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Like yesterday's nipple slip by Megan Fox, you may need to examine the following photo closely.

But if you do so, you should be able to see Jessica Alba's baby bump. It's there, alright, courtesy of Cash Warren...

Honor Marie and Mommy

A pregnant Jessica Alba maks her way through a throng of celebrity gossip reporters.

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Cash Warren has made a deposit inside Jessica Alba.

And the couple will be seeing the return in less than nine months.

A Night Out

"I can confirm that Jessica and Cash are expecting a baby in late spring, early summer," said rep Brad Cafarelli.

Alba and Warren have been an item since the fall of 2004. They met when the man with the strange first name was a director's assistant on the set of The Fantastic Four.

There have been a few rocky times since then, as the pair reportedly broke up about three months ago. But they quickly reconciled and now have a child on the way to prove it.

If other rumors are true. Alba may be able to share a birthing class with Tiffany Pollard. That would be fun.

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Neither Cash Warren or Brian Austin Green were anywhere in sight during the recent Spike TV Scream Fest.

Nevertheless, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox grabbed hold of something long and hard during the festivities.

The stunning pair of actresses are pictured below, each yielding looks that could kill. Along with a sharp spike that could probably at least injure badly. 

Which babe looks better with her weapon of choice? And are either as dangerous as the nipples on Victoria Beckham?

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Good Luck Chuck looks like an awful movie.

That being said, we don't deny the film's premise: Jessica Alba is hot.

The former star of the TV series Dark Angel has made a career out of this fact - and we're proud to document it in the photo tribute below:

In Honey, Alba did her best impression of Shakira. The actress starred as a dance teacher and those hips weren't uttering any lies as far as we could tell. And we stared at them closely.

Then there was Sin City. And, truth be told, Alba should have to go to confessional for simply looking this sexy.

Good Luck Chuck - co-starring Dane Cook - may not show Jessica Alba nude, but the movie's entirely plot is simply based on the fact that she's attractive.

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Talk about a misguided Cash deposit!

Celebrity gossip circles are reeling from the news that Cash Warren may slept with Russian model Vera Mishina, thereby screwing up his rekindled relationship with Jessica Alba.

No Honor

Reportedly, the actress now regrets taking Cash back.

Mishina told her story to The National Enquirer, even passing a lie detector as she described "the night he picked me up and got me into his bed... acting like the world's biggest single man."

The random model went on to say: "But I found out that only hours after being with me, he was on a plane back to L.A., where he was then photographed having dinner with her (Alba) and acting affectionate."

That's true. We have the Jessica Alba picture to prove it.

No Money Shot, Honey: Cash Warren tries to explain away rumors of his cheating. Will Jessica Alba buy it? Will she give Cash credit for honesty? Can we come up with any more puns related to his name? Stay tuned!

"If he had told me they had gotten back together there's no way I would have allowed him to sleep with me," Mishina whined. "I now feel like all he wanted was a one-night stand. I feel used. Cash wasn't very honest to lead me along like he did. Jessica may want to rethink taking him back. He cheated on her the minute he was away from her."

Sounds like Cash will need to be pretty money to talk his way out of this dalliance.

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Say this about the Jessica Alba and Cash Warren photo below: at least it gives us the chance to use the witty pun in the headline above.

That's about the only comfort we find in this image, as it turns celebrity gossip into fact and proves that Alba and Warren are indeed back together.

No Honor

The couple had been broken up for a few weeks, giving hope to single males everywhere. But as Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil continue to show, true love often can't be denied.

Maybe there's still hope for Britney and K-Fed.

Looks like only Cash Warren will be seeing Jessica Alba nude for the foreseeable future.

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Sorry, Cash Warren. You really have seen the last of Jessica Alba nude.

Reportedly, the actress hasn't looked back since splitting from her boyfriend of two years.

Alba and Warren

The duo met up for lunch July 27, Us Magazine says, but it was to "say those final things that needed to be said," a source claimed.

"[Alba is] definitely enjoying being single right now," another pal confirms.

Indeed, the Fantastic Four actress and member of the Hot Jessica Club (along with Jessica Simpson and Jessica Biel) already hitting the Hollywood club scene. She popped up at L.A. hotspot Les Deux on Monday and Hyde on Sunday.

As if Alba's looks weren't enough to make every guy drool, there's also her stance on no-strings attached encounters when she's single.

"I don't really have a problem with just wanting sex. Never have," she told Cosmopolitan in 2005.

"I could have a one-night stand, and I'm the kind of girl who looks over in the morning and is like, 'Do you really have to be here?' I don't need to cuddle and do all that stuff because I know what it is and I don't try to make it more."

And all of a sudden Megan Fox has competition for the title of The Hollywood Gossip Dream Girl.

The actress said that she enjoyed playing the field before she began dating Cash in 2005. "I just wanted to see what it was like to be with different people," she said back then. "I don't think a girl's a slut if she enjoys sex."

Neither do we. Well, Lindsay Lohan still is.

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In the words of Chris Daughtry, "It's Not Over."

Only it probably still is. But anyway. Some pals of recently split Jessica Alba and Cash Warren say they are confident the two will eventually be back together.

Cash Warren Picture

Despite their recent breakup, friends, say there's a good chance Cash and Jessica will iron out their differences and rekindle the passion. The main reason for the split?

"He wasn't ready for marriage, and Jessica is," says an insider close to the Fantastic Four star.

"It's simple as that. It's kind of cold that the press is saying she was just finished with him, because it isn't like that."

Huh? You mean to tell The Hollywood Gossip that Cash Warren wasn't ready to commit here? The whole stereotype about a guy being afraid to commit to one woman for the rest of his life kind of goes out the window when we're talking about Jessica Alba.

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer? That we could understand.

In any event, apparently Alba got some serious marriage pangs at the recent fairy-tale chateau wedding of her friend, Eva Longoria.

"Seeing Eva get married made Jessica wistful," says the friend. "That was the reason Jessica seemed to be in a terrible mood in Paris."

Here's hoping their own fairy tale also has a happy ending. But we have our doubts. The reason? She is Jessica Alba and he is Cash Warren.

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Someone else may soon get to see Jessica Alba nude.

For two and a half years, Cash Warren was the only man lucky enough to view this beautiful sight - but now the couple has broken up and the Fantastic Four actress is on the market.

A Night Out

Sources tell Us Magazine that Alba called Warren on July 22 and told him, "I'm not in love with you anymore."

Simple and honest. Unlike Diddy and his handling of the Kim Porter break-up, it appears Alba is at least mature. Within hours, she had dispatched an assistant to the L.A. home she shared to pack up Warren's belongings and move him out.

Despite the gap between these two on the film industry food chain - Warren is merely a director's assistance - the couple was often seen partying at Hollywood events and enjoying romantic vacations from Mexico to Miami.

Just a month ago, Spike TV named Warren the "Luckiest Bastard" of 2007 at their first annual Guy's Choice Awards, due to his relationship with Alba. James Blunt was in contention for that award until his relationship with Petra Nemcova ended.

The breakup "happened...almost out of nowhere," a source said. "[Cash] thinks it's for another guy but doesn't know....he's totally devastated. But it was all her." (Alba's rep declined to comment.)

So, if there's another guy - or if there will be soon - who might it be? When Cosmo asked the actress to name her celebrity crushes a few months ago, she replied:

"I would have to say Johnny Depp, Michael Caine... Morgan Freeman, and Jake Gyllenhaal."

Sorry, Gummi Bear.

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