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Buzzworthy Jessica Simpson photos are a dime a dozen, but these new ones for her fashion line were unexpected, mostly because she no longer looks like this.

She's pregnant again, after all.

  • Jessica Simpson Collection Picture
  • Jessica Simpson Collection Photo

The sunlit campaign photos, shot in November by fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth, feature her showing off her fab, pre-pregnancy body.

All in the name of marketing her clothing, shoe and sunglasses collections - endeavors that rake in millions and millions of dollars for the star.

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Jessica Simpson is having a boy! The 32-year-old singer found out this week that her daughter Maxwell will have a little brother, according to reports.

Jessica Simpson, Baby, Fiance

“It’s Jessica’s dream come true, she prayed she was having a boy,” a source said.

“She found out this week. What with everything going on in her personal life, and her problems with her father, this has given her something to smile about."

“After a check-up at the doctor, [they] asked if she wanted to know the sex ... she said yes and when the doctor told her it was a boy she screamed with joy."

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Joe Simpson will serve as executive producer of daughter Jessica’s new NBC sitcom, but the two still aren't on speaking terms ... that's not awkward at all.

When the singer-actress-designer tapes the upcoming show, a semi-autobiographical comedy based on her life, Joe will not be on set, reports say.

Joe and Jessica Simpson

Just like when she filmed NBC's Fashion Star, Joe, who still serves as her manager, will be there to oversee production, but only if she’s not there.

The estrangement stems from the Joe Simpson gay rumors and the end of his marriage to Jessica’s mom Tina; they separated in 2012 after 27 years.

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Jessica Simpson's second pregnancy was a shocker, just like the first!

She and Eric Johnson have tried to get married, she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Tuesday. Twice, in fact. Dude can't stop impregnating her though!

Jessica Simpson on Jay Leno

"We've had two different wedding dates, but he keeps knocking me up," she said of her fiance of two years. "We're doing it very backwards, I know."

"I'll just keep my legs crossed, I guess, next time," Simpson vowed.

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The pregnant Jessica Simpson is moving from reality to scripted TV, signing on to star in a new sitcom pilot for NBC, according to a new report.

The show is said to be based on her life ... which is apparently funny.

Jessica Simpson Boobs Pic

Nick Bakay (Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper and 'Til Death) will pen the script and executive produce alongside Electus' Ben Silverman and Jess' dad, Joe Simpson.

"I am so excited to work with Ben and NBC again," Jessica said. "I often find myself thinking that no one could ever make up the things that actually happen in my life."

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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson, her fiance and the father of her child(ren), are reportedly at odds, and the source of the friction may surprise you:

Joe Simpson.

It's not anything that Joe's done - at least to them - that has the couple arguing, but rather her treatment of the elder Simpson in the last six months.

Eric Johnson w/ Jessica Simpson

Jessica wants nothing to do with Joe, 54, after his marriage to her mom Tina fell apart and he was rumored to be involved in a series of gay trysts.

Is Joe Simpson gay? That has not been confirmed, but Eric feels that Jessica has treated her dad unfairly in any case, and that has caused a rift.

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Weight Watchers spokesperson Jessica Simpson doesn't plan on following the diet plan during her second pregnancy, but she reportedly hired a Weight Watchers chef.

Supposedly, this person prepares WW-sanctioned recipes and portions for the star, who's raking in millions pitching the popular diet plan … which she can't be on right now.

There's just one problem with the chef story. No such people exist.

Cheers to Jessica

"Weight Watchers doesn't have chefs nor does Weight Watchers provide chefs to any of our members including celebrity ambassadors," a Weight Watchers rep says.

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There's no denying that Jessica Simpson has a glow about her these days.

Whether it's from her second pregnancy or airbrushing is another story.

Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Cover

The star is Weight Watchers magazine's January/February issue cover girl, a decision likely made before she announced she is expecting her second child.

Wearing a starry blue and silver top with black skinny jeans, the 32-year-old blond beauty sparkles and shares slim-down secrets she has since abandoned.

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Jennifer Hudson and a pregnant Jessica Simpson recently teamed up for Weight Watchers' new "Expect Amazing" commercial, and boy is it inspiring.

And a tad awkward.

The two singers each talk about their weight loss (Jennifer reportedly dropped 80 pounds on WW; Jess lost 50, before getting pregnant again).

After Jessica walks down the sidewalk in what looks like the most unnatural way possible, they meet in front of a restaurant and ... don't talk. Watch:

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With bikini photos galore, Jessica Simpson is no longer hiding her second pregnancy, that's for sure. Today's image features her baby bump (and cleavage, obvi) in FULL view.

Take a look at the expectant mom's latest Twitpic below:

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Bikini Picture

"Bumpin' and proud!" Simpson wrote as the photo caption.

Looking makeup free, the 32-year-old wore a robe that appears to match her bikini, kept open to flaunt her changing body of course. Pregnancy looks good on her.

See last week's pregnant Jessica Simpson bikini photo for further evidence of why. It took her awhile to confirm she's knocked up, but she's making up for lost time.

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