may have missed his true calling as an SNL cast member.

On Tuesday's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the singer showed his comic versatility once again, performing 2006's smash hit "SexyBack" with a new twist.

JT teamed with his frequent SNL collaborator Fallon - and the barbershop quartet known as the Ragtime Gals - to perform the song like never before.

Watch the random and hilarious rendition of the song below ...

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Who will win the Super Bowl? It's a question we've been asking readers all week, but Jimmy Fallon showed us the error of our ways last night.

Forget polling fans or asking the experts. There's only way to determine whether the 49ers or Ravens will come out on top of Sunday's big game: let's turn to the puppies!

That's exactly what the talk show host does below, leaving the fate of the HarBowl in the hands of the cutest Golden Retrievers you'll ever see:

We don't need any canines to tell us the biggest loser of Super Bowl week, however. That would be Dan Marino.

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Kristen Stewart was a guest on Jimmy Fallon Live last night, and the atmosphere was a bit more relaxed for the actress than when The Today Show asked her about Robert Pattinson.

How so?

She took on the host in a game of Giant Quarters!

That's exactly what it sounds like: two enormous coins, one enlarged solo cup. Who came out on top? How quickly can Kristen chug beer? Watch and find out!

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Hurricane Sandy has left millions without electricity, while tragically resulting in the deaths of at least 85 people.

Those are the real stories of this storm system, of course.

But we're a celebrity gossip blog and our job remains to bring readers up to speed on the entertainment world, which means we must make mentions of how David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon responded to the torrential rain and winds:

By hosting audience-free shows! Pretty weird to watch the hosts cracking jokes with no one in attendance, as you can see here with Letterman:

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