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Choosing a baby name can be tricky. Especially if you're a celebrity.

The very pregnant Jessica Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson were, until recently, at an impasse about what to call their soon-to-be born daughter.

“They tossed around a lot of names, including some wacky ones like Zinfandel, but just couldn’t agree on anything,” a family friend confides.

What did they come up with?

Jessica Simpson in Elle

“They’re going to call her Maxwell, Maxi for short,” the friend says. Maxwell is Eric’s middle name, and also his beloved grandma’s maiden name.

“Jessica wanted a name with meaning.”

Aww. Unusual as that is, it's quite sweet. If this is even true. Jess has been wearing a necklace with a diamond “M” pendant, so that could explain it.

The often nude, pregnant Jessica is now set to give birth on April 20, three weeks earlier than her original due date. “She’s gained so much weight and the baby is so huge that doctors had to push up the date,” reveals her friend to In Touch.

She doesn't let that thing get in the way of non-stop boning at least.

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Weeks away from giving birth, Fashion Star mentor Jessica Simpson says she has never felt more in touch with her body, or her sexuality specifically.

No wonder Elle features Jessica Simpson nude this month.

The hugely pregnant star opened up about her current sex life - oh, did she ever - with fiance Eric Johnson on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Tuesday.

  • Jessica Simpson Very Pregnant
  • Jessica Simpson Nude

"I am definitely 'feeling intimate,''" said the singer/actress, who notes that "I'm kind of unstoppable right now. The Big O is, like, the biggest O ever!"

Former NFL pro Johnson, 32, is definitely game, she adds.

"He's always ready," Jessica notes ... wouldn't you be?

During the freewheeling chat, the fashion mogul also explained her decision to go nude for the April cover of Elle. "They didn't even ask me to," she said.

"It was my idea. It kind of just seemed a natural thing for me to do."

It's great she feels that way ... but what do you think of the cover?


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Jessica Simpson says her daughter made her presence known early on.

"We were just about to [go] all-day drinking," the singer and Fashion Star mentor recalls to Elle, which features Jessica Simpson nude on the cover of its new issue.

"We were off to ride our bikes, hang out. But I felt this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with friends?"

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Belly Pic

With an inkling that something was a little off, the 31-year-old Simpson took a home pregnancy test – and discovered she was expecting with fiance Eric Johnson.

Instantly, her life changed.

"I'm a free-spirited girl, but giving up my scotch? My Macallan 18? That was hard for me!" she says.  "Though now that doesn't even sound good, being pregnant."

"You crave other things. A big thing of water sounds great!"

Jessica Simpson drinks scotch? Seems more like a Bud Light kind of girl. Or at least a fruity margarita. In any case, just give it a few months, girl. Congrats!

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Jessica Simpson shows off her nude, very pregnant body on the cover of Elle this week. We understand if you've already stopped reading and started staring.

The singer/actress/fashion mogul joins a long line of stars who have bared all while with child. Fiance Eric Johnson also appears in the magazine, kissing her.

Take a look at Jessica's eye-opening cover (and a clothed version) below:

  • Jessica Simpson Nude
  • Jessica Simpson Elle Cover

The 31-year-old, whose fashion empire is actually much more successful than either her singing or acting career, confirms that she is having a girl. Aww.

That youngster had better be as style savvy as her mama, too.

“I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!” the Fashion Star mentor says of the daughter she’s expecting.

“Eric is so athletic - we’re gonna have this athletic girl' I won’t even be able to take her shopping, ’cause all she’s gonna want is sports bras and Nikes!”

Anyway, back to the magazine cover. Something else, no? Too beautiful or too much? What do you think of Elle's pregnant, nude Jessica Simpson pic?


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We have to say, Jessica Simpson makes a cute pregnant person.

She may be ballooning by the day, but the 31-year-old singer isn't about to let that stop her from getting out and about - in glamorous fashion.

Jess stepped out looking ultra chic in Los Angeles earlier this week, wearing a beautifully ornate black and grey patterned dress and black jacket.

With her adorable baby bump on display, flawless make-up and silver and black high heels completed the look for the pop star / fashion mogul:

  • A Jessica Simpson Pregnant Pic
  • Jessica Simpson, Bump

Suffice it to say, pregnancy looks good on J-Simps.

Although it is not clear when exactly her first child is due, she has had she is expecting a spring baby with her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson.

Jessica has also been upfront about her pregnancy cravings, recently revealing that she is enjoying indulging in all her favourite childhood foods.

Hey, what better excuse than eating for two?

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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The pregnant Jessica Simpson has just signed a deal worth $3 million to be a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, according to a report from the New York Post.

Her weight has been scrutinized in recent years (see fat Jessica Simpson pictures), but now that she's eating for two, she's turning a negative into a positive.

She reportedly fielded several offers from a number of celebrities weight loss companies before settling with the Double-Dubs for a staggering sum of money.

Large Jessica Simpson

A source told the Post, confirming earlier reports, "The deal is in place, and after having her baby, she'll start with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight."

Rumors about the contract began last month, with reports saying that the company wanted to help her get back to her famous Dukes of Hazzard physique.

The brand wants her to use their famous points system to emulate another celebrity spokeswoman, Jennifer Hudson, to "lose a significant amount of weight."

Simpson plans to wed her fiance Eric Johnson after having the baby, which could be another motivation for the former singer and actress to drop weight.

She is expecting a boy or a girl BTW. Crazy.


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Wow. Jessica Simpson was never exactly lacking in the chestal region, but man. Pregnancy is offering even more enhancement in more departments than just the belly.

The star stepped out today with sister Ashleeeeeee and nephew Bronx Mowgli, named for a borough of New York City and a Jungle Book character. Nice work Ash.

In any case, Jess looked happy, displaying the boy and her girls for all to see.

  • Jessica, Ashlee and Bronx
  • Jessica Simpson, Bronx Mowgli

Jess has had no problem showing off her body since she confirmed she and Eric Johnson are expecting ... or ever, for that matter. Why start now, we suppose.

This takes it to a new level, though. Is she purposely wearing tops from when she was 18? If so, nice. Avert your eyes, Bronx. Eh, it's already too late. Enjoy.

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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After confirming she is pregnant just before Halloween, Jessica Simpson has been on cloud nine. After years of romantic woes, a lifelong dream is coming true.

But is it all on the verge of crashing down?

As Jessica grows bigger with every day, so do emotional and medical crises that are ruining what should be an ecstatic time, according to a report in OK!

We know, we know. They claim the strife over her now-delayed wedding to Eric Johnson, and medical problems, are threatening her health and her child.

Baby Crisis

Not every day to you see a tabloid make up a miscarriage threat.

"She's said it's been a difficult pregnancy, she's been dizzy and nauseous," a pal says.

Adds another insider: "She was unprepared for how hard it would be on her body."

We're sure she's fine, physically. As far as her supposed betrayal by Eric Johnson, that's another story. Their relationship was fast track, and their pregnancy likely unplanned.

Their wedding date had to be scuttled, and now there's reportedly tension over a prenup. Are they still happy? Will they tie the knot next year? We hope so, but time will tell.

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Since news broke that Eric Johnson got Jessica Simpson pregnant long before she went and confirmed it, she lost out on the whole tabloid exclusive deal.

But, since the pressure's on celebs to shed the baby weight they inevitably gain as soon as possible, she may have a backup plan up her sleeve to cash in.

If Us Weekly is to be believed, then Jessica is already planning for just that, and is in talks with Weight Watchers to be their newest celebr pound-shedder.

Once baby makes three, Jess will make four. Million. All she has to do is lose "a significant amount of weight" on the points-based plan, and shill for it.

Pregnant Jessica Simpson Pic

While it would be a bit surprising, even in this day and age, for a star known for promoting body acceptance to be in negotiations to make her pregnant body the new face of weight loss, her camp is already shooting down the rumor.

So false! And order is once again restored to the universe.

"There is no Weight Watchers deal," a source told E! News, claiming that Simpson planned to sign on with the company to lose the weight she'd gained over the past few years, "But then she got pregnant" and there is currently no plan to do so.

Funny, the same has been said of her wedding to Eric.


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Jessica Simpson, who confirmed her pregnancy Monday, is happy with her body, according to the new issue of Lucky magazine. That is a very fortunate thing.

"Everybody fluctuates, but I'm open about my weight and confident," the 31-year-old mom-to-be with the cute baby bump says. "I don't cry about it too much."

Expecting her first child with fiance Eric Johnson, she adds: "I like the way I look."

  • Thick Jessica Simpson
  • Jessica Simpson Lucky Cover

Jessica Simpson's frame has gotten thicker over the years.

According to the str, who has to be fairly well along at this point (we knew Eric got Jessica Simpson pregnant in September), being curvy is good for business.


"I got so much scrutiny for putting on extra pounds ... but I think that the decision not to make myself anorexic was actually great for branding," she explains.

She's referring to her billion-dollar fashion and beauty empire, of course, adding, "'Cause when you're really, really skinny, not everybody can relate to you."

SO true. Jessica Simpson is nothing if not a role model.

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