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This day shall forever be known as America's Comedy Birthday.

Not only did we get the awesome first trailer for Anchorman 2 this morning, but now we have confirmation that another long-awaited comedy sequel is finally moving forward!

After over a year of will-they-won't-they style wavering, Dumb and Dumber To is a go!

Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas

The Farrelly Brothers announced that Universal will produce and provide the funding for the film, which may start shooting as early as this fall.

The best news? Jim Carrey, who previously dropped out of the project, is definitely back in! For now, at least.

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Jim Carrey may be known for his sense of humor, but the actor has settled on one topic recently that is anything but a laughing matter:

Gun control.

After posting a Funny or Die video that mocked gun advocates, the actor has been under siege from many Conservatives, led, as you might expect, by Fox News.

Jim Carrey in NYC

Now, in attempt to re-open a reasonable discourse, Carrey has penned an Op-Ed for The Huffington Post.

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The ongoing fight between Jim Carrey and gun rights advocates is heating up, as he released a statement today bashing Fox News.

Carrey posted a Funny or Die exclusive video called Cold Dead Hand, which poked fun at gun rights advocates, the NRA, and gun rights icon Charlton Heston.

Watch the video below, then read on to see how the fight escalated:

The video enraged pro-gun people, and even prompted one eBay user to auction off a signed photo of Carrey in order to buy a gun.

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Give at least one eBay user points for creativity.

With Jim Carrey under backlash for posing a Funny or Die video (below) that calls out gun owners and mocks former NRA President Charlton Heston, someone on that website posted an signed picture of the actor Wednesday.

Read the listing: “Jim Carrey Autographed 8X10 Photo So I Can Afford a Gun!”

A black-and-white shot of Carrey with the inscription "“Spank you very much!," the item had attracted 103 bidders at one point and the price had been driving to $860.

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Jim Carrey is trying to use humor to make a serious point.

The actor stars in a new Funny or Die video titled "Cold Dead Hand" in which he pulls double duty as the late Charlton Heston on the set of Hee-Haw and the lead singer for Lonesome Early and the Clutterbusters, a country group that mocks gun enthusiasts.

What kind of message is Carrey sending?

"I find the gun problem frustrating and ‘Cold Dead Hand’ is my fun little way of expressing that frustration," he said in a statement, adding in a far more pointed Tweet:

”Gun folks are afraid that control won’t stop with large magazines. Their nervousness is far less important than the safety of our children... 'Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.'"

Last week, Yoko Ono also got involved in the gun debate, using an image of John Lennon's bloody glasses to make her plea for gun control.

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The best type of superhero is one that swears. If we could get some more F-bombs from Batman or Iron Man, maybe those movies could actually make some money.

Enter Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, two of the most foul-mouthed teenaged superheroes around. Check out the first red band trailer for Kick-Ass 2, which also features a nearly-unrecognizable Jim Carrey:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Moretz return as Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, two "real life" superheroes (in the world of the's confusing, I know) bent on protecting the city from a-holes.

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Fourth, schmorth.

With America's Independence Day coming up on Wednesday, it would be easily to overlook Canada Day today ... but that would just be a travesty.

Some of Hollywood's hottest stars, young and old, hail from north of the border - some of whom you might not even realize were Canadian!

On July 1, Canada's holiday commemorating the anniversary of becoming a united country, here's a gallery of some of the most noteworthy ...

  • Biebs
  • Drake Photograph
  • Ryan Gosling Movie Premiere Pic
  • Emily VanCamp Flare Cover
  • Ry-Ry
  • McAdams Pic
  • Michael Buble at a Book Signing
  • Celine Dion at the Oscars
  • Sexy Avril Lavigne?
  • Jim Carrey Hair
  • From Playboy

Pretty impressive gallery by any measure, but even more so when you consider that a mere 34 million people - fewer than California - live in Canada!

Who's your favorite Canadian celebrity? Vote in the poll below, and leave a comment with any of your favorites we left off - there are plenty more!


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Jim Carrey is now officially saying no to the long-awaited sequel to his 1994 smash hit Dumb and Dumber, months after apparently agreeing to the film.

Is this move smart, dumb or dumber from a business standpoint?

Time will tell, but sources say Carrey wasn't feeling the love executives at New Line and Warner Bros., who in his view "showed a lack of enthusiasm."

The film was/is supposed to be titled Dumb and Dumber To.

Jim Carrey Hair

"I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer," the star himself said in a statement confirming the report. "After all, it's implied in the title."

Alas, no.

Perhaps studios weren't psyched about the box office of the Farrelly brothers' last venture, The Three Stooges, which sort of tanked at the box office.

Still, Carrey and Jeff Daniels in a Dumb and Dumber sequel that fans have clamored for since the mid-90s? How would that not be a hit?

In any case, Carrey, who made news last week for being criticized by Jenny McCarthy, will next appear with Steve Carell in the comedy Burt Wonderstone.


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Jenny McCarthy made headlines today when she surprisingly revealed that her ex, actor Jim Carrey, isn't quite as serious about the 10-year-old.

"I've tried to ask (Jim) numerous times (to see Evan), because he still asks," McCarthy told Howard Stern, adding that Evan asks about Jim "almost weekly."

“As a mother, you just hope when you have a relationship with someone, it has nothing to do with the child when you break up,” she said.

”I tell [Evan] that someday you’ll cross paths, meet again … [but] it’s hard. He’s been in therapy. It’s a process, he’s working on it.”

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy, 39, who is currently dating Brian Urlacher and will be posing nude in Playboy this year, dated Carrey, 50, for five years. They split in 2010.

Evan's father is John Mallory Asher, who Jenny was married to from 1999-2005. As for Carrey, he was far from pleased that Jenny made this public.

Carrey said, "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being. It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered."

"I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

It's pretty clear from Jim's brief statement that he acknowledges he doesn't see the boy, though he does not explain why - probably by design.

One theory (and it's just a theory) is that he feels it would be more harmful to the boy if he comes in and out of his life, so he's cut ties altogether.


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The mystery woman has been identified.

According to New York Post sources, the blonde on Jim Carrey's arm over the last few weeks is named Anastasia Vitkina. She's a Russian student in New York and insiders confirm she and the 49-year old actor are quite "hot and heavy" these days.

Jim Carrey and Anastasia Vitkina

Vitkina is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of one of Carrey's pals and the two were spotted at a Guns N’ Roses gig in Los Angeles this month. She's the first woman Carrey has seriously dated since he and Jenny McCarthy ended their five-year relationship.

We're just glad he's over his creepy crush on Emma Stone.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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