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The somewhat surprising breakup of Jesse James and Kat Von D was sparked by a blowout fight over another woman, according to Radar Online.

According to an eyewitness, Jesse and Kat had an argument outside of her L.A. home Monday about another woman before Kat told him to leave.

“They were outside and I could hear them fighting. Kat kept throwing some woman’s name out and saying she didn’t like him living so far away.”

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“Jesse finally said, ‘Fine, f**k you!’ and sped away on his bike," the source said. "Kat sat in her Bentley with her head on the steering wheel.”

“It was clear from the tone of the conversation that Kat Von D was accusing Jesse of something with this other woman,” the eyewitness said.

“So it didn’t surprise me when I heard they’d broken up.”

For the record, this is not confirmed, so assuming Jesse cheated on Kat - while understandable - is probably premature without more details.

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Jesse James and Kat Von D have broken up.

Their engagement, announced in January, will not end as planned - in a late summer wedding on the one-year anniversary of when they started dating.

The couple confirmed the split themselves.

"I am so sad because I really do love her," James, who has been married three times before, tells People. "The distance between us was just too much."

Kat Von D and Jesse James Pic

Jesse, 42, and LA Ink star were trying to commute between Los Angeles, where Kat, 29, shoots her reality show, and his home outside Austin, Texas.

He moved there with kids Chandler, 16, and Jesse Jr., 14 (from his first marriage), and Sunny, 7 (from his second marriage) in the middle of last year.

James wanted the children to remain close with his third wife, Sandra Bullock, who lives in Austin, and with whom they had a close relationship.

Von D also confirmed the split on Twitter.

"I am no longer w Jesse," she writes, "and out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info I'd like to share. Thanks for respecting that."

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Kat Von D and Jesse James are still an item. Despite rumors of a split, they are very much together ... and planning to get married this summer!

A report in this week's Life & Style strongly insinuated that Kat and Jesse went their separate ways. The couple says that's not remotely true.

A fan of Kat's Tweeted to the LA Ink star, "according to tabloids you and Jesse split! Tabloids are so silly." Von D's response: "ha! Silly is correct!"

Jesse James and Kat Von D Photo

Jesse too shot down the rumors on Thursday.

"That is absolutely not true," he told People magazine of the breakup rumors. "We're still going strong. Things are completely good with us."

Moreover, Jesse says they will get married this summer. James got engaged to Von D in January following a scandalous split with Sandra Bullock.

"That day can't come soon enough," Jesse said.

Despite his track record, he says the future is bright. The will-be bride loves him for him ... and Kat's better in bed than Sandra, to boot.

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Jesse James is forthright if nothing else. In an interview with Men's Journal, he continues to open up about how he ruined his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

"I never shied away from anything I did. I took full responsibility," he asserts. "I cheated on my wife. Guess what? So do millions of other men."

"To be honest, it was unfair for me to even be in a relationship," he says of their marriage. "I sabotaged everything. I was never 100 percent in."

"I'm self-destructive. I made some seriously f*%ked-up choices."

Kat Von D and Jesse James Pic

Jesse credits Kat Von D for helping him through this dark period.

Jesse James checked into rehab shortly after news of his infidelities broke, a decision that he says changed his life forever, and for the better.

"I was an animal in a cage. I needed to escape before I cracked up or did something really stupid. I don't know why I went. I just needed help."

"I went into it thinking, 'All these people in this place? They are really f*%ked-up.' I figured out pretty fast that I was the really f*%ked-up one."

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Jesse James is singing the praises of his fiancee ... which is nice.

Except for the fact that it's sort of at the expense of his ex-wife. Guess he was serious when he said he's done worrying about Sandra Bullock.

Set to wed Kat Von D this year, in what will be his fourth marriage, James isn't afraid to compare his future wife to his scorned, former spouse.

Jesse and Kat

In an interview on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show Thursday, James was asked: "So who's more fun in bed? Sandra Bullock or Kat Von D?"

"That one's an easy no-brainer," James replied.

"Kat von D?" Stern asked. "Yes, sir. 100 percent. She's a vixen," James said of Kat. "The way she gets in my head and how she makes me feel."

"It's a mental thing," James gushed of sex with his bride-to-be, who stars on TLC's LA Ink. "We're just connected on a whole different level."

James freely admits that he betrayed Sandra Bullock, but confessed to Stern that he never felt all that secure with the Oscar winner at all.

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Jesse James is done worrying about Sandra Bullock.

It's nothing personal, he says, just essential that he move on. "I can't worry about her anymore," the Monster Garage star told Good Morning America.

Jesse and Kat

"I think I've spent a good chunk of the last 5-6 years worrying only about her, and what she thinks, and what I should do ... controlling all my movements and everything else. I think it's time to worry about Jesse, and making sure Jesse's happy."

Umm, wasn't that what he did with Michelle McGee?

Jesse James attempts to appear sympathetic.

On the show to promote his new book, American Outlaw, James said that since he betrayed Sandra Bullock, he's never laid eyes on Louis, the boy they adopted.

Bullock's only seen his daughter Sunny a handful of times, he adds, and notes that despite relocating to Austin, they've had "no contact for several months."

James, who announced his engagement to Kat Von D earlier this year, said that yes, he will be faithful to his soon-to-be bride, who will be his fourth wife.

He also says he's become a stronger man with thicker skin.

"I didn't hide from any of it," he said of last spring's sordid sex scandal. "I took it all on the chin, and guess what? I'm still standing."

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Jesse James' world was ripped to shred by his own doing.

It's been a year since an affair cost him his marriage to Sandra Bullock and fallout from the scandal upended his world, leaving him at his breaking point.

Jesse James Smiles

A 30-day stint at Sierra Tucson treatment center in Arizona not only helped James cope at the height of the crisis but shed light on his abusive childhood.

It was coming to grips with a life marred by anger, shame and self-loathing that helped enlighten James, he writes in a new memoir, American Outlaw.

"I always felt out of place my whole life," says James, who still felt unworthy despite rising to fame and success as CEO of West Coast Choppers.

"I never felt successful, never felt I deserved anything."

While he takes "full accountability" for betraying Sandra, "I'm moving forward, thinking clearly, becoming a better person... I have started life over."

James, who is now engaged to Kat Von D, says he's made his world better in the past year in large part by making his world smaller:

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Really, Star? That's the best you can come up with?

What could Jesse James possibly have done to betray Sandra Bullock this time? It's been over a year since his cheating scandal ruined their marriage, but if nothing else, he's moved on. Jesse's even engaged to Kat Von D!

According to the cover below, he blames her for his cheating ...

Sandra Betrayed Again, Blah Blah Blah

Jesse James cheated on Sandra! In March 2010!

Pretty sure there were no devastating secrets revealed in the past week.

If anything, Jesse James loathes himself. Doesn't make what he did right, but he feels bad about it and would just as soon move forward, not rehash this.

Just saying. Combined with their legally-mandated apology to Katie Holmes, this was not the tabloid's best week. Step it up, Star. You're letting us down.

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Jesse James wants to tell his side of the story.

Whether anyone wants to hear it is another matter, but  Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband has signed a deal to write his memoir, entitled American Outlaw.

Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, said that a publication date is not scheduled yet, but that James' writing would likely come out this year.

Kat Von D and Jesse James Picture

The Outlaw with his fourth wife-to-be.

The Academy Award-winning actress left James last year after learning that he was having an affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and other losers.

James, who has three children from his first two marriages before Bullock, is already engaged to Kat Von D, his longtime friend and TLC tattoo artist.

Should be an interesting memoir of self-loathing and profuse apologies.

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Janine Lindemulder, the ex-wife of Jesse James, has been released from jail in Austin, Texas. Her booking photo? One of our new favorite celebrity mug shots.

Lindemulder was arrested Friday on three outstanding warrants for harassment after Jesse turned over threatening emails and voicemails she left for him.

She's due back in court March 11. That is, if she doesn't strangle anyone to death in the meantime. Those are disturbed eyes if we've ever seen them ...

Janine Lindemulder Mug Shot

FEAR NOT: We have plenty of reasons to be scared, actually ...

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