Jessica Seinfeld is the wife of Jerry Seinfeld. Gosh, she must laugh a lot at home, don't you think? Well, most of the time anyway. The...

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Jessica Seinfeld’s recipes are all hers, a federal judge has ruled.

The wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld did not copy from another author in her cookbook about sneaking vegetables into children’s food, as alleged in a copyright infringement case brought by a competing author, Missy Chase Lapine.

Jerry Seinfeld and Wife

Lapine said she had twice submitted a book proposal about sneaking healthy foods into children’s meals to HarperCollins, and was twice rejected.

An imprint of Perseus Books finally published The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals in April 2007.

Five months later, HarperCollins published Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook, Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food.

A judge says Jessica Seinfeld did not bogart any recipes.

Missy Chase Lapine then brought a case against Jessica Seinfeld, accusing her of copyright infringement, trademark violations and unfair competition.

Although the judge found some similarities, she said that “no reasonable fact finder could conclude” that the books “have the same aesthetic appeal.”

“Lapine’s cookbook is a dry, rather text-heavy work,” Judge Laura Taylor Swain of Federal District Court wrote in her review, while Mrs. Seinfeld’s “cookbook has a completely different feel and appears to be directed to a different audience.”

In other Seinfeld news, Jerry and his former co-stars will soon be reuniting - and producing great Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes - on Larry David's HBO hit.

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Their respective spouses now a thing of the past, rumored couple Madonna and Alex Rodriguez took a little trip to Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld's waterfront mansion in the Hamptons last week, according to a report in The New York Post.

A helicopter carrying A-Rod was spotted landing in East Hampton, where he was picked up in a white Porsche 911 matching the description of Jessica's car.

Madonna in Stealth Mode

Less than 40 minutes later, another chopper carrying Madonna took off from NYC's Chelsea Piers and landed at the same airstrip, the newspaper reports.

"A dark SUV and Jerry in another Porsche both pulled up and picked up Madonna, and they headed back to Jerry's place," a witness told The Post.

"When they arrived at the Seinfeld home, Madonna poked her head out the window and could be clearly seen ... the visit lasted a few hours."

Is it odd Madonna and A-Rod chilled with Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld? Not really.

"The Seinfelds have been friends with Madonna for years. They're neighbors on the West Side, so it's really no surprise," an insider tells the paper. "And Jerry and Jessica Seinfield go to her concerts whenever she's in town."

Let the double-dating fun begin!

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The alleged plagiarizing of recipes is no longer a laughing matter for Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld.

An author today sued the latter today for stealing ideas from a cookbook she wrote, while accusing the comedian of defaming her as a "wacko" during an interview with David Letterman.

In a federal lawsuit, Missy Chase Lapine (pictured below) alleges that Jessica Seinfeld "brazenly plagiarized" from her 2007 book "The Sneaky Chef" in the writing of Seinfeld's own cookbook , both of which focused on on how to prepare healthy meals for children, without their knowledge of said nutrition.

When news stories appeared detailing similarities in the two books, Jerry Seinfeld launched a "malicious, premeditated, and knowingly false and defamatory attack" on Lapine, the complaint states. As part of that campaign, Seinfeld went on Letterman's show and described Lapine as "angry" and "hysterical."

He subsequently compared her to the kind of "wackos" that had previously stalked Letterman, despite the fact that Lapine herself had never uttered a public word about Jessica swiping recipes.

Missy Chase Lapine will see the Seinfelds in court!

The comedian then added that Lapine was a "three-name woman" and "if you read history, many of the three-name people do become assassins."

That is a pretty good line, Missy has to admit.

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As big fans of Jerry Seinfeld, it pains us to say that the comedian and his wife have mishandled the recent scandal involving the latter's cookbook.

A quick refresher: Jessica Seinfeld has been accused of stealing recipes for her best-selling tome from author and chef Missy Chase Lapine.

Jerry Seinfeld and Wife

The response of the Seinfelds has come across as rather cocky, however, each insulting Lapine harshly despite the fact that a) she hasn't released a single statement indicting Jessica of any wrongdoing and b) the reports are understandable, considering how similar the recipes in the books sound.

Instead of taking the high ground, though, Jessica appeared on The View yesterday and rattled on about her integrity:

I can understand why she would be upset. You know, first of all when you have a huge success, you know this, people tend to look for the cracks, anything that would break you down a little bit. There's always negative where there's positive.

This was such an immediate success, this book, that I think people were looking for things to pick a part, but I can understand why she would've been frustrated.

She did a book with a similar topic a few months earlier and it must have been hard for her to see how quickly my book took off. I never saw her book or her recipes. Never as a person would I do something like what I was accused of doing. I mean, I really didn't need to do this book.

The lawyer for Britney Spears didn't need to tell the world that Reg Jones took the singer's virginity either, Jess. But some people are just greedy.

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Jessica Seinfeld is the proud author behind "Deceptively Delicious," a cook book about hiding healthy ingredients in foods children will eat; it's the top-selling book in the country right now.

But is it also the most immoral?

Jerry Seinfeld and Wife

Rumors are circulating that Jerry Seinfeld's wife stole the content for this tome the same way Minka Kelly steals glances from every man in her vicinity.

See, chef and baby-products mogul Missy Chase Lapine came out in April with a book, "The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals."

Sounds similar, doesn't it? Now consider this fact:

Lapine baked spinach brownies with Al Roker on the "Today" show a few months ago; Seinfeld shared her spinach brownies with Oprah on her talk show last week.

Need more evidence that Jessica may be following in the dishonest footsteps of George Costanza?

She writes about having an epiphany that, "While I was cooking dinner, pureeing butternut squash for the baby and making mac and cheese for the rest of us, I had the crazy idea of stirring a little of the puree into the macaroni. ... The colors matched -you couldn't really see the squash in there -and the texture was perfect."

But in his book, Lapine opines: "If you want to hide something in macaroni and cheese, you have to match the color of the dish. You could easily introduce white bean puree in the mac and cheese."

We're not gonna come right out and accuse Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld of knowingly ganking recipes and content. But, to borrow one of many classic Seinfeld quotes, we are gonna tell her the stealing store called...

... and they're running out of her!

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