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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got married just last month, and sources say the newlyweds are already hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jill's parents by angling for their own reality series.

Insiders claim that the reason Jill has been sharing so many private photos like the one above to her open, public Instagram account is that she's trying to drum up interest in her home life to help build an audience for a future TLC show.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Instagram Photo
Jill posted this photo of herself and Derick on Instagram. Are they building a following for a reality show?

It seems to be working, as photos of Jill and Derick's honeymoon became viral hits among 19 Kids and Counting Fans.

And the young couple certainly has a lot to gain from their bid for a spinoff. Industry analysts have called the Duggars the most powerful family on TV, and the Dillards are a far cry from such rarefied air at the moment:

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Per the rules of her family, Jill Duggar did not kiss husband Derick Dillard until they got married on June 21.

But that first kiss between the couple has snowballed into some serious makeup sessions since, with Jill and Derick getting (kind of) hot and (a tad bit) heavy in a recent set of honeymoon photos.

And the pair couldn't keep its lips off each other over the weekend, either.

The 19 Kids and Counting star posted the following romantic image to Instagram, including with it a caption that reads:

"Happy Independence Day! So grateful for our Godly founding fathers! #4thofjuly #jilldillard #derickdillard #independenceday #19kidsandcounting."

A Kiss for Derick Dillard

Duggar and Dillard weren't the only famous couple exchanging a smooch in honor of July 4.

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The Duggar family may have gotten swept up in the Hobby Lobby controversy today, but the newly-renamed Jill Dillard certainly isn't letting that get her down.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard celebrated their weekiversary on Monday and the festivities continued on Instagram today, as Jill posted more good time photos from the couple's secluded honeymoon:

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Instagram Photo
Jill posted this photo of herself and Derick on Instagram. Are they building a following for a reality show?

"My sweet husband grilling our dinner yesterday," Jill captioned one photo.

It's been a hard road to the altar for Jill and Derick, so it stands to reason that their honeymoon would be a simple getaway in which they'd have plenty of time to "celebrate."

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got married exactly one week ago yesterday. How do we know? Well, the giddy newlyweds celebrated their "weekiversary" by sharing honeymoon photos with fans.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Honeymoon Photo

The couple still hasn't revealed the location of their honeymoon, but based on Jill and Derick's wedding registry, we're guessing it's someplace nearby and very cheap.

And based on the string of exclamation points and emojis that accompanied the photo, we're guessing Jill is enjoying married life in a big way.

For the most part, Jill and Derick abided by the strict Duggar courtship rules, meaning Jill's first kiss happened after she and Derick were pronounced man and wife.

Fortunately, she says it was "worth the wait."

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Newlyweds Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting fame, who married last weekend, were open about saving their first kiss for marriage.

Now that they have done the deed, was it worth it?

You had better believe it was. And then some.

Jill Duggar Wedding Picture

In a swoon-worthy moment, Derick dramatically dips his new bride, the second daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, in a passionate embrace.

As first kisses go, Jill Duggar's first kiss may be among the most memorable. The new wife's assessment of the long-awaited wedding day lip lock?

"It was so worth the wait," she tells People.

The duo exchanged vows at Cross Church in her hometown of Springdale, Ark., in front of more than 1,000 guests, including every one of Jill's 18 siblings.

Jill made no secret of holding off on the physical side of things until she married Derick Dillard, who shares her strong Christian beliefs and happily obliged.

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The wedding of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard finally arrived on Saturday, and it featured the princess dress to end all princess dresses. Two of them, in fact.

Jill Duggar Wedding Pic: First Kiss!

The Duggars' youngest daughter, four-year-old Josie, served as a flower girl. Duggar Number 19 was born prematurely at 1.5 pounds, but is now thriving.

"She got on her princess dress finally," mom Michelle Duggar said. "She has been begging to put it on. That is the most awesome princess dress ever."

Jill Duggar had a princess dress of her own, from Ava Laurenne Bride in Fredericksburg, Va. It was an Allure Romance gown with Swarovski crystals.

With it came a chapel length train that co-shop owner Wendy Rivera changed from an originally strapless dress into the "modest, yet elegant," gown Jill wanted.

Then, using lace from a veil, Rivera and seamstress Moni Reeise created a custom top that fit in perfectly with the rest of Jill Duggar's wedding dress.

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19 Kids and Counting star Jill Duggar is probably up to 19 kisses (at least) with new husband Derick Dillard after tying the knot Saturday in Arkansas.

The religious couple, as you're likely aware if you know who they are, her shared their first kiss EVER at their wedding, in accordance with their beliefs.

Much has been made of the fact that when Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard, they had never done more - physically - than hold hands. But their bond is deep.

From the moment they were introduced by her dad Jim Bob, the two felt an undeniable connection, one that only grew over Skype, and at last in person.

Here's a look back at the duo's magical road to the altar, including when they first heard of one another, when they first spoke, met, got engaged and more!

Their First Meeting (Sort Of)!
The Arkansas natives grew up within 45 minutes of each other, but didn't meet until late 2011. Jill recalled when Derick stopped by while caroling with a church group, and not long after, "Derick contacted my dad and asked if he would be a prayer partner during his two-year term in Nepal."

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You may now kiss the bride ... awkwardly, because she's never experienced that before and neither has he! Hey, at least they're in it together, right?

Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard Saturday in Springdale, Ark., and their wedding also marked the duo's first kiss (though they have full-frontal hugged).

See the unforgettable moment below!

Jill Duggar Wedding Pic: First Kiss!

In keeping with Duggar family dating rules, the 19 Kids and Counting star, 23, decided to wait until marriage before even locking lips with her beloved Derick, 25.

Prior to saying "I do," the TLC lovebirds had never done more than hold hands and hug once, which they did only after they got engaged in April.

Even that constituted rule-breaking of sorts, but we've decided to let it slide.

"We're just really trying to keep our relationship focused not on the physical but on communication and continuing to learn more about each other," Jill explained.

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Jill Duggar, the second daughter in the enormous Duggar family of 19 Kids & Counting fame, married Derick Dillard Saturday in front of (lots of) family and friends.

More than 1,000 people in all were on hand to witness Jill, 23, become the first daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to tie the knot with fiance Derick, 25.

The wedding vows were sealed with a kiss - their first ever!

Jill Duggar Wedding Photo

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were greatly anticipating that.

"I think it is safer and makes it more special to wait to kiss until your wedding day," Jill said of saving her first kiss for marriage, as shown on her TLC show.

[UPDATE: See the married couple's first kiss photo below!]

"To save the physical side of your marriage for your wedding day and not going further than you should ... we both just want to have no regrets."

That was all good with Derick, who adds, "You can really get to know each other on every level without the physical part of it. I am the most blessed man to have Jill."

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting are getting married soon, and the sweet couple's wedding registry is certainly eye-opening.

Jill Duggar with Derick Dillard

You have to give the gigantic Arkansas family credit, because if the Duggar wedding registry tells us anything, it's that they remain true to their roots.

Registering at Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon? Pretty modest for bona fide reality TV stars, but you don't feed 19 kids with lavish spending.

Jill Duggar, who got engaged to Derick Dillard earlier this year, is looking for plenty of normal items, such as towels, pots and pans, bedding, and kitchen stuff.

Then it starts getting a little odd, though.

On the Amazon portion of their wish list, they're seeking gift cards to Taco Bell, Burger King, and Subway ... and for Froot Loops and Raisin Bran.

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