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Not to steal a saying from a nosy magazine The Gossip is far superior than, but: celebrities, they're just like us! They walk their dogs!

No, we're not talking about when the handlers of Travis Barker let him out of his cage. We mean actual canines and their famous owners. Just take a look:

Vogue Cover

What happens when your girlfriend is named the new Wonder Woman? You're relegated to dog walker, of course. Adam Brody seems content to saunter along with he and Rachel Bilson's puppy, however.

Breathtaking AND down to earth? We already knew Jessica Biel was the former, but eschewing the use of any dog walker speaks largely to the latter quality, as well.

Returning frm a trip, Hilary Duff has all the essentials: suitcase, bucket hat, adorable puppy.

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We're not talking about how much these actresses cost you during a night out. After all, any man in his right mind would spend on these ladies until cows (aka Britney Spears pictures) came home.

We mean, literally, how much you'd pay just to go out with Eva Longoria or Jessica Biel.

Awesome Eva Longoria

According to a pair of recent auctions, the star of Desperate Housewives is worth A LOT more than the former Seventh Heaven offspring.

Earlier this summer, a man paid $30,000 to take Biel out for an evening. The event raised money for for a Colorado girl who had been hit by a car.

Longoria just had to show Jessica up, however. The president of fashion house, Bebe, ponied up a cool $100,00 for a dare with Tony Parker's more beautiful. It was all in the name of charity, of course, as the auction took place as part as part of a gala held to benefit the PADRES Contra El Cancer, which aids Latino children with cancer.

"Hey, I'm a fun date!" Longoria laughed happily when the final amount was announced.

As fun as Kirsten Dunst?

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Aside from looking downright gorgeous in publicity appearances for The Illusionist, what's Jessica Biel to do in order hype up her new movie?

How about an interview with American Online? Of course! The following is an online conversation this beautiful woman had over Instant Messenger:

The Sink Pic

MoviefoneKevin: how are things for ya?
IllusionistJess: things are great, pleasure to be chatting with you today

MoviefoneKevin: why thanks, you too! really enjoyed The Illusionist. what drew you to it?
IllusionistJess: it was a great female character, the opportunity to work in a period drama, and working with a great cast

MoviefoneKevin: were you living out a childhood fantasy by finally getting to play a princess?
IllusionistJess: I think yes, it's every little girl's fantasy to be a princess and wear beautiful gowns, and ride in carriages with yes, it was like a dream. It was like being in a fairy tale.

MoviefoneKevin: with Edward Norton as your prince
IllusionistJess: you couldn't get a better prince than edward :-D

MoviefoneKevin: ha, Prince Edward... Norton seems like a pretty intense dude. you ever get intimidated working with someone like him?
IllusionistJess: I was intimidated every day, but he's such a generous actor, he made me feel incredibly comfortable and I was able to bring my a-game to the table, and match his intensity and passion day in and day out.

MoviefoneKevin: I noticed there's an abundance of facial hair in this movie. Who would you say had the most impressive mustache?
IllusionistJess: Paul Giamatti. Paul had the most impressive mustache, because I think it was mostly real. He'd been growing it for a while. Edward and Rufus (Sewell) augmented their facial hair a bit, had pieces created for their characters.

MoviefoneKevin: are you a fan of facial hair?
IllusionistJess: yes, I love a man with a little scruff.

MoviefoneKevin: so have you ever been blown away by magic?
IllusionistJess: I can't remember the last time I saw an actual magic show, other than working with Edward when he working on his magic for the film. But, I prefer human feats, like, say Cirque De Soleil, to a magic show.

MoviefoneKevin: where did y'all shoot the film?
IllusionistJess: Prague. The Czech Republic is an incredible country.

MoviefoneKevin: did you get to take in the culture and see a lot?
IllusionistJess: I got to shoot in many villages around the Czech countryside, so I got to see a lot of the country. I also had a lot of free time to see all the tourist attractions and really feel like I lived there, and got to know the place.
MoviefoneKevin: were the Czech people pretty familiar with you?

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What's the best part about being an actor? For Samuel L. Jackson, it's screaming at snakes on his mother$%#kin plane!

For Matthew McConaughey, it's probably all the free time on his hands to party it up with BFF, Lance Armstrong.

The Illusionist Cast Photo

As Edward Norton this question, however, and receive a different answer:

"[The best] part of the process is where you're just absorbing a new set of experiences and getting to learn," the two-time Oscar nominee said of making movies. "It's like going to camp or going to school again."

Norton has taken a break from film sets, but he's ready to return now, starring in The Illusionist, a romantic mystery that hits theaters September 1. The movie co-stars Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel and features Norton as Eisenheim, an enigmatic magician in early 20th century Vienna.

"It's kind of in a genre of its own," Biel said of the flick, which pulled some impressive buzz out of its hat at February's Sundance Film Festival. "You can't label it."

While most people think Harry Houdini invented modern magic, Norton shared the actual truth with MTV News.

"The magician who really started the era of the black-tie theater performance of the high-end magic presentation was this guy named [Jean Eugene] Robert-Houdin," the 37-year-old actor explained.

The character of Eisenheim is based on the local celebrities who bridged the gap between Robert-Houdin and Houdini. Norton played a card shark in Rounders - and now poker has become America's latest obsession. Does that mean magic is next? Probably not (sorry, David Blaine), but the actor still marvels at how the craft used to be viewed.

"They didn't have 'The Matrix', they didn't have things blowing their minds," Norton said. "People weren't as inside the world technologically ... [but] there's things in the movie that [a modern audience] might say, 'Oh, that's a computer trick,' but every illusion in the film is a type of illusion that was being done then.

People were doing really amazing ghosts at the turn of the century, things that you would put your hand through, and all that kind of stuff. So we tried to be pretty true to what was going on back then."

While Norton was perfecting tricks that had crew members scratching their heads, his female lead was getting ready to make a startling reveal of her own.

"I guess I do feel it might be some of the best work I've done yet," Biel said, aware of critics that have scoffed at her performances in 7th Heaven and Stealth. "It was scary every day to go to work with this accent and work with this new physicality. ... I do remember just feeling positive and good about the work that I did."

It doesn't hurt to work with actors such as Norton and Giamatti, either. Or, of course, to look like Biel.

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Go on a date with a breathtaking beauty for a good cause?!? Where do we sign up?

Beginning next week, men (and women, we suppose) will have a chance to bid on a date with Jessica Biel. Proceeds are being raised to help a teenager who lost her leg in a prom night limousine accident.

Biel on the Move

The event will be dubbed "Mollypalooza." It's in honor of Molly Bloom, who was run over and dragged about 38 feet by a Hummer stretch limousine a few weeks ago. She's currently undergoing rehabilitation at Denver Children's Hospital.

Biel, named Esquire's "The Sexiest Woman Alive" earlier this year, posted an audio message urging listeners to support the cause and said: "I intend to submit a very special auction item as my contribution to the evening."

A 7th Heaven lamp shade? The burnt script from Stealth?
"Come on, it's Jessica Biel. What guy wouldn't want to win a date with her?" said Dmitri Lee Natali, a friend and former classmate of Bloom, 18, who lost the leg on May 13. "My mom happened to be able to contact (Biel's) parents, and they had heard about Molly's tragedy. They said 'yeah, I bet she'll do that.'"

Jessica is from a Boulder. She's location filming the movie "Next" and won't be at the fundraiser Tuesday. But she'll be present on the date that some lucky guy is fortunate enough to meet her out on.


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Jessica Biel and boyfriend Chris Evans have called it quits after dating for more than two years, according to media reports.

The Stealth and 7th Heaven star is sick of being Evans' boyfriend in real life, and possibly in films also (she played his better, significantly hotter half in both Cellular and London). The 24-year old Biel has been in Los Angeles filming Next alongside Nicolas Cage.

The Third Hottest

Evans, who starred in Fantastic Four, is currently wrapping up the filming of The Nanny Diaries with Scarlett Johansson. A source dishes that Evans has been spotted out in New York City canoodling with a brunette public relations executive named Joyce Sevilla.

Who uses the word canoodling. Seriously. Whatever. Please divert your attention to this older, but still appealing picture of Jessica Biel we found.